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San Francisco Giants players, and staff presented with World Series rings

April 20, 2015

Here’s a look at the San Francisco Giants 2014 World Series Ring:

San Francisco Giants 2014 World Series Ring

The championship banner came from the sky as a parachuter helped deliver it during the San Francisco Giants pregame ring ceremony.

For the third time in five years, the team’s players, coaches, and officials were presented with magnificent World Series rings. The ceremony took place before the game.

Tiffany & Co. has now made all three of the team’s diamond white gold World Series rings. The latest championship ring is personalized with player’s names and numbers and the Golden Gate Bridge on one side. The team’s recent three World Series trophies are displayed on the other side.

In a trend that has become quite common with championship rings, inside the ring are the scores of the playoff games. With a mind-blowing 200 diamonds in all, you might think it would stay on the shelf.

However, Victoria Wright Reynolds, of Tiffany & Co. says, “It’s a big ring, but it’s important to the Giants that it is wearable. I was just in the dugout and I got a lot of comments (that) this is the one they are going to wear, they love it.”

This is not just lip-service, the largest championship rings have grown so large that they are actually painful to wear.

When Reynolds was asked how much the ring is worth, she correctly answered that “it’s priceless.”

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What will the Giants World Series ring look like this time?

January 13, 2015

The team is very secretive on the details of the upcoming 2014 World Series ring. Here’s a picture of their last masterpiece:

San Francisco Giants World Series Ring

No one in the Giants’ front office is divulging even the slightest details about the 2014 World Series rings.

Those cherished championship rings will generate increasing curiosity and excitement in the days and weeks leading up to the ring ceremony preceding the April 18 game against Arizona at AT&T Park.

“We’re in the design stage right now,” said Staci Slaughter, the club’s senior vice president for communications, this week.

Slaughter wouldn’t even confirm the most basic of questions: If Tiffany & Co., which designed and produced the World Series rings commemorating the Giants’ 2010 and 2012 World Series victories, are designing and manufacturing the latest championship ring.

Here are some assumptions that will probably “ring” true:

• The 2014 World Series ring will be larger than its predecessors, and contain more diamonds. The 2012 rings had 144 diamonds, up from 77 gems in the 2010 ring.

• An image symbolizing San Francisco will appear on the latest rings, since two of the most iconic figures already have been used. The Golden Gate Bridge was shown on the 2010 ring; and a cable car appeared on the 2012 version.

Possibilities this time around could be the Transamerica Pyramid or Coit Tower. The city skyline might be good choice too. Many teams showcase their stadium, so there’s the possibility AT&T Park, which was featured on the 2010 Series press pins could be up next.

• The team’s tremendous accomplishment of winning three Series in five seasons will be celebrated and noted. The Red Sox’s 2013 championship rings displayed three Series trophies on one shank, which also reflected their 2004 and ’07 titles.

• The familiar interlocking “SF” logo which dominated the top of the two previous rings are likely to return on the 2014 World Series ring.

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Dodger Pitcher Brian Wilson Confronts Giants CEO About His World Series Ring

September 28, 2013

After the Giants beat the Dodgers, 3-2, on Thursday, former Giants closer Brian Wilson strode across the diamond over to Giants CEO Larry Baer and the two engaged in a heated discussion.

Brian Wilson and Giants CEO Baer

Wilson was reportedly upset about not receiving the 2012 World Series ring he won with the Giants’ championship team last year. During the series he pitched in two games but was sidelined with an elbow injury). The pitcher took his post-game opportunity to confront Baer about not receiving his ring. Giants officials say they have tried several times to give Wilson his ring and did not receive a response to their calls.

“It’s disappointing. It’s unfortunate. It’s bizarre, really,” Giants communications VP Staci Slaughter said. “This organization really has tried to do the right thing and I don’t know where this is coming from. It wasn’t for a lack of effort on our part. Larry [Baer], [VP] Bobby [Evans], [Giants manager Bruce] Bochy — everybody has made an effort to reach out to him.”

But the story doesn’t quite end there: Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle covered the incident and passed on some more information through his Twitter account. In one tweet, Schulman notes that the Giants tried on Tuesday of this week to arrange a meeting with Wilson to present the ring, to which Wilson reportedly responded “just put it in my locker.”

Fan Steve Chandler, who was standing behind Baer, later sent Schulman a photo of the conversation and said that Wilson had also told Baer to stop using his images in Giants highlight videos, but Baer says it was all about the ring. The CEO wouldn’t elaborate on the matter any further, though, telling one reporter that the incident was simply “just a conversation between me and him.”

On Friday, Wilson stated “I got my ring,..It’s of no one’s concern. It was handled.”

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San Francisco Giants Fan Wins World Series Ring


Sometimes life finds a way to reward loyalty as a lieutenant with the San Francisco Fire Department, a U.S. Navy veteran and life-long Giants Fan, was declared the winner of the Giants ring raffle and received his authentic world championship ring.

San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Ring

As a boy growing up in San Francisco, Tony Rivera would get home from school, don his Giants hat and take to the streets of the Mission to play baseball with his friends. They would each take on a persona of a different Giants player, with Rivera always playing the role of John ‘The Count’ Montefusco, the Giants star pitcher and Rookie of the Year in 1975. He has been a fan ever since.

Sometimes life finds a way to reward loyalty as Rivera, a lieutenant with the San Francisco Fire Department, a U.S. Navy veteran and life-long Giants Fan, was declared the winner of the Giants ring raffle and received his authentic world championship ring at a ceremony on home plate at AT&T park Saturday.

“We were sitting down to dinner when I got the call,” Rivera said. At first he though his fellow firefighters were pulling a prank on him, but as he realized that he had indeed won a World Series ring, jubilation set in.

“I went from disbelief, to belief, and back to disbelief,” he said. “It was kind of unbelievable.”

The ring itself is a heavy, jewel encrusted thing that Rivera describes as a “Liberace starter-kit,” but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with it the night he brought it home.

But, to Rivera, it’s less about the ring itself and more about what it signifies.

“The ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry,” he said. “But I think of it as more of an heirloom that I can pass on to my kids and they can pass on to theirs. Honestly, it’s kind of emotional.”

But Rivera wasn’t the only winner to come out of the raffle. The Giants Community Fund netted more than $500,000 from the fundraiser. The non-profit arm of the Giants organization sponsors the Junior Giants, a program that provides uniforms, equipment and training for more than 20,000 children across California, Nevada and Oregon.

Though the Giants are going through a bit of a slump following two World Series victories in three years, Rivera hasn’t let the team’s struggles dampen his spirits.

“I grew up in an era when the Giants weren’t that good, but I’ve been with them through thick and thin,” he said. “I have other memorabilia, but the ring means so much to me and also my kids.”

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