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Say What? A Yankee fan finds and returns a Red Sox World Series Ring

July 28, 2014

This lost Red Sox World Series ring is back on the finger of its owner, thanks to an honest New York Yankees fan.

Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship Ring

Manhattan restaurant owner Luigi Militello found the beautiful 2013 World Series championship ring on the sink at his Luke’s Bar and Grill on Thursday evening.

It was the real thing, with diamonds and sapphires and rubies, set in 14-carat white gold, with the Red Sox emblem, a Boston Strong logo and an image of the team’s bearded ballplayers.

“I was like, geez, it’s big. Who would leave this here?” Militello told The Associated Press. “I’m a big Yankee fan. What are the chances of this happening?”

Drew Weber had dined at the restaurant earlier, it’s one of his favorite spots. He’s a New York businessman and also owns the Lowell Spinners, a thriving Red Sox Class A minor league team in Massachusetts.

Big league teams often reward executives throughout their organization with World Series rings. The Red Sox haven’t put a value on these pieces of jewelry — the rings they presented for winning the 2004 crown were worth about $30,000.

Weber said this was the first time he’d worn the ring outside.

“I went looking around my apartment and started having palpitations. Sweat was pouring off my forehead,” he told the AP. “I’m looking at my finger and it’s not there.”

Hoping against hope, Weber called Luke’s after midnight. Militello answered the phone and said, yep, he had the ring.

“But this being Yankees-Red Sox, I started razzing him. I told him he wasn’t getting it so easily. I was playing with him, a lot,” Militello said.

Said Weber: “I was like, ‘Who am I dealing with?’”

They quickly put aside their rooting interests, met the next day at the restaurant, returned the ring and spent 25 minutes talking baseball.

Militello was insistent that he wouldn’t accept any money. He tried to persuade Weber to call into a local sports radio show and disparage the Red Sox, but that didn’t work.

Instead, Weber and the Red Sox have invited Militello to make his first trip to Fenway Park for the regular-season finale on Sept. 28. That’s also scheduled to be the final game for retiring Yankees star Derek Jeter.

“Going for his send-off, that’s pretty great,” Militello said.

“He asked if he could wear his Yankees paraphernalia,” Weber said. “I couldn’t answer him.”

Weber also is making a contribution to a charity Militello chose that helps relief efforts for Superstorm Sandy damage on Fire Island.

Militello is enjoying the benefits from his find — he posted a picture of himself wearing the ring and enjoyed telling his story, to friends and to Scott Mandel, who runs the website that covers sports in New York and beyond.

Weber also liked how things turned out. He met a new pal, and now feels a little wiser, too.

“The ring and Drew Weber have learned their lesson,” he said. “That ring is going on no more road trips.”

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The Three Modern Day Red Sox Championship Rings

June 30, 2014

Jostens and the Boston Red Sox Teamed Up To Make A Trio Of Magnificent Championship World Series Rings.

Boston Red Sox World Series Championship Rings

Pictured above are the three recent World Series Championship Rings of the Boston Red Sox. What I admire most about these rings is how they are so similar in style and size. Most other teams that are fortunate to win multiple championships in a short time span, don’t have rings that look this similar to each other. Typically, their 2nd or 3rd rings are much larger than their first, and/or the designs take on a radically new look.

The first World Series Championship from 2004 is shown in the middle. Instead of making a ring in 10K or 14K gold, the Red Sox opted for more expensive 18K gold. While no one can argue that 18K gold is more money and more prestigious, the ring would be softer and much more susceptible to wear if regularly worn.

Hopefully, the players and staff that receive an 18K diamond studded ring will take great care of it. The ring came with magnificent wood presentation box and had “86 years and 10-27-04″ engraved on the inside (the day they won the world series).

The next championship ring, the 2007 version, is pictured on the left. This ring was made of 14K gold and will experience less wear over time than the softer, 18K, 2004 ring. Inside the ring are the engravings “Boston Red Sox” and “10-28-07″ (the day they captured the world series).

The third and final ring, from 2013 is similar in size to the first two rings (all three rings are very large rings, much larger than their arch rival New York Yankee rings). Perhaps these rings were rushed, but one thing missing on this ring is the Red Sox toe and ankle markings found on their logo and properly represented on the 2007 rings. This ring is a 4 carat white gold ring with 126 diamonds. Inscribed next to “10-30-14″ is an etched image of a beard with the words “Bearded Brothers” engraved above it.

