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Molson Replica Stanley Cup Rings Are A Big Hit With Fans

April 10, 2015

While not even close in resemblance to the authentic championship rings, fans are still going wild collecting them:

Molson Stanley Cup Rings

One of the greatest treasures for many hockey collectors and championship ring enthusiasts, is a Stanley Cup ring, which are traditionally presented to players, management and team staff in recognition for winning Hockey’s ultimate prize. The championship rings are coveted by many, but earned by a select few.

Hockey fans who are of legal drinking age, have a chance to own a replica Stanley Cup ring of their very own when they purchase specially-marked cases of Molson Canadian Beer.

There are 20 different rings to collect. The replica rings contain the logos of championship teams from different eras. Each ring also comes in a special presentation box.

While the buzz on hockey collectibles of this kind, tend to be short-lived, this promotion pulls out all the stops in providing fans with something substantial.

The secondary market action is presently strong (i.e. ebay sales) as complete sets have sold online for over $500 (Canadian). Sales on individual rings have ranged from $13 to $93.

If you want to acquire a Stanley Cup ring from ebay, past history of similar promotions (such as the rings given away at games) have shown that prices go down as the “must-have” collectors get their prize.

If you wish to acquire a replica championship ring directly from the Molson promotion, keep in mind that the offerings are available in all Canadian provinces (but not Territories). The championship rings are not currently being offered by Molson in the U.S.

The Stanley Cup rings are distributed in the following manner:

– British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan: 24-packs of Molson Canadian at checkout from March 30 to May 8
– Manitoba: 24-packs of Molson Canadian or Coors Light at checkout from March 30 to May 8
– Ontario: 24-packs of Molson Canadian in cases from March 30 to May 2
– Quebec: 24-packs of Molson Canadian or Molson Export in cases from March 30 to May 2
– New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island: 15-packs of Molson Canadian at checkout from March 30 to May 2
– Newfoundland: 15-packs of Molson Canadian Light in cases from March 30 to May 9

I buy championship rings (just not replicas). If you would like to sell your championship ring, let’s talk!

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The L.A. Kings Receive the Most Personalized Championship Ring Ever Made

October 8, 2014

Each championship ring has a personal engraved message that is completely exclusive to the recipient:

LA Kings Stanley Cup Championship Ring

The Los Angeles Kings received their Tiffany-made Stanley Cup rings on Monday evening during a private dinner downtown. The Kings players, coaches and administration received their championship rings in a very different manner compared to 2012, when they received their rings on the ice before raising the banner.

The Stanley Cup rings arrived on a silver platter in the famous “little blue Tiffany box”, as the rings were designed by the world premier jeweler, Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany also designed the teams 2012 championship rings. This year’s version is much different. In 2012 the ring was a diamond-outlined Stanley Cup with the Kings’ logo in the middle, in black enamel. The 2014 championship ring is a diamond-studded version of the Kings’ logo, looking much bigger and flashier then the 2012 ring.

The official ring will be on display at the Tiffany & Co. Beverly Hills location from October 10-12. Like they have for recent other championship teams, Tiffany is also selling commemorative sterling silver championship rings to the public.

“The face of the ring, measures 32mm, and features the LA Kings’ shield comprised of 136 round diamonds amongst pave set black spinel’s. The top and bottom bezels surrounding the shield read “STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS”.

Highlighted by the beaming lights of the Staples Center, the player’s name and jersey number appear on the one shank while the other showcases the iconic Stanley Cup and the teams’ overall playoff record (16:10). Imagery of the Stanley Cup being hoisted overhead and decorative artwork are some of the many elements differentiating the 2014 Championship Ring from the 2012 version. Inside the ring is an inscription of the 2014 series scores, celebrating the Kings’ road to victory.”

One interesting feature on the 2014 championship ring is the totally custom wording each recipient was allowed to place on the bottom of the ring (see photo above).

Kings Public Relations executive, Mike Altieri got his personalized, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the first time a championship ring has a hashtag on it.

Kings fans are attempting to decode Altieri’s hashtag, with “year of the multiple banners” seemingly the best guess (last season’s Stanley Cup was their second in three seasons). Altieri apparently hasn’t even told the rest of the team what it means.

So it looks like each championship ring has a personal engraved message that is completely exclusive to the recipient.

