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Final Four Championship Rings is a Trend We Can Do Without

July 29, 2014

Wisconsin received their final four rings this week for participating in the 2014 NCAA College Basketball Championship.

2014 NCAA Final Four Wisconsin Championship Ring

Will Colleges be handing out elite eight or sweet 16 rings soon?

Here’s the main reason we are seeing more and more college championship rings made that are not true National Champions rings: Colleges are under pressure more than ever to recruit high school star players to their programs.

When coaches visit with potential recruits they like to show a lot of championship ring bling.

College sports rings cost so little to produce since they are no longer made of solid gold and were never made with real diamonds. The lack of gold and diamonds is because of strict NCAA guidelines.

I’m wondering when we will see the emergence of elite eight or sweet 16 championship rings? Heck, why even stop there, how about every team participating in all NCAA tournaments receive championship rings?

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Charles Russell reunited with SEC championship ring

June 12, 2014

Charles “Boonie” Russell’s 1974 SEC Championship ring, earned during his time at the University of Alabama, was returned to him by Martha Ann Wyatt after it was pawned off nearly 40 years ago.

sec University of Alabama championship ring

More than 30 years ago, a pal of Russell’s sold the 1974 ring to a pawnshop. The two had planned to return for the ring later, but before that happened, Russell headed to Mexico to play basketball. He ended up making a career out of it, spending 20 seasons playing internationally.

Russell said he didn’t think too much about that championship ring since he still had his 1975 SEC Championship ring.

“It was pretty much forgotten after the first few years since I was in a different country,” Russell said. “As time passed, it was like it had never really existed. It’s hard to live in one country and be in another, so it didn’t really cross my mind.”

While Russell was playing in Central and South America, a new owner found his ring.

Martha Ann Wyatt of Coaling, Ala. had been a lifelong fan of Alabama basketball. When her friend asked her if she was interested in a 1974 Alabama SEC Championship ring from a local pawnshop, she gladly took it, paying a measly $50.

Wyatt cherished the ring, keeping it in a homemade display case among her other Alabama memorabilia, but she had always intended to give the ring back if and when she had the opportunity.

Russell said he was lucky for it to have been bought by such a caring fan.

“It was a great surprise, but I considered it more hers than mine,” Russell said. “She had been taking care of it for almost 40 years. I just had it a few, but she wouldn’t hear of not giving it back.”

That opportunity came in March when Alabama played Auburn and recognized the 1974 team on the 40th anniversary of their SEC championship season. Both Wyatt and Russell were in attendance.

Wyatt approached Russell and told him she had his ring. He was shocked and excited to get to see the championship ring again.

Wyatt scheduled a time for them to get together and return the ring.

Russell and Wyatt were finally able to meet at Wyatt’s home in Coaling on May 13, Russell’s 61st birthday.

Wyatt’s care for the ring and its significance ensured a special birthday for Russell.

“Getting to see the ring would have been special on any day of the week, but it did make a nice birthday present,” Russell said. “It being my birthday didn’t make her giving it back special. There are special people in the world that do special things. She’s a real sweet young lady.”

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How much is a college championship ring worth?

April 9, 2014 – by Adriene Hill

Connecticut beat Kentucky and the winning players will soon receive a championship ring similar to the one show here:

Connecticut NCAA National Championship Basketball Ring

Pretty fancy, right? Turns out those rings look a lot more expensive than they actually are. Student-athletes who win championships can only receive $415 worth of gifts for the victory, per NCAA rules. (They are allowed additional gifts for participating in post season conference events and for winning their conference championship.)

According to USA Today, Jostens, the company that likely made your high school graduation ring, makes these college championship rings. In 2013, USA Today spoke to Chris Poitras, from Jostens sport division:

“In the last 5-10 years, the increase in gold and genuine diamond prices has pretty much priced gold and diamonds out of the scenario for college rings,” Poitras said.

Instead, the rings are decked out in “simulated colored non-genuine stones” and “metals that look exactly the same [as gold], but cost considerably less.”

Just becuase the rings aren’t made of actual diamonds and gold doesn’t make them cheap for the schools. According to, after Auburn’s football team won the national football championship the school “spent the $75,000-$80,000 for one set of the national championship rings and the SEC title ring, which was slightly less than what was allowed by the NCAA.”

Note: The Auburn-designed national championship ring that went to the players and coaches cost $415 each, the exact amount allowed by the NCAA. The SEC championship ring cost $285 each, under the $315 allowed by the NCAA.

Let’s say you are one of the student athletes lucky and talented enough to earn a ring. You can’t sell it. According to the NCAA rulebook: “awards received for intercollegiate athletics participation may not be sold, exchanged or assigned for another item of value, even if the student-athlete’s name or picture does not appear on the award.”

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The NCAA Basketball Champion Louisville Cardinals Get Their Rings

On Monday, July 22, the players and coaches from the Louisville Cardinals’ championship-winning 2012-13 men’s basketball team received their championship rings.

NCAA Champion Louisville Cardinal Championship Ring
Kenny Klein, the school’s Senior Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations, announced the news on Twitter.

The next stop for the Cardinals is a visit with President Barack Obama at the White House on Tuesday, July 23, 2013.

With the exception of Russ Smith, every single one of the UL players from last season will be making the journey to Washington D.C.

Smith, the team’s leading scorer in 2012-13, will instead join other top college players in a program that sends Div. 1 kids to Europe each summer to play against foreign national teams. He said, ‘It’s nothing personal to the White House and Mr. President Obama, but as a basketball player, I feel like I have things to work on, and just constantly playing basketball will help me.’

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