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Would You Buy This 1973 George Foreman Heavyweight Championship Ring?

July 26, 2017

I often say, buy a championship ring, but never buy a story. This Championship ring has more questions than answers:

George Foreman Boxing Championship ring

At first glance, it’s a nice-looking championship ring. But it has a story, and few answers.

According to the eBay seller, who’s asking $4,500.00 with a “Make Offer” , he writes in his eBay listing:

Down goes Frazier!!! Down goes Frazier!!!!!!
These words uttered in 1973 by sportscaster Howard Cosell
This ring is from George Foreman’s 1973 ascension to the heavyweight crown!
Was worn by a member of his entourage.
Not I repeat not a sample.
The date is engraved inside ring January 22 1973.
And there are the old Balfour 10k vintage hallmarks.
Ring weighs 29.7 grams a nice size for the times
And contains a .14 diamond.
Size is a 13
Ring is in beautiful vintage condition.
May not ever see another one.
A sample maybe but not the real deal.
The story I was given is that this was worn by noted heavyweight Chico venal
By boxing legend Muhammad Ali.
However there is no proof of this other than supposition.
Smiles so I sell it as worn by a member of his entourage.

While there is a “Balfour 10K” stamp inside the ring, it sadly reminds me of all those fake Irv Lerner Balfour rings with his imitation stamp. Irv was a piece of work, pumping out and selling loads of fake championship rings.

I’m unsure if this championship ring is authentic, since boxing rings can be designed and manufactured by anyone or any boxer in any amounts they choose.

And prices for boxing championship rings are low because collector demand is low with so much uncertainty in their creation and distribution.

Would you buy this championship ring? I wouldn’t.

Please remember, I buy championship rings all the time. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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The Top 50 Super Bowl Rings Ranked

July 25, 2017

My newest themed Championship Ring Column, the ranking all 50 Super Bowl rings from worst to first continues – We’re now up to number 45:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)New York Jets Super Bowl III Ring

Please note, I usually don’t show player’s names on Super Bowl rings, however, the championship ring photos seen above (with the player’s name) were part of a major sports memorabilia auction years ago, and besides, in this case, this is a common salesman sample ring.

Yes, I realize there are now 50 Super Bowl rings, however, when I started this blog series there were 50. And since I probably won’t own or get my hands on a Super Bowl 51 ring anytime soon, I’ll stick with he first 50 championship rings for this series.

The Super Bowl ring shown above is one of my least favorite among the 50. Sooner or later we’ll get the best of the best, but for now we’re starting at the bottom and working our way up.

Before we get into details about the championship ring shown above, I just want to review the ranking process:

The Super Bowl ring ranking has absolutely nothing to do with my affection or non-affection to the team or players the championship ring was awarded to. The ranking of these Super Bowl rings also have nothing to do with the team’s season or the specific title game either. The ranking is based solely on the championship ring design.

Last, I probably don’t spend enough time on many of my championship ring blogs discussing the shanks (sides of the championship rings) but in this ongoing blog series that will contribute to the rankings too.

The Super Bowl ring shown above is the New York Jets one and only Super Bowl III from the 1968 season and it was made by Balfour, not Jostens.

The Jets became the first AFC team to defeat a mighty NFL opponent and win a Super Bowl ring. Many feel this game gave the impending NFL/AFL merger legitimacy and helped to grow the Super Bowl to eventually become the biggest annual sporting event of the year.

Although the photo above is dark, the sapphire stone above is actually green, not black so that it matches the team colors somewhat (the Jets official logo green was lighter).

While this Super Bowl ring is historic and highly sought out by collectors, the top of this championship ring is not one of the nicer designs that we see with Super Bowl rings. Balfour at this time, tended to engrave the last names in a rather lackluster way as you can see from above. The sides of the ring contains some terrific images but no Lombardi trophy.

Incidentally, someday, if and when Joe Namath’s Super Bowl ring comes to auction, it would easily shatter the $300,000 price range which would break the records we have seen for football championship rings. Perhaps like Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring, this one could hit the million dollar mark.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Is Tweeting About Four Championship Rings and Zero Super Bowl Rings a good idea?

July 22, 2017

The tweet below, made the rounds recently on Twitter. Posted by an obvious Vikings fan, was this a good idea or does it add fuel to the fire?

Minnesota Vikings NFC Championship rings

My championship ring blog often mentions the AFC and NFC championship rings that are awarded to the teams that loose the Super Bowl. In fact, if you visit my home page, you can click on the Super Bowl ring link and see every winning Super Bowl ring along with the AFC or NFC championship ring awarded for each football season.

I love the NFC and AFC rings and happily collect each and everyone I can acquire.