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Maple Leaf’s 1960s Championship Team to Finally Get Rings

August 13, 2014 – By Rick Westhead

The Toronto Maple Leafs will award Stanley Cup rings next month to players who won championships for the team during the 1960s, a move that leaves the recently beleaguered club open to ribbing but also helps to repair possibly bruised relations with some alumni.

toronto Maple Leaf Stanley Cup Ring

In September, the Leafs will hand out $5,000 rings to players such as Bob Pulford, Johnny Bower and Bobby Baun at a ceremony in Toronto. TSN first reported on Aug. 4 that the rings would be distributed to the team’s former stars.

The gold rings feature a leaf outlined in black, emblazoned with a diamond fixed in the centre and the words “Stanley Cup Champions” around the perimeter. A raised image of the Stanley Cup is on the side. The rings are being made for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment by Tiffany & Co.

Bob Pulford, who played for championship teams in Toronto from 1962 to 1964 and in 1967, said he approached Leafs management several years ago about honoring former players.

Even though the Hockey Hall of Fame says members of the first team to win a Stanley Cup, the Montreal Hockey Club, were given rings after winning the championship in 1893, the gesture disappeared in subsequent years.

During the 1960s, it wasn’t common for players to receive a new ring after every Stanley Cup win. In 1959, Montreal Canadiens players had to pay for their own rings after winning the championship and in 1971, Canadiens management decided to give players color TVs instead of rings.

“I got one in 1962, and then after we won in ’63 and ’64, they took it back, added an engraving on it and re-set it with a bit bigger diamond,” Pulford, 78, told TSN.

Pulford also has two rings from his work as an executive with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010 and 2013.

“I have four kids and I’d love to be able to give them each a ring one day,” he added. The Hall of Famer will receive three new rings at the ceremony – which will give him a total of six Stanley Cup rings.

“I don’t wear the ones from Chicago because the rings have gotten too big,” he said. “I still wear my Leafs ring. It’s classy.”

The ring ceremony also promises to help the Leafs salve any wounds left after the club’s controversial decision last year to take down photos at the Air Canada Centre of former players. While Maple Leaf Sports president Tim Leiweke ordered the move in an attempt to create a new culture within the organization, saying he didn’t want today’s players looking at players from 1962 as they walked to and from the ice, critics ripped the team for not paying proper respect to its past players.

Bower was among the former Leafs stars who talked Leiweke out of the move, The Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuk reported in September.

“I think Tim realized that was a mistake,” Pulford said. “And to his credit, he’s trying to rectify that. A lot of former players are going to be so happy about this ring ceremony. When I found out I almost cried.”

Shannon Hosford, vice president of marketing and communications, said the Leafs’ move is about, “treating our alumni right.”

“We had heard from players over the past few years that (those who won multiple Stanley Cups in the 1960s) really wanted to receive an additional ring,” Hosford said. “We are trying to do the right thing heading into our centennial year and tie up loose ends. This is about working to bring our alumni closer into the fold.”

Hosford added that the team is spending $200,000 to produce about 50 of the rings. Ten players have confirmed their attendance so far at the Leafs’ fan fest and will receive the rings on Sept. 5.

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Just a week left for the 2013 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring raffle

March 14, 2014

The Winner will be announced during the Chicago Blackhawks Friday, March 21, 2014 game against the Carolina Hurricanes (Game Time: 7:00 pm CT).

2013 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring

The raffle tickets are only $2.00, with a minimum purchase of 5 tickets.

Now’s your chance to help a good cause and possibly obtain one of most beautiful championship rings of all time.

Not only will the winner get a player-size ring, they will also receive round trip flights, 2 nights hotel and 4 tickets to a Blackhawks game! Even better, the ring will be engraved with your name and you will receive almost $10,000 in cash for state and federal tax.

The 14-carat white gold ring weighs approximately 96 grams and consists of 260 diamonds and gemstones totaling roughly 14.68 carats.

Raffle tickets can be purchased for $2 each (minimum purchase of five tickets) via through 2 p.m. CT on Friday, March 21, 2014.

Here is the link and best of luck!

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Authentic Blackhawks Championship Ring Offered In Raffle

December 7, 2013

Want a Blackhawks ring? You could win one, thanks to a new raffle by Blackhawks Charities.

Blackhawks Stanley Cup Ring

The online raffle runs from Dec. 6th, 2013-March 21st, 2014. Each ticket costs $2, with a minimum purchase of five tickets. They can be purchased online at

The white gold ring contains 260 gemstones and diamonds totalling more than 14.5 carats. It will be engraved with the winner’s name and presented by the Blackhawks on April 6th, 2014 before a game against the St. Louis Blues.

All proceeds from the raffle will benefit Chicago Blackhawks Charities.

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