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Another Super Bowl Ring Photobomb

November 21, 2014

Gee, if you are lucky enough to take a picture wearing a super bowl ring, could you conjure up a normal simile?

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring

The last couple of years, pictures of lucky individuals getting a rare chance to wear a championship ring have been popping up all over on Twitter.

Most of the photos are really cool, showing the recipient as happy as can be and sometimes even the famous ring owner appears in the photo.

These pictures help my sanity since it reminds me I’m not crazy to want to buy championship rings.

The photograph above, shows a girl wearing a Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring. She posted this photo on Twitter, and I am wondering if she and her friends regret their facial expressions.

Oh well, perhaps they will get another chance someday to be photographed with a championship ring.

Please remember, I don’t pose for Twitter with my championship rings, but I love to buy super bowl rings. If you have any championship ring to sell, please contact me.

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More Super Bowl Ring Photobombs!

October 27, 2014

When I saw this tweet, I couldn’t resist to blog about it:

New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring

We’ve seen people post pictures with rings upside down, or out of focus, or hilarious poses, and of course the huge championship ring hats, but here’s a new one: This Super Bowl ring fan snapped the photograph and posted a view of half the ring!

The half championship ring shown is the New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring back from the 2004 season. It was the Patriots third championship ring in four seasons and the last one the team has won.

To add insult to injury, the Twitter poster took a second photo, this time wearing the championship ring, however, the ring is so small, it’s difficult to see and appreciate the beauty of the super bowl ring.

To learn more about this ring, possibly the largest super bowl ring ever made, please use the search tool on the right

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Championship Ring Photo Bombs!

September 30, 2014

Part of my ongoing look at Super Bowl and Championship Ring Humor is this recent twitter photograph and post.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Ring Photo Bomb

Elisa is asking on twitter how the ring looks?

We see that the photographer didn’t say anything to her about the super bowl ring pose showing the championship ring being worn upside down.

I wonder if her followers will point out the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl ring would look a whole lot better if it wasn’t upside down!

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