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A Real $400 Super Bowl ring? Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard Got One.


A $400 Super Bowl ring? Mayor Greg Ballard claims gift on ethics statement

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Tony Dungy Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI Ring
Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy wears his 2007 Super Bowl ring as he autographs a copy of his book in July 2007. Star file photo.


Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard’s recent filing of his statement of economic interests — the annual ethics statement required of all city/county elected officeholders — contains what have become usual disclosures of gifts and freebies: T-shirts and hats from businesses and nonprofit groups. Tickets to Pacers, Colts and Indians games, mostly using the city’s suites and ticket allotments. Complimentary memberships to Downtown’s Columbia Club and the Highland and Woodstock country clubs. (Though Ballard notes he plays golf mostly “at clubs open to the public.”)

But then there’s an item that has drawn attention from local bloggers: a “Super Bowl ring,” given by the Indianapolis Colts and valued on the form at $400.

Wait a minute. Only $400?


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