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The New Seattle Seahawks NFC Championship Ring Debuts (Sort of)

June 24, 2015

With absolutely zero fanfare and media coverage, here’s what the Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship ring looks like:

Seattle Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship ring

This photo appeared on Twitter yesterday and shows the newest NFC Championship ring.

The team that looses the Super Bowl is awarded an NFC or AFC championship ring, while the winning team of the big game, gets a larger and more blinged-out Super Bowl ring.

With no details to be found anywhere on the internet, we can surmise that the ring was made by Tiffany and Company. We know this because the picture of the wood championship ring box, is clearly Tiffany’s standard presentation box offering.

While the Tiffany presentation box is usually made in wood and then stained, the Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl ring box was painted in Seattle’s team color, and so is the new box.

We don’t know the size of the Seahawks championship ring, and we don’t know the gold content or how much it weighs.

Hopefully I will find those details out shortly and pass them along (with hopefully better photographs) to readers of this championship ring blog.

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Super Bowl XLIX Opponents Are Set

January 19, 2015

Now that we know who’s playing in the big game, championship ring enthusiasts can start to speculate on what the 2014 Championship rings will look like. Here are the last winning Super Bowl rings from each team:

Super Bowl Rings

On Sunday February 1, 2015, Super Bowl XLIX will be played in Phoenix Arizona. That means that the two teams participating in the event are each guaranteed to receive a champion ring. The winner will no doubt, get the largest Super Bowl ring in their team’s history, and the losing team will get a smaller AFC or NFC championship ring.

It’s a safe bet that if the Patriots win, their Super Bowl ring will be the largest Super Bowl ring ever, since their ring shown above, is the largest Super Bowl ring every produced.

If the Patriots win, look for Jostens to make the massive winning Super Bowl ring, although owner Robert Kraft went with Masters of Design and their subsidiary Herf Jones, for their 2011 AFC Championship ring (they lost to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI).

If the Seahawks win, their ring will probably be made by Tiffany. Tiffany designed and manufactured the Seahawks first Super Bowl Champions ring, (shown above) and the team was very pleased with the way the ring came out.

Perhaps the Seahawks, in similar fashion to the Broncos magnificent second Super Bowl ring, will try to replicate their logo twice on the top, but more probably, will choose to make the Super Bowl ring a little larger and place two football shape diamonds near their logo.

Should the Seahawks lose the game, look for a championship ring with much less bling than shown above, but probably still designed and manufactured by Tiffany.

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Super Bowl Ring Predictions for 2015

January 12, 2015

Pictured below are the four last Super Bowl rings from the teams left in the playoffs. The rings pictured below offer strong clues as to what the two championship rings will look like for 2015.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Super Bowl and Championship Rings

There are endless predictions of who will win the Super Bowl. The guesses begin before the start of the season and go until moments before kickoff of the big game. Here’s a twist on that, I’m predicting what features the two championship rings will have for the teams that earn a trip to Phoenix next week.

The potential ring that intrigues me the most is the New England Patriots championship ring. If they win next Sunday, they are guaranteed another AFC championship ring and if they can win the Super Bowl, they will receive a Super Bowl winning ring. It’s unbelievable to think that Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick have gone the longest of the four teams left in the playoffs without winning a Super Bowl.

The Patriots rings are bigger and flashier than any other NFL team rings. You can thank owner Robert Kraft for that. My prediction for the Patriots is that their new ring will be made by Jostens (who has made every one of their winning rings and most of their losing Super Bowl rings. Additionally, based on the massiveness of their prior winning rings and the bling of their losing super bowl rings, look for their championship ring to sparkle and contain a tremendous amount of bling.

If the Colts beat the Patriots and advance to the big game, look for their championship ring to be made by Indianapolis-based championship ring maker, Herff Jones. The Herff Jones company has made the Colts winning and losing Super Bowl rings during the last 8 years. Additionally, every Colts championship ring, going back to the Super Bowl V ring has predominately showcased the Colts horse-shoe logo. Look for their logo again, predominately displayed on top of the ring.

If the Seahawks advance to the Super Bowl, look for Tiffany and Company to repeat as the designer and manufacturer of their championship ring. Should they win their second super bowl ring, look for a back-to-back theme. Last year’s ring was a tribute to the “12th man” and there’s no doubt in my mind that a similar tribute won’t be part of this year’s ring.

If the Seahawks win, look for two large marquise diamonds (football shaped diamonds) and the ring will probably be a little larger and heavier than last year’s winning ring. If they lose the big game, the Tiffany ring will be smaller or the same size as last year’s ring, but contain less total diamond carats.

If the Packers advance, I predict Jostens will make their championship ring (Jostens has made all of their championship rings since the days of Vince Lombardi). If they win the Super Bowl they will probably make their ring out of white Platinum, which is more costly than gold. Their last winning Super Bowl ring (shown above) was the first and only Super Bowl ring ever made out of Platinum. If they win, the ring will probably be a little bigger than their last winning ring.

If the Packers lose the Super Bowl, look for a white-gold championship ring, which will be smaller than the ring shown above.

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NFL agent finds Derrick Coleman’s Super Bowl ring in his rental car

January 9, 2015

David Mulugheta, an NFL agent, tweeted this photograph of the Super Bowl ring that belongs to Seahawks Full Back Derrick Coleman.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Ring

In an amazing coincidence, NFL agent David Mulugheta negotiated the contract of Coleman’s teammate Earl Thomas, so Mulugheta was easily able to get in touch with someone close to Coleman very quickly.

Mulugheta tweeted, “Driving around in my @Enterprise rental car today & my wife looks under the seat & finds @DC2forlife Super Bowl Ring. ”

The championship ring was found under the passenger seat. The ring was inside the Seahawks wood presentation ring box, which was inside the famous blue Tiffany cardboard box (all shown above).

Mulugheta later tweeted that he would send the ring back.

Derrick Coleman then tweeted Mulugheta, saying he was his hero.

If you find a championship ring that was lost by it’s rightful owner, please don’t call me. However, if you have a championship ring you would like to sell, please remember that I want to buy your championship ring.

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Two Gorgeous Football Championship Rings Spotted In One Presentation Box

November 8, 2014

Two team doctors, and long time friends from different football leagues, recently caught up with each other and took this great picture of their championship rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

NFL and CFL Championship Rings

Championship ring collectors who don’t live in Canada, know that the Canadian Football League produces some amazing Grey Cup Championship rings. Those championship rings rival NFL Super Bowl rings in size, style, and bling.

So when this photograph of player-size championship rings appeared recently on Twitter, I couldn’t resist to write about it.

The BC Lion ring from 2011 and the Seahawks ring from Super Bowl XLVIII look great together. Equal in size, diamonds and bling, I’m not sure which one is nicer. Football fans hate ties in football, but perhaps this is one tie we can all live with.

Congratulations to both team doctors, it’s great that they received player-sized championship rings!

If anyone reading this blog has a BC Lions championship ring for sale, I will buy that championship ring (and in fact, I will buy any championship ring).

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