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Boy Was I Wrong About the 2009 Yankees World Series Ring

February 22, 2015

While thrilled the Yankees won the 2009 World Series, as an obsessed championship ring collector, I worried, how was I going to acquire a 2009 ring?

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Picture of 2009 Yankees World Series Ring

You’d never know I was a Yankee fan, or a baseball fan, or a hockey fan, judging by all the blogs I write about football championship rings.

Yes, I am a Yankee fan, and in fact, I collect World Series Rings too, specifically, ones from New York Baseball. That would include World Series rings and American and National league championship rings from the Yankees, Mets, Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants baseball teams.

When the Yankees ended their 9 year doubt, and won the 2009 World Series, as a championship ring collector I was very worried. Back in 2000, the last time the Yankees awarded World Series rings, George Steinbrenner was very angry that employees put their championship rings up for sale. As a result he scaled back tremendously on who was given a World Series ring.

The 2000 Yankee World Series rings are very rare. They were only given to players, coaches, a few scouts and a few high level executives. If you research what a 2000 Yankee World Series ring sells for versus a 1996 or 1998 version you will see a huge difference in price.

Luckily I was wrong – The Steinbrenner family (specifically George’s two sons and daughter) were more hands on running the organization and deiced to give the same ring to many employees. In fact, since the player’s rings did not contain their jersey number, the rings are 100% identical to the rings that employees received. That means that each ring contains the same amount of real diamonds, the same engravings, and the same size and weight. The only difference is the players received a special wood and glass presentation box.

I have researched the 30 or so 2009 World Series rings that have hit the market place. They were from sales executives, scouts, front office people, security staff and ball park operations personnel. Executives of the minor league teams and various levels of people within the organization were awarded these rings. Players were also given the option to buy additional rings to give to family and friends.

Want a 2009 Yankee world series ring? It seems there is always one for sale or coming up in auction.

Please remember I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring, please let me know.

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More Fake Yankee Championship Rings Show Up at Auction

February 11, 2015

I was alerted to the two fake Yankee rings currently in the Legendary Auction by someone on the championship ring forum.

fake Yankee World Series rings
fake Yankee World Series rings

The two World series rings are obvious fakes. The easiest way to tell is to look at the stars in the lower part of the top-hat on both sets of rings. The real rings show the stars in detail, while one fake ring’s stars is terrible quality and the other fake ring has no stars.

When I emailed Legendary about this matter, and included the above two pictures, plus pictures of bad engraving examples that match their rings, I received an email from Doug Allen:

“Hey Michael,

I discussed these rings with the consignor. He has documentation that the 58 was purchased from a Balfour sales rep in May of 1995 and the 1964 was purchased from a sales rep in Sept of 1997. This was added to the site.



Doug Allen, President & CEO”

Auction houses take in consignments and sometimes a fake item will be consigned. Most auction houses, when provided with evidence that an item is no good will do the right thing and take the bad items out of the auction.

In this case, Doug had decided to leave the items in the auction. For those of you not familiar with Doug Allen, and his former associate, Bill Mastro, I suggest you google their names. According to the New York Daily News – Allen has pleaded guilty for his role on sports memorabilia fraud. A grand jury indicted him on 14 counts of fraud in July 2012 and he is facing 12 years of prison time.

Just because the consigner says it was purchased from a Balfour sales rep does not make these rings real.

I have contacted an executive from Balfour who will be looking into this matter, and furthermore, Dennis, a member of has provided me with contact information for the Northern Illinois DA’s office. I will be reaching out to the DA too.

I will let the readers know how this story unfolds.

Please remember, I buy real World Series Rings, and buy championship rings. If you are looking to sell your championship ring, please let me know.

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Yankees’ Radio Announcer John Sterling Loses Yankee World Series Rings in Fire

January 23, 2015

Sterling, the legendary voice to several generations of Yankees fans, lost almost everything he owned, but luckily he and everyone else in the apartment building were unharmed.

John Sterling and his World Series Rings

The New York Yankees’ radio voice for every inning of every game since 1989, (yes, you read that correctly), is grateful for the huge outpouring he’s received after the massive fire displaced nearly 1,000 residents of the complex in Edgewater NJ.

“I have to replace things, but I’m fine,” Sterling said. “I’m very lucky, very fortunate. I realize that.”

Sterling spent much of Thursday purchasing clothes and essentials and receiving phone calls.

Gone, along with almost everything Sterling owned, were his World Series rings and American League championship rings (the first six rings shown below from left to right). One World Series ring remained, the 2009 ring, which he was wearing (shown below on the far right).

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

New York Yankee Championship rings

“I will say this; you can replace those, I guess,” Sterling said. “I’m not a possession-oriented person.”

Typically when something like this happens, the professional sports team will have the ring manufacturing company create replacement rings. In this instance, Balfour made every single ring shown above and the new ones will look identical to the lost championship rings.

