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Secrets of the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Ring Revealed

July 11, 2014

Thought all the details about this championship ring had already hit the internet? Think again…

seattle seahawks superbowl XLVIII ring

Around two weeks after the Seattle Seahawks destroyed the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford New Jersey, executives from Tiffany and Co. and Jostens (the two ring manufacturers of most of the super bowl rings) visited team officials and pitched their manufacturing abilities.

The Seahawks assembled a committee that included owner Paul Allen, team president Peter McLoughlin, general manager John Schneider, head coach Pete Carroll and a few player representatives, as well as some other executives. All of these committee members were involved in creating the ring.

Tiffany won the prestigious job of manufacturing the Seahawks super bowl ring and the team ordered around 400 rings.

Once the Seahawks selected Tiffany’s, (they also designed and make the Super Bowl trophy each year), the design process was started.

The designers at Tiffany’s presented some preliminary designs to the committee. The designs were discussed, reviewed and changed. The next step were sketches on paper, and then finally, as Tiffany’s got closer to what the committee envisioned, examples were made from wax and then finally from metal.

The Seahawks committee stressed several points. Among them: that the “12th Man” be recognized on the ring, that specific important team-phrases such as, “Leave no doubt”, “24/7”, and “Sea 43-Den 8″ were inscribed inside the ring. Also, the green eye in the logo needed to be team-color matched on the ring.

Around four to six weeks after the process was started, the design was settled on and finished by Tiffany’s design arm in New York City. Production began shortly after in its manufacturing facility in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

The hand-rendered design is run through a CAD (computer-assisted design) program to produce a precise mold and model. The components of the ring are assembled, and all the precious stones are set and polished by hand.

Next, the rings go through a quality assurance process before they receives their final polish. Each ring takes about 45 man hours to produce.

The ring, made of 14K solid white gold, contains 64 round diamonds and 12 diamonds around the logo. There’s one larger marquis diamond, representing the team’s first super bowl victory. The ring also contains 40 blue sapphire diamonds and 183 total diamonds. The total carat weight in diamonds is 2.33. The ring is 26mm in size.

After being made in Rhode Island, the rings were sent to Tiffany’s distribution center in New Jersey, where they were placed inside a custom wood presentation box and then placed in their famous Tiffany blue box and wrapped with a white ribbon. Last, they were sent to Seattle.

On June 19, a little more than four months removed from their Super Bowl victory, Seahawks players and coaches and some management personal were presented with the rings at a private ceremony and party.

Neither Tiffany’s nor the Seahawks would reveal the cost of the ring. The NFL provides Super Bowl champions up to $5,000 per ring for 150 rings. Team ownership has to make up any difference.

A Tiffany’s spokesperson says the rings are “truly priceless.”

In a class-act, current owner, Paul Allen made sure that former team owner John Nordstrom, received a super bowl ring.

Nordstrom is often at the Seahawks’ practice facility, where he watches practice, visits the media work room during the draft, and operates with a congenial and humble demeanor. When players leave the practice field and spot him, they stop for a handshake and hello.

He’ll be receiving his ring at the July 22 ceremony, along with the rest of the folks who did not receive one during the first team-specific ceremony (a second ceremony was needed since it takes quite a long time to make the rings).

Nordstrom — who quickly touts the ownership of Allen — never thought he would end up with a Super Bowl ring. Carroll and Schneider called him to say he in fact would.

“I said, ‘Oh my gosh, you’ve got to be kidding,’ ” Nordstrom said. “ ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’ I just couldn’t believe it. I’m really kind of blown away.”

Which adds him to a list of about 400.

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Owner Paul Allen offers fans chances to win replica Seattle Seahawks Rings

July 1, 2014

Seahawks owner Paul Allen will award 12 replica rings to 12 fans who submit photos of their “Virtual Super Bowl Ring” using the Seahawks mobile app.

seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Championship Ring

Seahawks players and coaches received their Super Bowl XLVIII championship rings in a special ceremony back on June 19 at the EMP Museum in downtown Seattle, but now Seahawks owner Paul Allen is offering 12 lucky 12s a chance to win a replica of the ring which signifies the capture of the first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.

While the replica rings are a far cry from the diamond studded versions the players received, the replica rings are made by Tiffany, the same company that produced the player’s rings.

The replica rings are made of sterling silver and don’t contain any diamonds.

For the technologically-challenged (like me), trying to decipher Allen’s latest tweet, here’s some help:

First, you’ll need to download or update the current version of the Seahawks mobile app for your iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone device at

Next, take a photo using the application’s new “Virtual Super Bowl Ring” feature.

Last, share that virtual bling on social media using the hashtag ‘#SuperBowlRing’ for your chance to win.

Good luck!

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Here Come The Cheap Replica Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Rings

June 29, 2014

It’s a shame that Tiffany, Jostens, the NFL, and eBay permit this to happen. Not only does it cheapen the accomplishment, it hurts the ring manufacturers in the wallet since they sometimes offer much better quality items for sale on their website.

fake Seattle Seattle Seahawks Replica Ring

If you want something cheap in price that’s similar to what the World Champion Seahawks are wearing, eBay might have a large selection of replica championship rings soon.

The companies in China that have brought us so many cheap championship rings that sell on ebay are gearing up to make knockoff Seahawks ring.

Most of the replica rings for sale are made in China and list from $59-$250.

Some look fantastic. Other look like crap.

One website is already offering a Seahawks ring for $212. It comes with a Russell Wilson shank and is made in a silver color that looks good.

