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Bruce Bochy Buys World Series Trophy for Giants’ Tim Flannery

December 23, 2015

We just showed Flannery’s Three World Series rings on Saturday, now this story hits the Internet:

World Series Trophy

The Christmas gift arrived a few days early for former major leaguer and Giant coach Tim Flannery, who helped the San Francisco Giants win three World Series in five years before retiring after the 2014 season.

Flannery announced on Twitter Monday, that he received from his former colleague Bruce Bochy: A real Commissioner’s World Series Trophy, representing the Giants’ World Series victories in 2010, 2012 and ’14.

World Series Trophy

The trophy, redesigned in 1999 by Tiffany, is made of silver and is worth approximately $15,000. It’s two feet tall, weighs around 30 pounds, and contains 30 gold-plated flags – one for each Major League team – grouped around a silver baseball that contains 24-karat gold stitches.

We all know everyone gets a championship ring when your team wins the World Series, and players sometimes get a smaller version of this trophy – about 12″ tall. Very few get the 24″ size version, although sometimes the baseball team allows players to purchase one.

Tim will no doubt, put this amazing trophy on display with his gorgeous World Series Rings:
World Series rings and Trophy

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Tim Flannery Shows Off Championship Rings and Musical Chops

December 19, 2015

The Former San Francisco Giants Coach, Broadcaster, and current musician has a new album out. Oh, and he also has three gorgeous World Series Rings:

San Francisco Giants World Series Rings

While serving as the San Francisco Giants third base coach, he was awarded the three championship rings shown above: The World Series rings are from 2010, 2012, and 2014.

Flannery retired after the 2014 season, saying “I’m going to send myself home safely.”.

Now able to concentrate more on his music, Flannery’s latest album, appropriately titled Three Ring Circus, is his best according to music critics.

His all-star band (pun attended) is called the Lunatic Fringe, and features Douglas Pettibone, Dennis Caplinger, and Dean Smith.

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Winter Baseball Meetings And Championship Rings

December 8, 2015

Look who showed up at the Winter Baseball Meetings – The Jostens Championship Ring Team:

Jostens championship rings

Baseball fans are keeping an eye and an ear on the Winter Baseball Meetings, going on now in Nashville.

According to (the official site of Minor League Baseball), here’s a rundown of the event:

The event is designed for Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and affiliated parties and organizations. This marks the 114th annual meeting, and lasts for a week. The show is packed with seminars and league and organizational meetings.

For event is five days and some staffers get there early and leave later. Attending will be front office personnel, trade show exhibitors, and job seekers. During the week, a number of notable events fill the agenda, including the Baseball Trade Show; the PBEO Job Fair, presented by DeVry University; the Banquet; the Bob Freitas Business Seminar & Workshop Series; the Awards Luncheon; and of course the Gala.

My son, a college sports management major, is employed by the Pittsburgh Pirates, is attending the show and sent me the photo above. The picture shows two Jostens tables, filled with salesman sample championship rings and a great-looking banner showing off their championship rings, including the amazing Patriots 2014 Super Bowl ring.

My son, who I’m very envious of, because he is at the event and has actual meetings to attend, told me “There are tons of championship rings and World Series rings everywhere I look”. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Jostens is attending and displaying their championship rings, and ready to discuss designing and selling rings. Besides two championship rings for Major League Baseball (the winning team and losing team receive championship rings) there are tons of championship rings to be made for various minor league teams too.

Jostens has a lot of competition: Tiffany and Company has become a major player in championship rings, and when it comes to Major League Baseball, Balfour has produced many championship rings for the Yankees, Dodgers, and others.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so please let me know if you want to sell your Super Bowl ring, World Series ring, or Championship Ring.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Championship Ring Auction Leaves Lots of Questions, Few Answers

November 21, 2015

Auctions containing World Series rings are always big events for us championship ring collectors. But what in the world happened here?

2009 Yankee World Series Ring

Championship ring collectors often complain about big auction companies that do a poor job in detailing their offerings. This latest auction takes the cake.

Keith Vari, owner of Paragon auctions is a great guy and more importantly, an honest guy. I would recommend anyone interested in buying high end sports memorabilia, and that includes championship rings, to visit his site and participate in his auctions.

