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Jim Brown sues Auction House to reclaim NFL championship ring he says was stolen

July 24, 2014

Hall of Fame football legend Jim Brown is suing an auction house to retrieve his Cleveland Browns 1964 NFL championship ring shown below.

Jim Brown and his Cleveland 1964 NFL Championship Ring

Brown claims that the ring being auctioned was stolen from him.

The 78-year-old former running back filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Manhattan federal court against and Lelands Collectibles Inc.

The lawsuit seeks to halt the sale of the ring in an online auction that ends Friday. It also seeks unspecified damages over broadcast remarks that Lelands’ founder, Joshua Evans, made about Mr. Brown.

Evans said Wednesday that Brown’s claims “are entirely without merit and we intend to vigorously defend against them.”

According to the lawsuit and Mr. Brown, the ring was stolen from his Cleveland home in the late 1960s and the robbery was reported to police.

The lawsuit also accuses Evans of making statements in print and broadcast interviews in recent weeks that implied Brown has diminished mental capacity as a result of taking thousands of hits as a football player. On at least one broadcast, though, Evans could be heard describing Brown as the greatest football player of all time and saying Brown was aware that a family member had sold the ring in the 1990s.

The lawsuit said the ring is priceless to the former Cleveland Browns player. The highest bid was $58,948 Wednesday afternoon.

Evans said Lelands’ position is the paperwork over the ownership of the ring is “indisputable” and anyone who bought it would get a 100 percent guarantee.

Brown, who works as a Cleveland Browns special adviser, rushed for 12,312 yards and scored 106 touchdowns in his nine NFL seasons before retiring at the peak of his career in 1965. In 1964, he rushed for 1,446 yards and scored seven touchdowns as the Browns won the NFL Championship. That’s the last championship for any major Cleveland sports franchise.

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Thieves steal $30,000 in memorabilia from Carlos Dunlap’s Father

July 22, 2014

Carols Dunlap’s father is pleading for the return of his son’s football memorabilia, including his national championship football ring (shown below) and several autographed Bengals jerseys.

2008 Florida Gators National Championship Ring

They were priceless items given to a father from his son, a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals.

“He bought me one and his mother one. It’s like a football jersey; you wear it around your neck with black diamonds. The back of it has his name on it, the front has his number,” said Carlos Dunlap Sr., father of Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap Jr.

Dunlap’s house was broken into and robbed last week.

“The most precious item taken was my son’s national championship ring. It was a Florida Gator ring,” said Dunlap.

The 2008 National Championship ring has the 13-1 season on one side and the last name Dunlap on the other side. Dunlap said his son gave it to him as a gift after the big game.

“He said, ‘If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have got this ring. So, the first ring goes to you,’” said Dunlap.

Dunlap believes the thieves got away with about $30,000 worth of jewelry and electronics. He says they also took several autographed Bengals jerseys and signed photos.

Dunlap said he has no idea who did it.

“With the line of work I do, anybody could have done it, even someone I locked up in jail,” said Dunlap.

The bailbonds man suspects the persons responsible knew where he lived. The North Charleston police report also lists a stolen video surveillance system.

“It’s not a comfortable feeling, but I do plan on increasing security,” said Dunlap.

Dunlap says the thieves took another of his son’s athletic rings. He’s hopeful someone will see the photo and just return the National Championship ring.

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Jim Brown Claims his 1964 Championship Ring Was Stolen And Wants It Back From Auction House

July 8, 2014

His 1964 ring, shown below, is currently in an auction that ends later this month. The bidding, with the buyer’s premium is just shy of $40,000.

Jim Brown 1964 NFL Championship Ring

The last time the Cleveland Browns won a championship was in 1964 when they defeated the Baltimore Colts for the NFL title.

As a member of that team, Jim Brown was awarded a ring for his contributions. That championship ring now up for auction on the internet.

There’s just one major problem: Jim Brown claims he never sold or gave the ring away. That means if true, it still belongs to the legendary Hall-of-Famer.

Brown says the ring was stolen four decades ago and is threatening legal action to get the ring retuned to him.

