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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl XXI

May 18, 2015

Continuing my blogs about the specific pairs of championship rings from every single Super Bowl, here’s the next special pair: an in-depth examination of the two championship rings from Super Bowl XXI.

Super Bowl XXI Championship rings

First, I need to apologize that the championship ring picture contains my web-site address. If I didn’t add it to the picture, other web sites would “steal” my photos, especially those eBay sellers who pop up and make the cheap replicas in China. Championship ring collectors often ask why in the world does Jostens, Balfour, and Tiffany allow this? No one seems to know why.

The fakes and replicas don’t look anywhere near as good as authentic championship rings. These “sellers” showcase pictures of authentic championship rings and then have the nerve to claim that the pictures are of their actual replica championship rings!

Almost every picture in my superbowl ring series is photographed from my very own personal championship ring collection. As readers of this blog know, these rings are pretty darn rare and just a fraction of championship rings ever wind up in the hobby. That means they are seldom (or often never) photographed in pairs from the specific historic Super Bowl games that I’m blogging about.

So, please forgive my desire to keep these photos from being misused. When I do post images that are found on the internet, I promise, I won’t place my web-site address in the image.

The ring on the left is the New York Giants Super Bowl Ring from their 1986 season. Unlike the two Super Bowl rings preceding this example, the Giants ring contains less bling but more elegance.   This is the first Super Bowl ring where the Lombardi trophy has such a prominent role in the championship ring and it’s a perfect theme for the Giant’s first Lombardi trophy.

A large football shaped, marquise diamond is featured in the Lombardi trophy and 9 smaller diamonds complete the trophy.

The Giants Super Bowl XXI ring shown above, was designed and manufactured by Jostens in 10K solid yellow gold. The ring weighs in at approximately 45 grams.

Like so many other winning Super Bowl rings, the Giants Super Bowl XXI ring is extremely rare and in high demand by loyal Giant fans and highly coveted by championship ring collectors. I only know of two player rings that have sold publicly and both were sold around 10 and 13 years respectively. Both rings sold slightly above 18,500. Since the time of the transactions, championship ring prices have climbed and you can expect the next Super Bowl XXI ring at auction to sell for considerably more.

In a tradition that continues to this day, the team that loses the Super Bowl is recognized as a champion of their respective conference. The Denver Broncos 1986 AFC championship ring shown above weighed in at 44 grams. It contains 13 diamonds and the “A” stands for “AFC” champions. While there is no NFC championship ring with an “N”, the Buffalo Bills went on to make another AFC championship ring with an “A” featured in diamonds.

The player ring shown above was sold to me privately. I know of only one player ring that sold at auction – in 2014. That ring sold for $4,780.00.

The Broncos AFC championship rings were designed by Jostens in 10K yellow gold.

With Jostens making both of these championship rings, and both teams choosing a blue onyx stone, it appears that the stone color is identical in the two rings. This is the first example where both championship rings from the same season match. I love this photo since I was able to match the blue type and the rings look identical in gold and blue coloring. Four seasons later, the Giants went with a slightly lighter blue stone and the Bills (also a team that has blue in their official colors, opted to go with a red stone).

Please know that I buy super bowl rings and buy championship rings as well. So reach out and let me know if you have a championship ring you want to sell.

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While Buying Two Giants Super Bowl Rings This Week I Learned a Really Cool Secret

December 2, 2014

An amazing 7 days for me, I purchased a New York Giants player Super Bowl XLVI ring and then a few days later purchased his teammate’s XLII and XLVI championship rings.

New York Giants super bowl rings box

While good weeks like this come and go, and are probably a little boring to report to the readers of this championship ring blog, I was able to confirm an interesting tidbit about Super Bowl ring presentation boxes. Because players are close with other players and those relationships span many teams, what I am about to report may be an upcoming trend; and championship ring collectors should take notice:

The player revealed to me this week that because he had won both Giant Super Bowl rings, he and the other teammates that accomplished the same feat received the standard Tiffany Wood Presentation box, but they also received an additional championship ring box designed to hold both rings.

The player gave me a choice whether to purchase the duel championship ring box or the two original super bowl ring boxes. I wound up purchasing all three boxes.

As I mentioned above, this could be the start of a new trend – players in the future may be receiving additional championship ring boxes to house multiple championship rings when they are fortunate enough to earn multiple championship rings with the same team.

