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8 Year Old Boy Finds 1946 Stanley Cup Ring?

August 10, 2014

Anthony Theriault, from New Brunswick Canada may have found an interesting treasure while out for a swim – Elmer Lach’s 1946 Stanley Cup ring.

1946 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Ring

Anthony Theriault scooped up the championship ring from the bottom of the Restigouche River near the town of Tide Head two weeks ago.

The large, gold-colored ring bears the initials and jersey number of the 96-year-old Montreal Canadiens legend, along with an engraving of the team’s logo and the year 1945-46,

How did a piece of history end up in a Maritimes river 68 years later?

It looks like the NHL championship ring is likely a replica.

“I’ve never been there in my life!” Lach told QMI Agency when he learned where the ring was found.

Lach’s stepdaughter, Denise Morel, said the former Habs centre had four Cup rings however one was lost.

But the one Theriault found appears to have a modern design and it’s identical to a replica sold by Pristine Auction. Another auction company, Classic Auctions, sold a ring in 2012 billed as Bob Fillion’s original Cup ring from the same season. That ring doesn’t resemble the one the boy found.

L’Acadie Nouvelle, which originally published the discovery, reports a man contacted the French newspaper claiming it was a replica he bought for $90 at the Bell Centre. He provided a photo of him wearing the ring and said he lent it to a friend who lost it in the river while swimming. He also claimed to have reached out to an acquaintance of the Theriault family to let them know they can keep the ring.

Montreal Gazette columnist Dave Stubbs said Saturday he received an email from a reader who claims the ring is a replica worth $100 that was dropped into the Restigouche by a friend.

The Theriault family is in the process of authenticating the ring, but early signs point to it being a $90.00 – $100.00 replica.

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Scotty Bowman Owns 22 Championship Rings

Kelly Masse is the Director of Corporate and Media Relations at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Recently she twitted a photo of Scoty Bowman’s ring collection.

Scotty Bowman Stanley Cup and Championship Rings

Scotty Bowman has thirty years of NHL experience behind him holding records such as 1,244 regular season victories, 223 playoff wins, and a career win total of 1,467 games. All that winning came with hardware.

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