There’s nothing wrong with these “runner-up” rings, however, keep in mind they are always smaller and contain less bring than their winning Super Bowl ring counterparts.

In the never-ending feuds or teasing that goes on with fans of each NFL team, those fans of teams with plenty of Super Bowl rings love to ridicule the fans who’s franchise has zero.

So when VikeFans made the tweet above, while showing that his team does have four NFC championship rings and zero Super Bowl rings, he might possibly get blasted and reminded that his team is still looking for their first Super Bowl ring.

How do the readers feel about this? Was this a good tweet, or should VikeFans have kept quiet and just enjoyed his four NFC rings all to himself?

Please remember, I buy championship rings. Even NFC and AFC championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Scuba Diver Finds HOF Championship Ring Belonging to AHL Star Dick Gamble

July 21, 2017

Former American Hockey League star player, Dick Gamble had given up hope and ordered a replacement for his Hall of Fame championship ring when it was lost several years ago:

Dick Gamble AHL Hall of fame ring

Soon, he’ll have two Hall of Fame championship rings.

A scuba-diving treasure hunter found Gamble’s missing championship ring in Canandaigua Lake. The lake is one of the Finger Lakes, located in rural upstate New York. The diver was searching for items and using a metal detector over the July 4th holiday weekend.

“I was coming back to the boat and get a signal in my headphones and there it was, a ring, looks like a pretty good ring”, Gary Gavurnik told Rochester’s WHEC-TV. “I bring it up to the surface with my buddy and show it to him and we say: ‘Holy cow!’ This is more than just a ring, this is sentimental to somebody who lost it. It’s a Hall of Fame ring.”

The Canadian-born Gamble, now 88 years old, didn’t respond to calls about the find.

Gavurnik plans to return the special championship ring to Dick Gamble.

Gamble, who starred for the AHL’s Rochester Americans, retired during the 1969-70 season. He was inducted as an original member of the Americans Hall of Fame in 1986 and was enshrined in the AHL Hall of Fame back in 2007.

Officials at the American Hockey League said Thursday that Gamble’s son, Craig, had ordered a replacement championship ring. Gamble’s name is inscribed on both championship rings.

Gamble also played in the NHL. Spending time during eight seasons with the Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Chicago Blackhawks, Gamble had 41 goals and 41 assists in 195 NHL games. The 6-foot, 180-pound left wing also appeared in an NHL All-Star Game and was a member of the Canadiens’ Stanley Cup championship team in 1953. That means he has a Canadians Stanley Cup championship ring as well.

Gamble made his AHL debut the following season with the Buffalo Bisons and scored 38 goals in 45 games which lead the team. But it was with the Americans, whom he joined in 1961, that Gamble etched his name in league lore. He helped Rochester win three Calder Cups in a four-year span and was named AHL most valuable player in 1965-66. That season he lead the league in scoring with a personal-best 98 points (47 goals, 51 assists).

Gamble finished his career as the Americans all-time leader in every major scoring category, totals since eclipsed by Jody Gage. In his AHL career, Gamble scored 468 goals, which is fourth all-time, and had 424 assists in 898 games.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. Just ones that are not “found”. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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This Has Got To Be One of The Ugliest Championship Ring Designs Ever

July 20, 2017

No insult to the Lakers, who’ve had so much success for decades, but this Championship Ring is really lacking thoughtful and good-looking design:

Los Angeles Lakers 2002 NBA Championship Ring

The Lakers 2002 NBA Championship Ring, shown above is not the design I’d have chosen. While the use of yellow canary diamonds is a good idea since it matches the teams colors, the overall design reminds me of modern art.

The championship ring does celebrate the fact that the team won its third consecutive title as the words “Back Back Back” are shown in the center. This amazing accomplishment deserves a better championship ring. Perhaps the designers at Masters of Design (the manufacturers of all three Laker championship rings in this title run) should’ve looked at the Bulls three-consecutive championship rings for inspiration.

Apparently some design did go into the creation of this ring. According to one seller on eBay, who’s selling this championship ring:

“The triangle theme on the ring face makes note of this third consecutive trip to the mountain top, with the amethyst at center bordered by the word “Back” on three sides, as in “Back to back to back.” Fourteen brilliant cut diamonds adorn the bezel, where raised lettering reads “Lakers World Champions.” Sixty-one yellow diamonds are set in the ring face, as are three larger triangular cut diamonds representing each Championship.”

The player’s version of the ring was made in 14K solid yellow gold.

Please note, I’m not affiliated with the seller or the championship ring on eBay; I’m just here to blog about championship rings. And no disrespect to the players, coaches, and staff who worked hard and earned this championship ring. Any and all championship rings are special, and congratulations to the organization for their amazing three title run!

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring privately, please contact me.

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