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The New Seattle Seahawks NFC Championship Ring Debuts (Sort of)

June 24, 2015

With absolutely zero fanfare and media coverage, here’s what the Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship ring looks like:

Seattle Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship ring

This photo appeared on Twitter yesterday and shows the newest NFC Championship ring.

The team that looses the Super Bowl is awarded an NFC or AFC championship ring, while the winning team of the big game, gets a larger and more blinged-out Super Bowl ring.

With no details to be found anywhere on the internet, we can surmise that the ring was made by Tiffany and Company. We know this because the picture of the wood championship ring box, is clearly Tiffany’s standard presentation box offering.

While the Tiffany presentation box is usually made in wood and then stained, the Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl ring box was painted in Seattle’s team color, and so is the new box.

We don’t know the size of the Seahawks championship ring, and we don’t know the gold content or how much it weighs.

Hopefully I will find those details out shortly and pass them along (with hopefully better photographs) to readers of this championship ring blog.

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Championship Sunday is Finally Here!

January 18, 2015

Late this evening, football fans will finally know who’s playing in Super Bowl XLIX.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Super Bowl Rings

While tens of thousands of fans will be hoping their name is called in their team’s season ticket lottery, or looking into a last minute trip to Phoenix and searching Stubhub for game tickets, I will be dreaming of two more Super Bowl rings that will need to be added to my championship ring collection.

The photograph above shows the last four teams currently standing in the NFL playoff picture, and each team’s last winning Super Bowl ring. Half of the teams represented above will be receiving a new championship ring next spring or summer, while the other half go home with no championship ring and lots of disappointment.

The winner of Super Bowl XLIX will receive a large, diamond-filled Super Bowl championship ring. The losing team will receive a smaller AFC or NFC championship ring (that some championship ring enthusiasts refer to as a Super Bowl losing ring).

Please follow my blog for the next two weeks and count down with me the 14 long days until the next NFL playoff game. I promise lots of great stories and rare pictures of championship rings.

Next Sunday Phoenix will host the Pro Bowl, but really, is that even considered a football game?

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San Francisco 49ers To Raffle An Authentic 2012 NFC Championship Ring

Here’s you chance to win authentic ring, just like Colin Kaepernick’s.

San Francisco 49ers Authentic NFC 2012 Championship Ring

An extremly lucky San Francisco 49ers fan will win the exact same NFC championship ring awarded to players from last year’s Super Bowl losing team.

The 49ers announced this week that they will hold a NFC championship ring raffle to benefit the 49ers Foundation Charity. Fans can buy five tickets for $10 to get a chance to win an authentic Tiffany and Co. ring that will come with the winner’s name and all the same features as the ones Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith were awarded.

The winner will be announced Oct. 1 and given the ring at a ceremony before an Oct. 13 home game against the Arizona Cardinals. Even better, the team will provide a cash prize to mitigate the winner’s tax liability resulting from winning the raffle and complete travel accommodations will be provided as well.

With the money going to charity, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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Fake Salesman Samples Are Abundant on Ebay

An unsuspecting buyer purchased what he thought was a real salesman-sample NFC Championship ring and put it on ebay…..Then he got an earful from me.

Fake NFC Championship 1972 Super Bowl VII Salesman Sample Washington Redskins Ring

There’s a guy in the Philadelphia area who single handedly ruined the salesman ring sample market place. Literally all by himself.

Salesman sample rings used to be rings that were made by ring manufacturer’s and sold to salesmen in the field.

Jostens and Balfour employ hundreds of salespeople throughout the country. Most of these salespeople visit High Schools and Colleges and sell class rings. They buy rings from the manufacturers because showing a little bling never hurts when trying to impress potential customers. The sales people are not supposed to resell the rings, and the manufactures will usually allow them to return the rings for credit or refund.

Sometimes a real salesman sample ring will fall into the market place and in the old days they would go for a lot of money. More and more of the rings in the market place today are fake, and the guy in the Philly area has sold dozens (or perhaps hundreds of fake rings). To add insult to injury, “Irv”, has his fakes engraved with “Balfour” or “Jostens” or the famous “J” logo inside the ring.

This week on ebay, a 1972 NFC Championship Ring appeared. The seller claimed it was a real salesman sample. I contacted him to politely inform him it was not real. At first, he was insulted and sure it was a real ring. “Hey, the ring has a stamp inside that it was made for Jenkins.” The only problem with the ring was that it was not real, Jenkins was not authorized to make the ring, Jostens was.

Furthermore, the ring was too light to be the same size as a real ring and the Indian head has much less detail than a real ring, and the pony tail and shape of the hair-part were quite different. You will notice on the real ring, the hair-part is straight and it’s curved on the fake ring. On the real ring, the pony-tail has a lot of detail, while the fake ring has virtually none. The fake ring was probably made using a wax-mold process where a real ring was used and a wax mold was made. Typically this process results in a fake ring that’s 20% smaller than the original. After speaking with the seller, it was apparent that the difference in weight from the real ring to the fake ring was about 20%!

The seller refused to remove the word “Salesman sample” from the auction and disbelieved everything I told him. Finally I told him I would buy the ring on ebay using paypal and American Express. I own a real ring so a side by side comparison will clearly show it’s a fake ring. If I prove it’s fake I will alert American Express that the seller committed fraud and to please get my money back from Paypal. In the past American Express has done this and forced paypal to take the money back from the seller. I told him I would send the ring to the NFL or Jostens and he would lose his money and the ring. He finally backed down and agreed to take the words “Salesman Sample” out of the auction.

Folks, please don’t get fooled by salesman samples rings. I have never seen a real “Jeter” Yankee Ring salesman sample and I have never seen a real 1950′s or 1960′s Yankee salesman sample ring. I have seen plenty of fakes. Someday, I hope to write in detail about Irv and his fake Yankee rings.

Irv, if you are reading this, I encourage you to sue me for slander or defamation of character. Go ahead. I look forward to the discovery process where my lawyer(s) can ask away and get to the truth about all the rings you acquired, and how you sold them to unsuspecting victims.

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