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Two Time Champion Charlie Batch Has Some Fun With His Super Bowl Rings

December 1, 2014

Charlie lets a young football player try on his Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL and XLIII rings.

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Rings

What’s better than taking a picture wearing two super bowl rings?

How about being a Steelers fan and getting to wear those super bowl rings. (Charlie was originally from Pittsburgh before signing with the Steelers after his career with the Lions was over).

And what can be better than that?

How about getting the player to pose in the picture too?

And what can be better than that?

How about getting the player to have some fun with the pose, while you are centered in the photo with a big smirk!

Now, if only the picture was in focus!

Charlie is a class act. He won the Jerome Bettis award for Humanity and Community service for his work with supporting children though his organization Best of the Batch Foundation.

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Look at the Championship Ring Box I Found

November 16, 2014

Recently I Purchased a Few Championship Ring presentation boxes. The New England Patriots Super Bowl Ring Box shown below is the cream of the crop from the purchase:

super bowl ring box

Championship ring collectors will attest to how frustrating it can be when buying a championship ring that does not include the proper presentation box.

Perhaps no championship ring needs it’s ring box more than the Super Bowl rings of the last two decades.

Presentation boxes for many championship rings have grown a lot over the last two decades since they need to house the ever-growing championship rings.

Recently I came across someone who had collected ring boxes and he sold me a few championship ring boxes. The picture above is the proper ring box for the New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring.

The Super Bowl XXXIX ring is perhaps the biggest super bowl ring ever, so the box design and construction needed to match the ring in terms of size and style.

This super bowl ring box pays tribute to the three Super Bowl victories and, has the three official super bowl logos on the box along with three Vince Lombardi trophies.

The Super Bowl ring seen in the photos above did not come with the ring (If they did, I would have bought that super bowl ring in a heart-beat!)

So what am I going to do with these championship ring boxes that do not include the rings?

I will hold onto them in case someday I buy a super bowl ring or buy a championship ring that needs the proper box. Or, perhaps a collector will contact me and want to buy them.

I know at least two New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX rings were sold without the original boxes, so while I don’t sell super bowl rings, I might sell the super bowl ring box.

Please remember that I buy championship rings. My favorites (meaning I pay the most money) is buying Super Bowl rings. Please contact me if you would like to discuss selling your championship ring.

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While I Love Every Super Bowl Ring, This One, I Adore a Little Less

November 14, 2014

Whether you are a championship ring collector, or just an admirer of these amazing spectacles, not every championship ring can be considered amazing. In my humble opinion, the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLIII ring, is just a little off the mark.

Super Bowl XLIII Ring

Don’t get me wrong, I still like this ring and still want one in my collection. I would buy this Super Bowl ring in a second, so if you are selling this Superbowl ring or any other championship ring, please contact me.

However, when compared to the 47 other Super Bowl rings, this one, in my opinion leaves a little to be desired.

First off, if you are a fan of huge championship rings with a lot of bling, you will have no issue with this ring. It is a massive Super Bowl ring, weighing in at a whopping 104 grams! The ring was made by Jostens and contains 6 large diamonds, representing the six Super Bowl championships the team has won. Currently they hold the honor of having won more Super Bowl championships than any other team.

The shanks are nice too, although they look a little “stretched” due to their massive size of the ring.

Here’s where the ring went wrong:

The 6 large diamonds are supposed to enhance the ring and stand out. In my opinion this championship ring looks like modern art (I don’t get modern art either). The diamonds are lost in a strange and random-looking maze smaller-diamond patterns.

Next, Jostens tried to include three colored stones to match the teams logo. They failed miserably as two of the colors (the blue and red) are way off, and add to the mish-mosh on top of the ring.

I’m not sure why, but the Steelers seemed to be Championship-ring challenged over the last 14 years. First they make a great Super Bowl XL ring, but make it way too small. That annoyed a lot of players, so after a lot of complaining about that ring, the team made up for the small ring three seasons later with this huge super bowl ring.

Next, two years later, when losing to the Packers in Super Bowl XLV, instead of getting a “Super Bowl losing” ring like every team since the 1968 Colts, they broke a 40-something year tradition and requested a diamond-studded watch instead.

One last thing that just is not right about this ring: In all my years collecting championship rings, I have never seen the practice squad players receive a ring that was not the same as team members. All players are considered part of the “team” and in their own ways, each player that is assigned a jersey number represents the team as a player and is awarded a Championship Ring. These championship rings should be the same size and gold-content for every player.

For the first time ever, practice squad players received a 10K solid gold version of this ring, while players who were not on the practice squad received 14K versions. I’m not sure which version coaches, scouts, or players on injured-reserved received, but why would the Steelers front office do this?

Please remember I buy championship rings and especially love to buy Super Bowl rings. If you are selling a ring give me a call, let’s talk. And please remember, I don’t sell super bowl rings or championship rings.

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