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As The NFL Season Approaches, Fans Dream of New Championship Rings

September 3, 2015

This photo recently wound up on Twitter and reminds championship ring enthusiasts and football fans of what possibly lies ahead:

Super Bowl 50 championship ring

We’ve seen plenty of fan-designed championship rings show up on the internet, but this one is really good!

Perhaps the designer can work for a major ring manufacturer as some of their rings lately have been uninspiring.

This Super Bowl ring design, although heavily borrowed from the Eagles 2004 NFC championship ring, is a classy attempt to show what a future Eagles Super Bowl ring could look like.

In all probability, the Eagles would go with a little more bling and not have a team-colored green onyx center stone. But who could argue that this championship ring is not gorgeous?

The one large marquise football shaped diamond would be symbolic of the team’s first Super Bowl championship (still yet to be won).

Good luck to all the teams, and their fans and just think, in five short months, we’ll know which NFL team will be awarded a very special, Super Bowl 50 championship ring.

Please remember, I buy real championship rings, so if you have one, please let me know if we can do a deal.

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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl XV

March 30, 2015

Continuing my blog on the two championship rings from every Super Bowl, here’s the next beautiful pair; an inside look at the two championship rings from Super Bowl XV.

Super Bowl XV Rings - Oakland Raiders

As I’ve written so many times, please accept my apologies that the above photo contains my website address. If I didn’t place this in the picture, other web sites would lift my photos and those eBay sellers who make the incredibly cheap replicas in China that don’t look as realistic as true authentic championship rings, will use the photos to claim the pictures are of their replica championship rings!

Almost every picture I use on this blog series of the two championship rings are from my very own personal championship ring collection. As you know, these rings are extremely rare in the hobby place and are rarely (or perhaps never) photographed in pairs from the specific Super Bowls. So once again, please excuse my effort to keep these photos from being misused. When I do use a picture found on the internet, I promise, I won’t place my website over the picture.

The ring on the left is the Oakland Raiders second winning Super Bowl Ring from their 1980 season. No team has made the effort the Raiders have to keep their championship ring theme the same over the decades since the Super Bowl started. I’ve detailed in past blogs how the Raiders championship rings remain the same style – you can search for these blogs using the tools on the right to see additional stories and examples of Raider championship rings.

Designed and manufactured by Lenox (who eventually was sold to Jostens) in 14K solid white gold, the ring contains two large diamonds to celebrate their two super bowl victories. The ring also contains quite a few smaller diamonds, and weighs approximately 46 grams.

Like so many other winning Super Bowl rings, the Raiders Super Bowl XV ring is extremely rare and in high demand by Raider fans and highly coveted by championship ring collectors. Only one player ring has been sold publicly, HOF punter Ray Guy’s ring – it sold for $55,152.00. A few others have been sold privately.

In a tradition that continues to this day, the team that loses the Super Bowl is recognized as a champion of their respective conference. The Eagles NFC championship ring shown above lacked the dazzle that was becoming so prevalent with championship rings, however, no one could argue the ring is a beautiful and classic design.

There have been quite a few “salesman sample” rings that have hit the market. I am not sure if they are all real. A couple of real rings have sold publicly; a front office ring in the $5,000 range, and a player’s ring for $6,600.00.

The Eagles 1980 NFC ring was made by Jostens, in 10K yellow gold and weighs 44 grams.

As always, don’t forget, I buy super bowl rings and buy championship rings as well, so definitely let me know if you have a championship ring you want to sell.

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The Return of Super Bowl Ring Humor

March 9, 2015

How timely is this tweet? No NFL team has made more off season moves this month than the Philadelphia Eagles. Are they getting closer to finally getting a Super Bowl ring?

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl ring

I’ve seen this photo before, it’s made the rounds on Twitter for months. I’m not piling on the Eagles, so Philly fans, please don’t need to make me a pubic enemy #1.   I’m just here to blog about Championship rings.

Has Chip Kelly has gone from “mad genius” to just flat out mad? Time will tell, my gut feeling tells me that many of these moves will back-fire. With the signing of quarterback Mark Sanchez, and the poorly kept secret of their interest in quarterback Marcus Mariota, things are only going to get more interesting.

Hats off the person who photo-shopped this Super Bowl ring. Hopefully someday the Eagles can actually win a Super Bowl ring.

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The World Championship Rings of The Philadelphia Eagles

December 7, 2014

Recently this tweet appeared – the problem is that the person who posted it got his facts all wrong.

Philadelphia Eagles Championship rings

There’s a lot of teasing on the internet these days about the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles have never won a super bowl and lack any super bowl rings.

Although they appeared in Super Bowls XV and XXXIX, both times they came away without a victory.

Here, Big Pillz thought it would be a good idea to show that the image he found, had the facts all wrong. Big Pillz erroneously believed that the their three championship rings shown are NFC rings. Next, he claims they are “not the one we know today” (whatever does that mean?).

The image does show the three World Championship rings (also known as NFL championship rings the Eagles have won).

An interesting note is that the 1949 ring is identical to the 1948 ring except for an updated reference to the year that appears on the side of the ring.

You can’t blame the Eagles for the fact that the NFL had fewer teams back then; they won the championships in 1948 and 1949 and were truly World Champions of Professional Football.

I guess Big Pillz can make an argument that in 1960, a brand new league called the American Football League debuted. The Houston Oilers won the 1960 AFL championship during their inaugural season. Their championship rings say A.F.L. Champions by the way.

Anyone who knows their football history wouldn’t believe for a moment that the upstart 1960 Oilers would be a superior team to the 1960 “World Champion” Eagles, so there should be no issue with the 1960 “World Champion” Eagles or their 1960 NFL Championship ring.

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Super Bowl Ring Humor – This Time at the Eagles Expense

October 9, 2014

“License Plate Guy”, a super-fan icon of the New York Giants caused a stir this week in the New York media with his Eagles Jersey:

no superbowl rings, but two nfc championship rings

Just in time for the big Sunday Match-up of the Eagles and Giants, the New York media picked up on this story about “License Plate Guy” posing with two Giants – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Prince Amukamara during an autograph singing appearance this week.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been to the super bowl twice – each time coming away with a loss and an NFC Championship Ring. Here’s a little information about each ring shown above:

The ring on the left is from 1980 season when the Eagles lost to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV. The ring is 44 grams in weight and made of 10K yellow gold by Jostens. Although the ring is not covered in bling, it is a classic and elegant championship ring and highly desirable for it’s good looks.

The championship ring on the right is from the Eagles second Super Bowl appearance, during the 2004 season. The Eagles lost to Tom Brady and the Patriots in a close game. The ring was also made by Jostens and was upgraded to 14K white gold and weighed in at 69 grams (this ring is over 50% heavier than their first championship ring).

Terrell Owens’ did a very special thing with his 2004 NFC championship ring; he sold it on eBay for $48,200 to raise money toward Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

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