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Red Sox Raffle Gives Fans A Chance To Win Three World Series Rings

April 23, 2014

Ever dream of owning a World Series ring from one of the Boston Red Sox’s three championships this decade? Well now you have a shot to own all three.

all 3 Boston Red Sox World Series Rings

The Grand Prize is a set of 2004, 2007, and 2013 World Series Rings; Second Prize is a Pair of 2013 World Series Rings; Third Prize is one 2013 World Series Ring.

Each ring will be personalized with the winner’s name.

The Red Sox Foundation will present a worldwide raffle of World Series rings for the next nine weeks. Raffle tickets, which start at $10 for 5 chances, are available online starting today, Wednesday, April 23, at 10 a.m. at The raffle will continue until Friday, June 27, at 11 a.m. . The raffle will continue until Friday, June 27, at 11 a.m.

“We are pleased to offer Red Sox fans the chance to have their own World Series Championship ring collection,” said Red Sox Foundation Honorary Chairman Tim Wakefield. “We hope fans around the world will participate in this unique opportunity which supports the Foundation’s efforts to help families throughout New England.”

Raffle tickets include more incentives with larger purchases.

The ring raffle will be run by, part of the Celebrities For Charity Foundation, and Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

Net proceeds from the raffle will help fund the award-winning programs of the Red Sox Foundation and help hundreds of charities throughout New England.

While this is the third time the Red Sox Foundation has conducted a World Series ring raffle, it is the first to be conducted nationally and worldwide. After World Series victories in 2004 and 2007, the foundation raised over $1.9 million and $1.3 million, respectively, for the raffle of the 2004 and 2007 World Series rings to individuals in Massachusetts.

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Pitcher Brayan Villarreal Gets World Series Ring After Just One Appearance for Red Sox

April 8, 2014 – By Matthew Reis

The One Appearance was a bust, but so what?

Brayan Villarreal World Series Ring

You’ve certainly heard of Major League pitchers, but what about Major League luck? Boston Red Sox Right Handed Relief Pitcher Brayan Villarreal has plenty of that for sure. Despite appearing in just one game for the BoSox during the 2013 championship season, he’s collecting his gaudy hardware. So what did Villarreal do to earn the title of World Series Champion alongside his teammates? He walked a batter and gave up the deciding run in a 3-2 loss.

Now one can say that the game Villarreal appeared in was of little importance to the Red Sox as a whole. The game in which he pitched took place on Tuesday, Aug. 20. It wasn’t a rivalry game vs. the New York Yankees, nor was it a battle for first place in the AL East against the eventual second place finisher Tampa Bay Rays. Rather it was against the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants.

But still when you’re called up to the big leagues, as Villarreal was the day before he came in for the relief appearance, you want to make a positive impression on the fans and clubhouse. Instead, Villarreal tossed dud after dud and wound up walking journeyman utility player Marco Scutaro. Ironically, just the a couple of years before the Giants game, Scutaro was himself a member of the Red Sox.

What exactly occurred in Villarreal’s short-lived career up until winning the 2013 World Series was hardly newsworthy. He got traded to the BoSox after a largely ineffective career in the minors and majors (with the Detroit Tigers.)

Yet, the Big Papi himself supported number 60′s limited contributions when asked about the little used player.

“Everybody who played on the ballclub last year did something to win a ballgame, so it’s well deserved,” Ortiz told ESPN Boston.

And what about the man himself? What does Villarreal think of his ring?

“Man, that was a pretty good experience,” Villarreal remarked. “It’s so good when you work hard and you see results, even though I didn’t play that much with them. I only got to pitch in one game. I’m so blessed I got traded to the right team, in the right moment, so I was just enjoying it.”

Good for him!

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David Ortiz Receives First-Ever World Series MVP Ring

April 7, 2014

Is this MVP World Series Ring a one-time-only presentation or the start of a new tradition, to be bestowed on MVP’s?

David Ortiz MVP World Series Ring

The Boston Red Sox presented David Ortiz with one final token of appreciation for his 2013 World Series dominance.

In addition to the championship ring each Red Sox player received Friday, Ortiz also was given a special World Series MVP ring. And let us tell you, it’s a sight to behold.

The 14-karat white gold piece of jewelry features the team’s hanging socks logo depicted in rubies on the front, along with a clear reminder that Ortiz was, in fact, the World Series MVP.

On one side is a rendering of Big Papi’s face, and on the other, a nod to his two previous championships (2004 and 2007).

Perhaps the best touch, though, is the printing of Ortiz’s astounding World Series statistics (11-for-16, two home runs, six RBIs in six games) on the inside of the ring.

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