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Yankees 1958 World Series Ring on Ebay is a Good Deal (sort of)

November 14, 2015

This Yankee player’s World Series ring is currently at auction, on eBay. Here’s the good and the bad about this championship ring:

1958 Yankees World Series Ring

It’s extraordinary rare to find a vintage player championship ring for sale on ebay that’s 100% authentic. But in this instance, the ring is completely original and real.

Before we go any further here’s my disclaimer. I am not affiliated with the ring and I don’t know the seller.

Here’s the good:

As already mentioned, this vintage Yankee World Series ring is 100% authentic. I know, because the seller included detailed photos of the inside of the ring.

The Balfour 14K markings are real – unlike the Balfour 14K markings that Irv Lerner, A.K.A. “The Ring Man” produced that were complete fakes.

Irv flooded the market with supposed real “Balfour salesman samples” but his rings always came with “Balfour” and “Jostens” markings that just weren’t right.

When someone doesn’t believe me, or an auction house does not want to withdraw one of Irv’s fakes that are all over the hobby, I send a copy of his newsletter; where he boasts in print, that he’ll make any Yankee ring, in any size, any year, with any last name.

The ring on ebay also contains player’s Darrel Johnson’s name, properly engraved inside the ring.

Additionally, the ring is in very good condition, is made of 14k solid yellow gold and contains a real half carat diamond.

Now here’s the bad….

A player 1958 Yankee World Series ring, should weigh about 30-35 grams.

This Yankee World Series ring weighs half of that (14.6 grams) and is a woman’s size 6 1/2. The ring was made for Darrel Johnson’s wife. I can tell you that this ring was made in the 1950′s, not later because the ring markings are indicative of this time period.

Don’t buy this championship ring as an investment believing it is worth nearly as much as a man’s size ring – the market place has determined that prices for a woman’s size championship ring from a men’s sports, is worth a fraction (yes a fraction) of a man’s ring.

And don’t get any ideas about buying this championship ring and resizing it to a man’s size. That would ruin the original engravings inside the ring (both the Balfour 14k stamp and the player’s name) and that too, would destroy the value of the championship ring.

Last, the opining bid price of $4,500 (which as of this writing has not seen a single bid) will not reach the minimum. You never know when bidding on championship rings on ebay that have not reached the reserve, if the seller has a realistic reserve.

One last great thing about this World Series ring: although half the weight of a player ring (and probably almost half the size), it would look great in a championship ring collector’s display, and the fact that this Yankee team had legends like Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, and Yogi Berra on the team, makes this a very impressive offering.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so let’s talk if you have a championship ring to sell.

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Brooks Robinson items including two championship rings sells for $1.44 million

November 10, 2015

The proceeds from this auction are going to charity. Here’s a picture of the two championship rings:

Brooks Robinson World Series Rings

Brooks Robinson’s personal memorabilia was put up for auction by the Hall of Fame third baseman this week.

The items he provided comprised almost his entire collection. The one item Robinson is keeping is his Hall of Fame ring.

Heritage Auctions, ran the auction.

Robinson’s 1964 American League Most Valuable Player Award was the highest selling item, closing at $155,350.

His 1966 World Series ring sold for $131,450, and his 1970 World Series championship ring realized $143,400.

His 1970 Gold Glove – one of 16 he was awarded during his long career – went for $54,970.

Other items in the auction included Robinson’s birth certificate, his 1955 rookie contract with the Baltimore Orioles and his 1957 baseball card.

All proceeds from the auction will go to the Constance & Brooks Robinson Charitable Foundation.

Please remember, I buy championship rings so please let me know if you have a championship ring to sell.

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Maryland Terrapin’s Baseball 2015 Championship Rings Look Amazing

November 6, 2015

This recently released tweet shows the University of Maryland’s new NCAA regional championship rings:

2015 Terrapins Baseball Championship rings

The University of Maryland Baseball program has not been historically successful, however the program has improved steadily under third-year head coach John Szefc.

