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Collecting Guitars and Super Bowl Rings

March 15, 2015

Jim Irsay is the owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts. He’s becoming more well known for acquiring guitars than Super Bowl rings.

Indianapolis Colts Championship Ring

Irsay owns one Super Bowl ring – from 2006 and also possesses a 2009 AFC championship ring. He’s wearing the 2009 championship ring in the photo above, while playing a guitar he purchased that was Jerry Garcia’s main guitar, known as the “Tiger” guitar.

I have no idea why he’s not wearing his Super Bowl XLI ring, perhaps it’s too big and heavy when he’s playing guitar.

Irsay’s had some better years lately than his Colts team. In 2013 Irsay acquired an instrument originally owned by the Beatles, a pristine 1959 Gibson Les Paul and an ultra rare 1939 Martin D-45.

This year he was in the news, acquiring a Les Paul guitar owned and played by Les himself, and the guitar John Lenon used in recording “Paperback Writer”.

Irsay owns around 175 – 200 guitars, many of them are quite famous or were owned by famous musicians. He once paid nearly $1 million for a single guitar, and doesn’t sound like someone who’s about to let go of his rock ‘n’ roll souvenirs. His goal is to grow his collection to 1,000 pieces.

In case you’re wondering, Irsay plays his guitars.

Championship ring enthusiasts better hope (me included) that Irsay doesn’t get into collecting other people’s championship rings, since he seldom looses an item at auction that he wants.

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Super Bowl Ring Predictions for 2015

January 12, 2015

Pictured below are the four last Super Bowl rings from the teams left in the playoffs. The rings pictured below offer strong clues as to what the two championship rings will look like for 2015.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Super Bowl and Championship Rings

There are endless predictions of who will win the Super Bowl. The guesses begin before the start of the season and go until moments before kickoff of the big game. Here’s a twist on that, I’m predicting what features the two championship rings will have for the teams that earn a trip to Phoenix next week.

The potential ring that intrigues me the most is the New England Patriots championship ring. If they win next Sunday, they are guaranteed another AFC championship ring and if they can win the Super Bowl, they will receive a Super Bowl winning ring. It’s unbelievable to think that Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick have gone the longest of the four teams left in the playoffs without winning a Super Bowl.

The Patriots rings are bigger and flashier than any other NFL team rings. You can thank owner Robert Kraft for that. My prediction for the Patriots is that their new ring will be made by Jostens (who has made every one of their winning rings and most of their losing Super Bowl rings. Additionally, based on the massiveness of their prior winning rings and the bling of their losing super bowl rings, look for their championship ring to sparkle and contain a tremendous amount of bling.

If the Colts beat the Patriots and advance to the big game, look for their championship ring to be made by Indianapolis-based championship ring maker, Herff Jones. The Herff Jones company has made the Colts winning and losing Super Bowl rings during the last 8 years. Additionally, every Colts championship ring, going back to the Super Bowl V ring has predominately showcased the Colts horse-shoe logo. Look for their logo again, predominately displayed on top of the ring.

If the Seahawks advance to the Super Bowl, look for Tiffany and Company to repeat as the designer and manufacturer of their championship ring. Should they win their second super bowl ring, look for a back-to-back theme. Last year’s ring was a tribute to the “12th man” and there’s no doubt in my mind that a similar tribute won’t be part of this year’s ring.

If the Seahawks win, look for two large marquise diamonds (football shaped diamonds) and the ring will probably be a little larger and heavier than last year’s winning ring. If they lose the big game, the Tiffany ring will be smaller or the same size as last year’s ring, but contain less total diamond carats.

If the Packers advance, I predict Jostens will make their championship ring (Jostens has made all of their championship rings since the days of Vince Lombardi). If they win the Super Bowl they will probably make their ring out of white Platinum, which is more costly than gold. Their last winning Super Bowl ring (shown above) was the first and only Super Bowl ring ever made out of Platinum. If they win, the ring will probably be a little bigger than their last winning ring.

If the Packers lose the Super Bowl, look for a white-gold championship ring, which will be smaller than the ring shown above.

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A Real $400 Super Bowl ring? Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard Got One.


A $400 Super Bowl ring? Mayor Greg Ballard claims gift on ethics statement

Written by Media Sources

Tony Dungy Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI Ring
Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy wears his 2007 Super Bowl ring as he autographs a copy of his book in July 2007. Star file photo.


Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard’s recent filing of his statement of economic interests — the annual ethics statement required of all city/county elected officeholders — contains what have become usual disclosures of gifts and freebies: T-shirts and hats from businesses and nonprofit groups. Tickets to Pacers, Colts and Indians games, mostly using the city’s suites and ticket allotments. Complimentary memberships to Downtown’s Columbia Club and the Highland and Woodstock country clubs. (Though Ballard notes he plays golf mostly “at clubs open to the public.”)

But then there’s an item that has drawn attention from local bloggers: a “Super Bowl ring,” given by the Indianapolis Colts and valued on the form at $400.

Wait a minute. Only $400?


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