June 25, 2015

Before last week, I had no idea these Championship Rings existed:

Yankee Monument Park Ring
Yankee Championship Ring for Monument Park

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog about how George Steinbrenner’s World Series ring exhibit was removed from the Yankee Stadium museum.

This is not unusual, many of the exhibits run for a year or two and then get replaced with something new. The rotations keep fans coming back and offers new items to peak their interests.

The Yankees understand the fans appetite for championship rings – having had owner George Steinbrenner’s rings on display and they still showcase a complete run of Yankee World Series rings on display.

Taking over the space that George’s World Series rings occupied, are artifacts from Joe Torre’s Yankee coaching career. Torre, as manager, won four World Series titles with the Yankees; and also had two additional World Series losses.

The championship ring shown above was awarded to Joe Torre upon his entry into Monument Park.

Yankee Stadium Monument Park

Monument Park is an open-air museum located at Yankee Stadium. It contains a collection of monuments and smaller plaques, and retired numbers honoring legendary members of the New York Yankees.

Fans who stand in line, can visit the park, located between the two bullpens, beyond the outfield before each Yankee home game.

I attended “Old Timers” game last weekend and got to see two beloved Yankees gain entry into Monument Park – Willie Randolph and Mel Stottlemyre. Each player received a replica of their new plaque and a Balfour, Monument Park championship ring.

The two championship rings are styled just like Joe Torre’s ring – with their jersey number appearing on top and made with diamonds.

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