My experience has been that often, the materials of the rings don’t match the description, and if you plan on wearing them, they may oxidize, tarnish, wear, pit or rust. The gold-tone rings (gold in color) often wear and fade to silver color. Experience has shown that if you have patience and wait, the prices for these rings drop significantly over time.

Your favorite player’s name, or your name, is sometimes available. Some rings includes a fancy presentation box and custom finger sizes are sometimes available to fit your finger properly.

Some listings will probably include the engraving of the postseason scores inside, just like the Seahawks real rings. Others won’t.

And, if you are not a Seahawks fan, the folks in China produce almost every winning (and sometimes losing) team’s championship rings. Just search on eBay.

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Seattle Seahawks fan making Super Bowl ring for Seattle’s 12th Man

June 25, 2014 – By Nick Eaton

Seahawks fan C.J. Johnson has designed a Super Bowl ring for the 12th Man, and is offering it to Seahawks fans as a keepsake after the team’s historic victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Seattle Seahawks super bowl XLVIII fan ring

“My goal was to have a solid souvenir, not a cheap, $40 to $50 replica,” said Johnson. “I wanted something that was actually solid. In 20 years I want someone to be able to pick it up and say, ‘Oh, this is cool!’”

The “Ring for the 12s,” as it’s called, is not a replica of the Seahawks’ own Super Bowl ring, it has it’s own unique design. Johnson began designing it the week of the Super Bowl, and has been asking for funding on Kickstarter for about three weeks.

Johnson said the idea came about when he and his daughter were discussing the Seahawks between the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 19 and the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. They talked about how the Seahawks organization would get rings if Seattle won the Super Bowl and asked, “How come we don’t get a ring?”

“Seattle fans are just crazy. They’re passionate and I love it,” said Johnson, who grew up in the Bay Area among supposedly rabid Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers fans. “We have our own name. It’s different. The 12th Man is truly a part of the team.”

The Seahawks’ actual Super Bowl ring includes a few nods to the 12th Man, including three “12? flags and 12 feather features (similar to the feathers on Seattle’s uniforms) along the band. Johnson said he was excited to see so many shout-outs to the fans on Seattle’s championship ring.

Yet Johnson’s ring is made entirely for the loyal fan base. It features a big “12? on the face surrounded by 188 cubic zirconia stones and framed by the words “world champions.” The stones are arranged in a framework that was designed to look like a birds-eye view of CenturyLink Field, the Seahawks’ home stadium.

One side of the ring honors Seahawks fans’ Guinness World Record for loudest crowd at an outdoor sports stadium, set during Seattle’s Dec. 2 game against the New Orleans Saints. The other side of the ring features the final score of Super Bowl XLVIII, the date of the game and the location.

Finally, inscribed on the inside of the ring are the scores of all three 2013 playoff games (including the Super Bowl) and the words, “I’m in” — a rallying cry for the Seahawks and for the 12th Man during Seattle’s Super Bowl season. The ring is packaged inside a crystal case (etched with “12,” of course) along with a certificate of authenticity.

As of a few days ago, 29 people had pledged money on Kickstarter toward the ring project. Seahawks fans can reserve a 12 ring for $179 or more on Kickstarter, where Johnson needs about $2,200 to reach his goal of $7,000 by the end of this coming weekend. The rings are slated to sell for $249 each on the project’s website,

The “Ring for the 12s” is being made by a Chinese jewelry company and can be produced in high quantities. Johnson said the rings, which are fashioned of solid brass plated in 18-carat white gold, likely won’t be ready for shipping until August.

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Are Championship Rings Getting Worse?

June 24, 2014

The picture below of 4 super bowl rings is pretty revealing; it shows a disturbing trend in championship ring design and production.

Super Bowl Rings

The four rings above are the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII ring, the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring, the New York Giants XLVI ring, and the San Francisco Forty Niners Super Bowl XXIX Championship Ring.

The Forty Niners ring shown above is an old-style ring you never see anymore: It features yellow gold, and something almost as rare – color enamel paint on top of the gold (shown on the side of the ring, all the way on the right). Gold enamel adds color to championship rings (something most of today’s white gold and diamond-studded championship rings lack.

Although the ring is just about 20 years old, not only does it stand up well to today’s gigantic, 150-250 diamond studded trophies (err, I mean rings), in my opinion, it’s actually much more beautiful.

The picture of the 49ers championship ring reveals that the five marquise diamonds are huge – bigger than the diamonds of the other three rings shown. The ring also contains rectangular baguette diamonds located below each marquise diamond. This helps display the trophy-like shape of their five championships and also helps to break out the never-ending and repetitious tiny-diamond patterns found in the other three rings shown above.

The three other rings do try to sprinkle in a little color – The Seahawks and Giants rings, both made by Tiffany, contain a row of blue sapphire stones, and the Ravens have their mostly-purple logo on their ring. If it wasn’t for these feeble attempts of color, the three rings would lack almost any color at all.

Another silly super bowl ring trend is forcing the team logo onto the top of the ring. The forty Niner ring proves this is not necessary to make a brilliant, mesmerizing championship ring.

While the Seahawks and Giants rings were made by Tiffany, The Ravens ring was made by Jostens. Jostens has made the most super bowl rings by far. The Forty Niners ring was made by Balfour, and it’s the last time the ring manufacturer made a super bowl ring.

Perhaps it’s time to give Balfour another chance, or to reevaluate the direction these championship rings are heading.

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