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Championship Ring Cubes – Lots of Bling at a reasonable price

December 9, 2014

Don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a real championship ring? These cubes may be the next best thing:

championship ring cubes

Not much is known about the championship ring cubes that can be found in the hobby and available for sale.

I can’t tell you who makes them, or how they are made, and I’m not exactly sure what the ring is made out of.

I do know that these championship ring cubes sometimes appear on ebay, and the asking price is anywhere from $25.00 up to hundreds of dollars. I don’t believe too many are sold above $200.00.

I have seen these championship ring cubes offered to fans online or in catalogs by the teams that won their respective championship.

I believe the product is marketed by Jostens in limited quantities, but I doubt they actually manufacture these items. Jostens probably has a subcontractor make the championship ring cubes.

A few years ago, Jostens had a large cube containing all three Super Bowl rings that the New England Patriots have won. That large cube is rare and occasionally can be found on ebay.

Championship Ring Cubes look really cool and the ring quality looks to be about on-par with the Chinese inexpensive championship rings found all over ebay.

One ambitious person actually devised a method to extract the championship rings from the cube and sell it on ebay. As I recall, the rings were made of an inexpensive metal.

Please remember I love to buy super bowl rings and all championship rings. If you want to sell a championship ring, please reach out and contact me.

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The Super Bowl XLVIII Championship Ring Final Recap

August 3, 2014

I finally have obtained the two championship rings in-hand and can now compare them properly.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XVIII ring and Denver Broncos 2013 AFC Championship Ring

The final score of Super Bowl XLVIII was Seattle 43, Denver 8.

Championship ring enthusiasts were dying to know the size of the two rings and how they compare. We now know the score on the Super Bowl XVLIII championship rings: Seattle 73.5, Denver 54.

That’s the weights in grams of these two impressive rings.

The Seattle Seahawks also won the battle of shanks (the sides of the rings) when comparing them to the Denver Broncos AFC championship ring.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XVIII ring and Denver Broncos 2013 AFC Championship Ring

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XVIII ring and Denver Broncos 2013 AFC Championship Ring

Here’s how they compare:

The Seahawks ring, made by Tiffany, is made of 14K solid white gold. The Super Bowl XLVIII champions ring contains 64 round diamonds and 12 diamonds around the logo. There’s one larger marquis diamond, representing the team’s first super bowl victory. The ring also contains 40 blue sapphire diamonds and 183 total diamonds. The total carat weight in diamonds is 2.33. The ring is 26mm.

The Denver Broncos 2013 AFC Championship ring was made by Jostens and it’s the first Super Bowl or AFC/NFC championship ring made with a multi-color onyx stone. This means that the blue stone on top of the ring shows different shades of blue and makes a really nice pattern when light hits it.

The Broncos ring is 54 grams in weight and one side of the ring shows the Sports Authority Field at Mile High and the other shank shows the 2013 AFC championship trophy.

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