February 22, 2017

Before negotiating your next championship ring acquisition, it may be a good time to study and reevaluate current market prices of championship rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Rams Super Bowl XXXIV player ring

Some dealers will not be pleased with the results of recent auction sales data of championship rings. Even player Super Bowl rings, from the modern age, where championship rings became huge and full of bling have fallen in price.

One dealer I know from Southern California, will do fine – he’ll price his championship rings for sale at realistic prices as he always does and will adjust to the market. Other dealers may do things differently and decide to hold on to older pricing trends, hoping to lure a buyer who’s not up on recent pricing trends or someone who simply has so much money they don’t care.

The player Super Bowl ring shown above, from the great website pricerealized.com shows a recent sale and illustrates the trend I’m seeing in Super Bowl rings and championship rings.

The St. Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXIV player ring is in terrific condition and comes with 157 real diamonds and weighs a hefty 64 grams. With the buyer’s fees, the ring sold for $23,900. Think of that for a moment. Of all the thousands of sports memorabilia collectors across the country, and hundreds of championship ring buyers, not a single one of them was willing to outbid the final price and acquire this gorgeous Super Bowl ring.

The auction took place in November at Heritage auctions. Love Heritage auctions or hate them, no one can deny they are huge, send out thousands of catalogs, and market their upcoming auctions very well. That means no one can make the claim that this Super Bowl ring flew under the radar and that was the reason it sold for the price that it did.

The sad part of this auction result, is if the auction house took a 30% selling fee on this championship ring, than the consigner walked away with less than $17,000. If the consigner was able to pay a 20% fee, they still walked away with $19,120.

Please remember I buy championship rings at realistic prices. If you would like to do a deal in complete privacy and sell your championship ring, please let me know.

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