“I’m surprised to hear that it’s publicly for sale because whoever got it should know that I didn’t give it up,” Brown told the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The 14K solid gold ring, contains a real diamond and is made by Balfour. It has the final score, as well as Brown’s named engraved on it.

The auction is being run by, a well-known sports memorabilia auction company.

Four bidders are currently competing for the ring at this point.

Brown also told the Press that he believes a police report was filed after the ring was stolen and that he wants the his hardware back, and he’s willing to take legal action, according to Tom Reed of

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Canadian 2014 Olympic curling ring stolen

June 26, 2014

Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating this Sochi 2014 Olympic Champions ring belonging to Canadian curler Brad Jacobs.

2014 Olympic Championship ring

Brad Jacobs, one of Canada’s Olympic curling champions, is missing his Sochi 2014 championship ring after a hotel robbery in northern Alberta.

Jacobs was visiting for a charity golf tournament when his hotel room was robbed.

He said the ring was taken while he and other tournament participants were in the hotel bar, between 1 and 2 a.m. on June 20.

When the group tried to return to their rooms, Jacobs said his room and one other room were found to be locked from the inside.

“We obviously knew that was a little weird with it being deadbolted from the inside, and I immediately went to the drawer where I kept all my stuff … and the only thing that was left there was my wedding band.”

Jacobs said his wallet, cellphone, watch and bracelet had also been in the drawer.

At first, Jacobs said, he thought the missing items had simply been misplaced, but then he heard that a second room down the hall had been broken into.

“Basically, just knew right then and there that it was broken into and those were the things that were stolen. There was nothing else missing.”

The next morning, Jacobs said he found window screens lying on the ground outside both his room and the second room where items were also reported missing.

Boyle’s Mayor Don Radmanovich said crimes like this are uncommon in the community, but Jacobs said he heard the hotel had been broken into before.

The ring has a square face with rounded corners, bearing the words “Olympic Champions 2014.” “Brad Jacobs Skip” is inscribed on the ring’s inside surface.
Hoping for ring’s return

“It’s a beautiful ring, something that we love to wear and people love to see, so it’s obviously very valuable to me. It symbolizes every day that I wear it that we are Olympic champions. It’s terrible that I don’t have it anymore.”

When asked, Jacobs said he would rather not say how much the ring was worth, but added its sentimental value was much higher.

“I hope that the idiot that stole it goes ahead and does something even dumber, which is try to get rid of the ring and hopefully it pops up, but I don’t know what anyone would do with that.”

This is not the first time a thief has stolen one of his championship rings. Jacobs said his Brier championship ring was taken from his home in an earlier break-in about a year ago. He later had it replaced.

RCMP are now asking for the public’s help in retrieving the ring.

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After 25 Years, Lance Alworth Reunites with Stolen Super Bowl Ring

October 29, 2013

Alworth’s 1971 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring is recovered by the San Diego Sheriff 25 years after it was stolen.

Lance Alworth and his Super Bowl VI Ring

A 1971 Super Bowl ring belonging to former San Diego Charger Lance Alworth was found at an auction house in Laguna Niguel — 25 years after it was stolen, authorities announced.

The ring was on exhibit at Trophy’s Restaurant in Mission Valley, along with other local sports memorabilia, when it was stolen in 1988, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

On Sept. 7, Alworth received a call from a stranger who demanded $40,000 for the return of the ring, sheriff’s spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said. Detectives with the Sheriff’s Department’s Encinitas station launched an investigation and located the ring at an auction house in Laguna Nigel, where it was scheduled to go up for bid on Nov. 20, she said, noting the auction was expected to open at $44,000.

Encinitas detectives with the Sheriff’s Department have two to three people of interest ages 42-68 from Palm Springs and are getting arrest warrants. The crime is considered a felony.

After signing for his stolen property, Alworth snapped the jewelry box shut with his ring inside and said, “case closed,” with a smile. He added that he never thought he’d see the ring again, saying it’s a miracle. The ring will go in his safe, and it is not for sale.

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