Keith and I have spoken numerous times about his need to do a better job explaining and writing up his championship ring offerings. Many of the other auction houses go to great length to write up details about their offerings. On really high-end championship ring offerings, it’s not uncommon for them to devote an entire page or more to a ring, and have quite a few paragraphs of information. I’ve never bothered to count the number of words used, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than a hundred or two hundred words.

Keith has a couple of great World Series rings in his latest auction, but here is an example where there are no additional details about this ring, other than the heading shown above.

Sometimes an auction house will use a pathetic excuse such as, “additional wording can be found in our printed catalog” or when the catalog comes with little or no description, they will say “additional details can be found online”.

So before I wrote this championship ring blog, I checked the website and the printed catalog and there is nothing in either place except for this heading.

I would never recommend someone consign a ring to an auction house that makes zero effort (or little effort) to detail a championship ring. I would expect the final selling results to be reflective and suffer from the lack of description details.

Here are some of the many things that should have been written up about this ring and yet you can see from the photograph above, this World Series ring has no description at all except for the large heading:

1) Is the ring made of 14K solid gold, 10K solid gold, or non gold? In fairness to Keith, a picture does show the markings and indicates it’s a 14K ring, however, it should be verified in writing.

2) Real diamonds, or inexpensive imitation diamonds?

3) Same size and weight as player’s rings?

4) What is the weight of the ring in grams or ounces? (This information is used to compare it to player rings)

5) Finger size? Is it a woman’s size, a small-man’s size, or a huge man’s size?

6) Condition of the ring?

7) Who was the original owner of the ring? (Did he play, or coach, or was an important executive with the team, or a marketing intern?)

8) What paperwork comes with the ring, proving the original recipient sold his ring? (This is important in case some day the original ring owner claims the ring was lost or stolen)

I’m sure there are other things we should know about this ring, and again, the lack of any details by the auction house is not good.

Keith, you’re a great and honest asset to the championship ring community; please rethink your practice of placing so little information in your auctions. You can do a much better effort than this.

Until my next championship ring blog, please remember, I buy championship rings, so If you are thinking of selling your championship ring, let’s talk!

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Charlie Sheen and the Greatest Championship Ring Ever

November 19, 2015

The photo below is Charlie Sheen’s finger and he’s wearing the most valuable Championship Ring in Existence (if it’s authentic):

Babe Ruth 1927 Yankees World Series ring

Sheen has been in the news again this week, and as usual, for all the wrong reasons.

Sheen, is known for many things, but sports memorabilia enthusiasts know he has (or had) one of the most amazing collections of sports collectibles.

The photograph above was tweeted by him several years ago and he’s wearing a 1927 Babe Ruth World Series ring.

There is controversy if the championship ring Sheen has is original and authentic. If it is, it is worth millions of dollars and I can’t think of a more desirable championship ring that has ever been produced.

This would be Babe Ruth’s first World Series ring, as the Yankees gave out solid gold watches, not championship rings when they won their first World Series back in 1923.

Besides being the first World Series rings for Babe Ruth and teammate, Lou Gehrig, the 1927 Yankees team, is considered one of most dominant sports team in history (with a won-loss record of 110-44 that season).

Both the Ruth’s and Gehrig’s original 1927 World Series rings were supposedly owned by Barry Halper, the greatest sports memorabilia collector ever.

I use the word supposedly, because the condition of the championship ring shown on Sheen’s finger (which came from the Halper collection) looks to be excellent and in unworn condition. An 88 year old championship ring should not be in unworn condition so I really am not sure if that is Babe Ruth’s original 1927 World Series ring.

The internet site, Deadspin raised questions about the origins of that championship ring. Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, questioned the championship ring’s authenticity and whether it was stolen from her family many decades ago.

I wonder how she can question the authenticity of the World Series ring if she feels it was stolen from her family?

A book written by her mother, Dorothy Ruth Pirone, claimed that Babe Ruth’s World Series rings had mysteriously disappeared at some point after his passing in 1948. Adding to the confusion, were statements made by Barry Halper (now deceased), in 1990, that he purchased Ruth’s 1927 ring directly from Dorothy Ruth Pirone. Pirone’s daughter, Linda, has stated publicly that Halper’s story was a “huge lie.”

Anyway, as always, please remember, I buy old and recent championship rings, so please let me know if you have any championship rings you would like to sell.

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