Please know, I buy championship rings. If you have any championship rings you are looking to sell, please get in touch with me.

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Ottis Anderson, The Modified Super Bowl Ring, and a Photobomb All Together!

November 22, 2014

I blogged only a few days ago about Ottis Anderson and his modified Giants Super Bowl XXI ring, and in another blog, discussed recent Photobombs. Look at the photo that just appeared on Twitter!

New York Giant Super Bowl Rings

A couple of days ago (scroll down the page or use the search button on the right) we showed a close up of Bart Oates Giants Super Bowl XXI ring and how he modified it to increase the bling on the ring. I mentioned that his teammate, Ottis Anderson did the same thing to his Super bowl XXI ring.

Here in the photograph you can see New York Giants fan Natalie, modeling the modified super bowl XXI ring.

And, we can classify Natalie’s tweet as another Super Bowl ring photobomb!

My advise to those lucky fans who get to wear championship rings with the players who won them, and then post it on twitter – please be sure to identify the ring properly. Natalie tweets that she’s wearing Ottis Anderson’s Super Bowl XXV ring, when in fact she is wearing the Super Bowl XXI ring.

Perhaps she slipped because she really wanted to wear the Super Bowl XXV ring – Ottis was named MVP of Super Bowl XXV and the NFL Films story of him and that super bowl game is absolutely must-watch television.

Another theory is perhaps Natalie, like the rest of us, is a hard-core fan of super bowl rings and championship rings and just got confused since the Super Bowl XXI ring she is wearing was so heavily modified.

Please remember, if you want to sell any championship rings, I will buy them. My favorite, thing to buy is Super bowl rings (and I buy AFC/NFC championship rings too).

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The Giants Super Bowl XXI Ring – More Examples of Championship Ring Modifications

November 20, 2014

Here’s a photo of a before-and-after Championship ring modification. The ring on the right is what the Super Bowl ring looked like when presented back in 1987.

New York Giants Super Bowl XXI Ring

The changes are striking – the blue onyx stone has been replaced with more than two dozen diamonds to create a lot more bling.

Astute posters on a sports forum correctly pointed out that the large center ring mount looks like it was replaced too and there is a new diamond pattern found inside the Lombardi trophy.

The ring on the left, (the picture found on the internet) belongs to Giants center, Bart Oates. Having met running back and New York Giant Super Bowl XXV MVP, Ottis Anderson, I can tell you that he did the same modification to his Super Bowl XXI ring too. I have been lucky enough to meet quite a few Giants from this super bowl and can report that most did not make this modification to their Super Bowl rings.

I’m not sure how the readers of this championship ring blog feel, but I like the simple beauty of the original ring better.

Please remember I love to buy Super Bowl rings and I also buy most championship rings. If you are looking to sell a Super Bowl ring or championship ring, please contact me.

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Here’s the Championship Ring Michael Strahan Received At Halftime of the Giants Game

November 4, 2014

Michael Strahan and the rest of the 2014 class received championship style rings to commemorate their Pro Football Hall of Fame induction:

Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring

The legendary defensive end and now a media darling, received his Hall of Fame championship ring during the Giants’ Monday Night Football matchup with the Indianapolis Colts.

The presentation went better than the game as the Giants lost to Andrew Luck and the Colts, 40 – 24.

Strahan, is the Giants all-time leader in sacks, having accumulated 141.5 of them. He was inducted into the Hall this summer.

Here are some details about the Hall of Fame Championship Ring:

• The diamonds total 1.75 carats
• It is built around a blue gemstone
• Each inductee has a special engraving on the inside of their ring
• The ring is provided by Kay Jewelers

The Pro Football Hall of Fame championship ring has recently gone through a big upgrade. Older rings were not as large and did not contain diamonds. In a controversial move, the Hall of Fame has offered previous Hall of Fame inductees the chance to purchase   the new style championship rings.

Perhaps the NFL or Hall of Fame should have just presented the new style championship rings to the legends who helped to build the NFL and football into what its become today.

Among those that presented the ring to Strahan were fellow Hall of Fame legends, Frank Gifford, Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson.

They weren’t the only Giants in attendance, around 100 former Giants were at MetLife Stadium, including approximately 40 of Strahan’s former teammates.

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