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Stolen Major League Baseball Player’s Championship Ring Recovered

May 2, 2015

This former major league baseball player’s championship came very close to becoming melted-down gold scrap:

St. Louis Cardinals National League Championship ring

The owner of a gold buying company said one of his employees purchased the 1987 National League Championship ring that belonged to former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Greg Mathews. Matthews is retired from baseball and lives in Los Angeles.

Luckily for Matthews, another of the owner’s employees recognized the championship ring for what it was — a big deal.

With a little legwork, they were able to contact Matthews, and inform him that his National League championship ring was in their possession. He, told them that the championship ring had been inside his car when it was stolen — at a Wal-Mart in Carlsbad, California two weeks ago.

The seller of the stolen National League championship ring walked into the store and claimed it was a school class ring and that she wanted to sell it.   The clerk purchased it for $540.

The Gold buying store, turned the ring over to police along with a receipt from the woman who sold it.

She has been identified as 21-year-old Deanna Perez. The receipt had an easy trail for detectives — her home address, phone number, signature, copy of her valid ID, and even her fingerprints (this is common practice when pawn shops and gold buying stores purchase jewelry).

Carlsbad Police confirmed that they arrested Perez along with her alleged accomplice, 20-year-old Jose Dominguez.

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A Beautiful World Series Ring Set Worth Owning

January 7, 2015

Championship ring enthusiasts and collectors often mention that ring collecting is too expensive and they can’t afford to start or build a collection. Replica rings are often unlicensed and often offer poor quality. Here’s a replica set that is very affordable, displays well, and is a great way to start or build your championship ring collection:

St. Louis Cardinals World Series Rings

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper company, around 2009, released a World Series Ring replica set with an acrylic display case. I don’t know what they originally sold for, but the set quickly sold out. Many sets were available after they sold out on ebay and could be purchased for around $100.00. That’s an amazing value since that averages out to be around $10.00 per replica ring.

The old-time vintage World Series rings from 1926, 1931, 1934, 1942, 1944, and 1946, were especially accurate in that set and purposely manufactured to look antiqued-aged. These six rings simply look amazing.

The remaining four rings were 1964, 1967, 1982, and 2006 World Series rings. In my opinion, the two from the 60s and one from the 80s were not as nice looking as the other rings in the set. The 2006 World Series ring looked pretty good, containing all the modern flash and bling found on today’s championship rings.

Around two years later, the Cardinals won another World Series and that meant that this wonderful set was now lacking the Cardinals latest championship ring.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch updated the set, and their new version contained the 2011 World Series ring. Additionally, they dramatically improved the display case, upgrading from an acrylic display to a glass championship ring presentation box that contained beautiful etchings.

The new set was priced at $129.95 but quickly sold out again.

You can find these rings on ebay at very reasonable prices.

Please remember that I buy championship rings (as long as they are real and not replica rings). If you have a championship ring to sell, please get in touch with me.

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Scott Rovak shows off his St. Louis Cardinals rings

April 21, 2014

Scott recently tweeted pictures of his Cardinals Championship rings:

St. Louis Cardinals World Series and Championship Rings

Photographing professionally over 30 years, Scott Rovak is a photographer for the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams and USA Today Sports.

You can follow Scott on twitter Scott Rovak@scottrovak.

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St. Louis Cardinals Receive Their 2013 National League Championship Rings.

April 11, 2014

Although they lost to the Boston Red Sox in the 2013 World Series, tradition dictates the runner up team receives a league championship ring.

St. Louis Cardinals 2013 National League Championship Ring

In a fitting tribute, the Cardinals honored and remembered Stan Musial, their hall of fame player and icon who passed away in 2013.

Each of the St. Louis Cardinals 2013 National League Championship Rings are handcrafted in 14-karat white gold and weighs approximately 47 grams. The rings, made by Jostens, include red-colored stones in the shape of the St. Louis logo, which are surrounded by a plethora of diamonds. The rings feature 43 round VVS diamonds and 34-custom-cut rubies. On one side of the ring, it’s noted that the Cardinals have won an NL-record 19 pennants. The franchise also has won an NL-best 11 World Series titles, most recently in 2006 and 2011.

Manager Mike Matheny said his fingers are not suited for wearing rings after a long career behind the plate, but that he probably would make an exception this time around.

“I’m going to be wearing this one,” he said. “My fingers have been busted up pretty bad, so they don’t hold rings very well. But I’m going to make sure that this one stays on me.”

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