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New 1983 Raider Super Bowl Ring Coming to the Hobby

June 29, 2015

The last couple of years have seen a lot of 1983 Raider Super Bowl rings sell in the hobby.   Is this new championship ring a good investment?

Raiders Super Bowl XVIII ring

Most championship ring collectors I know love to buy rings, but are almost always mindful of the high purchase prices and how the future market will affect pricing if they decide to sell the ring down the road.

For some inexplicable reason, many more Los Angeles Super Bowl XVIII rings have come to market and sold recently than the Raider’s two previous Super Bowl rings from 1976 and 1980.   I have no explanation for this, but keep in mind that the Raiders awarded about the same number of championship rings during their three title seasons, so you would think there would be much more balance between the versions that come to the market.

As you would expect, looking at the prices realized at auction over the last two years, prices have been going down for the 1983 Super Bowl ring. The reason is quite simple: Supply and Demand.

As more collectors, looking to purchase this ring acquire it, less championship ring collectors are willing to pay “any price” to acquire the Super Bowl XVIII ring.

A player Super Bowl XVIII ring sold at auction in February for a very reasonable price of $26,620.00. Then another player ring sold at auction for $21,330.00. That ring, had a controversy – there were no markings inside in the ring, however, the player clarified that the ring was authentic and given to him by the Raiders.

The latest ring coming up in SCP auctions is a “Doctor’s ring”, not a player ring, so look for the final price to be lower; maybe significantly lower, as collectors would much rather have a player’s ring.

This is not a dig or insult to SCP auctions, the lower price would happen to any auction house, as about 6 or 7 of these Super Bowl XVIII rings have sold in the last year or two.

If you are looking to purchase a super bowl ring, this could be a very good deal.

Please let me know if you want to sell your championship ring to me, I pay top dollar.

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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl XVIII

April 18, 2015

Continuing my slow and steady blog series on the two championship rings from every Super Bowl, here’s the next special pair – a close up look at the two championship rings from Super Bowl XVIII.

Championship rings from Super Bowl XVIII

As I’ve written before, I sincerely apologize that the championship ring picture shows my web-site address. The reason is that If I didn’t overlay it in the picture, other web sites would steal my photos, especially those eBay sellers who pop up all the time and make those cheap replicas in China. The fakes and replicas don’t look anywhere near as realistic as authentic championship rings. These “sellers” show pictures of authentic championship rings and claim the pictures are of their replica championship rings!

Almost every image I show in this blog series is photographed from my personal championship ring collection. As you know, these rings are very rare in the hobby-place and are seldom (or perhaps never) photographed in pairs from the specific Super Bowl games. I hope you will forgive my desire to keep these photos from being misused. When I do showcase an image that was found on the internet, I promise, I won’t place my web-site address inside the picture.

The ring on the left is the Los Angeles Raiders last winning Super Bowl Ring from their 1983 season. As I have written about on this blog before, no team in sports made the effort that Al Davis did in keeping his championship rings as close to the same design over the years. This is evident when viewing their first AFL championship ring in 1967, all the way up to their final super bowl appearance in 2002.

Although the Raider championship rings were always very similar in design, the world had never seen a championship ring like this before – three football-shaped diamond configurations on the top of the ring – symbolizing their three Super Bowl victories.

The Raiders Super Bowl XVIII ring show above, was designed and manufactured by Lenox (now owned by Jostens) in 14K solid white gold. The ring contains three large diamonds and 20 smaller diamonds. The championship ring weighs in at approximately 46 grams.

Like so many other winning Super Bowl rings, the Raiders Super Bowl XVIII ring is extremely rare and in high demand by Raiders fans and highly coveted by championship ring collectors. Unlike almost all the other championship rings we have covered in the blog series, Raider Super Bowl XVIII rings have sold quite a few times in auctions. Prices are all over the place from $80,750 for Lyle Alzado’s ring to $26,620 for Ted Watts ring.

In a tradition that continues to this day, the team that loses the Super Bowl is recognized as a champion of their respective conference. The Washington Redskins NFC championship ring shown above weighed in at 45 grams and packed 18 small diamonds into the ring to give it some nice bling.

As with their winning super bowl rings from 1982, the Redskins onyx stone closely matches the team’s colors.

A few of these championship rings have sold privately, but I only know of a single Redskins NFC championship ring that has sold at auction. The player’s ring fetched $7,000.00 on ebay back in 2013.

The Redskins 1983 NFC championship ring was designed and produced by Jostens in 10K yellow gold.

As always, I want to close and remind you that I buy super bowl rings and buy championship rings too, so kindly let me know if you have a championship ring you want to sell.

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