Along with the university’s other sports teams, the baseball program became a member of the Big Ten Conference during the 2014–15 year.

Maryland secured consecutive conference tournament championship game appearances and had posted back-to-back seasons of at least 40 or more wins, a first in the school’s history.

The Terps have been ranked in various top-25 national college baseball polls in each of the last two seasons and was voted the 2015 preseason favorite to win the Big Ten title in its first season competing in the league.

This post season, the Terps were in Minneapolis for the B1G Tournament. They were a fourth seed in a tough bracket. Maryland beat Michigan State in the opening game, and also stopped Illinois’ 27 game winning streak in the second game, then prevailed in the third game over NCAA Tournament-bound Indiana.

Maryland had to beat former Maryland head coach Erik Bakich’s squad in the B1G Championship game. Despite some mistakes, the Terps almost won, finally losing by 4-3 with the bases loaded in the ninth.

It was a terrific season for the Terps and they were rewarded with the gorgeous championship rings shown above.

The ring is very reminiscent of another baseball championship ring, (shown below) the Royals 2014 American League Championship ring:

Kansas City Royals 2014 Championship rings

Keep in mind that unlike the Royals championship ring, the Terps ring does not contain real gold or real diamonds.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so please let me know if you have one to sell.

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Tim McGraw Honors His Father and Wears Dad’s World Series Ring

November 4, 2015

Tim McGraw, a huge singer, songwriter, actor, and not to mention husband of Faith Hill for almost 20 years, pays tributes to his late father, Mets beloved pitcher, Tug McGraw and wears his championship ring to a recent World Series game:

Tug McGraw 1969 World Series championship ring

I’m not bragging but I know a lot about championship rings. People call me all the time with questions and looking for advise.

While I know tons of stuff about championship rings, apparently I lack a basic knowledge of pop culture. It seems I’m one of the last people to know or realize that Tim McGraw (yes I knew who he was), is the son of Mets legendary pitcher Tug McGraw.

While I was too young to remember the 1969 Mets (Tug’s 1969 World Series ring is pictured above), I certainly remember Tug McGraw’s “You Gotta Believe” message and the exciting playoff chase and National leage playoff series and World Series games from 1973. The Mets lost to the Oakland A’s in seven games and I believe I’m still psychologically scarred from that loss to this day.

While Tim lost his dad way too early, it’s heartwarming to see him pay tribute to his father, and wear his winning 1969 World Series ring to a Mets home game.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so please let me know if you have a ring to sell.

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I have a feeling the Royals 2015 World Series Rings will be spectacular

November 2, 2015

If their 2014 American League Championship rings are any indication, the Royals 2015 rings could be something very special:

Royals 2014 American League Championship ring

Pictured above is the Royals 2014 American League Championship ring, made by Jostens.

As most championship ring enthusiasts know, when a team loses the World Series, they are presented with either an American League or National League championship ring; since the team won a pennant from their respective league.

In baseball, with revenue sharing in full force, the days of small-market teams with small budgets is over; and there’s no reason that a major league baseball club can’t splurge on big-time gorgeous championship rings.

The Royals league championship ring from last season, was made by Jostens, and contains 10-karat white gold and it’s loaded with approximately 1.9 carats of diamonds.

Although the Royals will discuss championship ring ideas with various ring manufacturers, there’s a good chance Jostens will get the nod and produce their 2015 World Series Rings.

Their only other World Series ring, back from 1985 is shown below and is very typical of the types of World Series rings produced in the late 1970s and 1980s:

Kansas City Royals 1985 World Series Ring

Look for the new Royals World Series ring to be a substantial upgrade over their 1985 version.

Congratulations to the Royals on winning the World Series. Championship ring enthusiasts, and I, can’t wait to see their new championship rings. They will probably be awarded opening day, 2016.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you have one to sell, let’s talk about it!

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