Sterling has heard from “everyone” associated with the Yankees, from club president Randy Levine to traveling secretary Ben Tuliebitz to the security and media relations staff.

Clubhouse manager Lou Cucuzza Jr. is sending supplies to Sterling’s hotel room, his new temporary home.

“You never think of this – no one ever thinks it will ever happen to them,” Sterling said. “I didn’t have anything. I was wearing sneakers and jeans at the time.”

While this is extremely traumatic to the 1,000 people who lost their home, Sterling remained upbeat and thankful for the comforts he possesses — such as the handful of music CDs and tapes that were in his car trunk – and an abundance of friends wanting to help.

As Sterling mentioned, there are so many people thrust in similar situations who are far worse off.

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The Latest Championship Ring Acquisition – Starting out 2015 on the Right Foot

January 5, 2015

Not sure why, but January is always an active month for me in my Championship Ring acquisitions quest. 2015 is already off to a good start:

1964 Yankees American League Championship Ring

I had been speaking to a particular sports agent (who is also a memorabilia collector), on and off for several months regarding an old-time Yankee player’s 1964 American League Championship ring.

The ring was coming with a signed letter from the player, plus I knew of the agent and his long-standing relationship with the player.

The agent wanted a lot of money for the ring, as the player was a well-known name and a solid contributor to the 1964 regular season and World Series.

The negotiating price was starting to head in an area I felt comfortable, however, the agent was very difficult to deal with. I can be stubborn and difficult myself, so the two of us and our negotiating tactics were not a good recipe for success in being able to finalize the deal.

Midway through December, I said “the heck with this deal, it’s not worth the aggravation”, since every time I would look at the ring I would be reminded of how difficult and unpleasant the negotiations were. The negotiations would ruin the ring for me and one thing I have learned over the years as a collector is that if you don’t get a particular ring, there will always be another one from the same team and year down the road.

However, another lesson I learned over the years in business is that you need to put aside your feelings and for the betterment of your situation, proceed in the negotiation process.

Luckily for me, the agent continued to reach out to me, and we patched up our relationship and made the deal. Besides getting a great ring, I am glad that we were able to improve our relationship. As a result of the improved relationship, I believe there will be more deals with this agent, and that’s good for both of us.

The Yankee American League championship ring pictured above was made by Balfour and was the last appearance the Yankees would have in the World Series for 12 years (they returned in 1976).

The 1964 Yankee season was managed by Yogi Berra and the team lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in 7 games of the World Series that season.

I buy championship rings and I buy World Series Rings. If you want to sell your Championship Ring, please give me a call.

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Whitey Ford World Series Ring on eBay Not Authentic

November 30, 2014

A Yankee 1978 World Series Ring with “Whitey Ford” engraved inside the ring is being offered on eBay for $17,999. Here’s what you should know about it:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Whitey Ford 1978 Yankee World Series Ring

Pictured above: The top photos is the bogus Whitey Ford ring on ebay, below is an authentic 1978 Yankees World Series ring.

Don’t buy this championship ring – it’s not an authentic 1978 Yankee World Series ring.

In fact, if you are ever offered a Whitey Ford championship ring, or a Cliff Johnson World Series ring be very careful.

Both of these former Yankee players are notorious for selling their rings over and over again and many of their rings were remade and not by Balfour. Balfour has been making authentic Yankee world series rings since the early 1950s.

Here’s why the Whitey Ford World Series ring shown above is not authentic:

The top of the ring is very different from the authentic championship ring shown directly below it. Notice the small diamonds going around the authentic ring are spaced further apart in the real ring. This is how the 1978 World Series ring was designed. Further, the square piece designed to house the diamond is completely wrong and the diamond in the Ford world series ring is much smaller than the diamond that is supposed to be found on the ring.

The side of the world series rings look identical and I can not spot any huge differences, but perhaps the Yankees “freeze” for “facade” looks cleaner on the authentic ring on the bottom (especially near the top).

The engraving inside the ring is another major clue that the eBay Yankee World Series ring is not authentic. Although the authentic World Series ring pictured below has “Greatest come back in history” engraved in it and it looks amateurish, that is how every authentic Yankee ring was engraved – the exact same style and font. If you think I am wrong, research all the 1978 Yankee rings that have sold at major auction houses and you will see they all look this way.

Besides the Whitey Ford ring having the wrong engraving style on that phrase, the “LGB 14K” engraving looks completely wrong and the name “Whitey Ford” looks like it was engraved at a later time since it is a different style, different depth, and is on a different angle than the rest of the engraving.

If you buy this World Series ring you will someday be sorry, so my recommendation is to stay away.

Please note, I buy World Series rings and Super Bowl rings and other championship rings. If you are looking to sell any championship rings please contact me.

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