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Royals Awarded Diamond-Studded American League Championship Rings

April 7, 2015

On opening day, the Royals presented gorgeous championship rings to commemorate their American League championship season of 2014.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Kansas City Royals Championship Rings

Designed by Jostens and made of 10-karat white solid gold and an array of gemstones, the championship rings were given to the players during a special pregame ceremony at Kauffman Stadium that also including the raising of the club’s third American League pennant.

Each of the championship rings contain approximately 1.9 carats and features 146 interlocking diamonds on its top and perimeter. Thirty-four diamonds outlined by a blue stone form the team logo; also depicted atop the ring is an infield, framed by three bases and home plate, with home plate and each base represented by four princess-cut diamonds.

The ring’s right side features the American League’s iconic eagle logo in yellow gold, three round diamonds — one for each of the team’s three AL pennants — and the “Royals” script logo and “2014” in white gold. The yellow gold really pops out since the majority of the ring is made of white gold.

The left side features the recipient’s name, a banner commemorating the Royals’ historic 8-0 playoff streak last October, and the club’s crown logo. The top of the crown is cast in yellow gold, with a blue KC stone shining through the white gold shield.

Like other teams have done recently, The Royals plan to give away an authentic championship ring in a raffle.

Additionally, similarly styled jewelry (with less bling) is available to fans for purchase through Jostens and the Royals.

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Former Kansas City Royal Reunited With His Stolen 1980 Championship Ring

December 27, 2014

The player was reunited with his 1980 ALCS ring after it went missing 33 years ago.

Kansas City Royal Championship Ring

First baseman Willie Aikens explained that a thief broke into his residence and stole the ALCS ring back in 1981.

Last month, Aikens found the ring at a pawn shop. The owner of the shop wanted $2,500 for the ring (a bargain compared to what the rings get on the open market place).

Aikens said a good pal helped him get back his cherished championship ring.

“I got emotional, tears came out of my eyes and it just put me in another situation with my spiritual life that shows me when we walk in the ways of the Lord that God will bless our lives,” Aikens said.

The Royals lost in the 1980 World Series to the Philadelphia Phillies. The 14K solid gold ring was made by Jostens and is one of a very few baseball ALCS or NLCS rings not to contain one or more diamonds.

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Sometimes With Championship Rings – Rust Never Sleeps

November 19, 2014

Balfour had an issue with oxidation when they manufactured the 1986 Mets World Series rings. Now it looks like the same problem occurred a year earlier as well.

Royals 1985 World Series Championship Ring **photo description here**

Pictured above is a 1985 Kansas City World Series ring that was manufactured by Balfour. Look closely at the blue sapphire stone and you will see an unintended pattern.

That’s the result of oxidation. Championship ring manufacturers, sometimes place a thin layer of metal under sapphire stones and when it’s exposed to moisture (say from swimming or washing your hands with your ring on) it can change the look of the sapphire stone.

All you championship ring buyers and collectors can relax, it is a very rare occurrence. I had only seen this issue with the 1986 Mets World Series rings until now. Sadly, most of the original Mets championship rings made in 1986 show this defect.

I had not seen this problem with any other manufacture or on any other Balfour ring of any other year, until now.

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Kansas City Royal – Willie Wilson Gets World Series Ring

September 25, 2013

Willie Wilson once again has a 1985 World Series ring, thanks to some good friends and fans.

Kansas City Royals 1985 World Series Championship Ring

Wilson, who spent 15 seasons with the Royals, was forced to sell his World Series ring at a bankruptcy auction in 2001. On Tuesday, Wilson wiped away tears after he was surprised with an exact duplicate of the ring while he was promoting his autobiography at the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City.

“Let me say this,” Wilson said. “Of all the things I lost, this is the only thing I really treasured. I got my kids, I got all the things I really needed. I’m going to wear this again with pride and honor and this time I’m not going to let it go.”

The Royals gave Wilson’s business partner, Helen Mohr, permission to have an exact duplicate of the ring made and she led efforts to raise almost $9,000 to have the work done by Balfour Jewelry in Austin, Texas. Friends, including Pearl Jam star Eddie Vedder, contributed to the cause, The Kansas City Star reported.

“I’ve known him since 2004, and he’s always mentioned getting a ring,” said Mohr, who runs the website “But you know, life gets in the way.”

Wilson, who played 15 of his 19 major league seasons with the Royals, was a two-time All-Star known for his speed. He finished his career with 612 stolen bases and 13 inside-the-park home runs, and he led the American League in triples five times. He also won the league’s batting title in 1982.

Wilson and three other Royals were arrested on drug charges in 1983, and he spent 81 days in prison before returning to the team. He also played for the Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics before retiring in 1994. Wilson began using cocaine again in the late 1990s, but later managed to quit. He details his struggles and triumphs in his book, “Inside the Park, Running the Base Path of Life,”

“I had thought about doing it a few years ago, but I wasn’t ready,” Wilson said. “I’m happy with it because it’s the truth. I’m not trying to fool anyone.”

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