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Auction House Blunder Regarding Hank Stram’s Super Bowl Ring

November 25, 2014

An auction house shows they don’t know a real ring from a common salesman sample ring in their latest auction.

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl ring

Dale Stram, son of Chiefs Hall of Fame legendary coach Hank Stram, said there is absolutely no truth to reports that his father’s ring from Super Bowl IV is up for auction.

Hank Stram passed away in 2005, and the ring is in Dale Stram’s possession.

“There has been recent speculation regarding my father, Coach Hank Stram, and his Super Bowl ring that was awarded to him after the 1970 win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV,” Dale Stram said in a statement released by the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Upon his death, my father bequeathed his awarded Super Bowl IV ring to me. I am presently the sole and legal owner of the ring, which remains in my possession. This is an unequivocal statement that I treasure my father’s Super Bowl IV ring and I will retain it for my lifetime.”

Adding proof that the auction house, Worthridge Auctions, is selling a common salesman sample as Hank Stam’s original super bowl ring, one of the pictures on their website clearly shows the salesman sample markings engraved inside the super bowl ring (see photo above).

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The Giants Super Bowl XXI Ring – More Examples of Championship Ring Modifications

November 20, 2014

Here’s a photo of a before-and-after Championship ring modification. The ring on the right is what the Super Bowl ring looked like when presented back in 1987.

New York Giants Super Bowl XXI Ring

The changes are striking – the blue onyx stone has been replaced with more than two dozen diamonds to create a lot more bling.

Astute posters on a sports forum correctly pointed out that the large center ring mount looks like it was replaced too and there is a new diamond pattern found inside the Lombardi trophy.

The ring on the left, (the picture found on the internet) belongs to Giants center, Bart Oates. Having met running back and New York Giant Super Bowl XXV MVP, Ottis Anderson, I can tell you that he did the same modification to his Super Bowl XXI ring too. I have been lucky enough to meet quite a few Giants from this super bowl and can report that most did not make this modification to their Super Bowl rings.

I’m not sure how the readers of this championship ring blog feel, but I like the simple beauty of the original ring better.

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New Championship Ring Cases Turn Up on eBay

November 18, 2014

A creative person is designing and building custom championship ring displays and they are getting bids on ebay:

super bowl ring display

I am not endorsing, recommending or affiliated with the designers or sellers of these display cases. I don’t know them or anything about them. I am not suggesting anyone go out and buy replica Super Bowl rings either.

I have written about replica championship rings in the past and mentioned the pros and cons of buying super bowl rings from China. To learn more about this, you can go to the search tool on the right and type in replica championship rings or replica super bowl rings.

How or why the NFL, Jostens, Balfour and Tiffany allow sellers to import these fake championship rings from China and sell them is beyond me.

However, while on ebay, searching for championship rings to buy, I came across an individual who was building these display cases and fitting them with tiny helmets, Lombardi Trophies, graphics, and quite frankly – building some interesting looking display cases.

If you are interested, they can be found on ebay and I see there is some bidding action.

If you can’t afford to buy a championship ring that’s real, these from China may be what you are looking for.

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Look at the Championship Ring Box I Found

November 16, 2014

Recently I Purchased a Few Championship Ring presentation boxes. The New England Patriots Super Bowl Ring Box shown below is the cream of the crop from the purchase:

super bowl ring box

Championship ring collectors will attest to how frustrating it can be when buying a championship ring that does not include the proper presentation box.

Perhaps no championship ring needs it’s ring box more than the Super Bowl rings of the last two decades.

Presentation boxes for many championship rings have grown a lot over the last two decades since they need to house the ever-growing championship rings.

Recently I came across someone who had collected ring boxes and he sold me a few championship ring boxes. The picture above is the proper ring box for the New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring.

The Super Bowl XXXIX ring is perhaps the biggest super bowl ring ever, so the box design and construction needed to match the ring in terms of size and style.

This super bowl ring box pays tribute to the three Super Bowl victories and, has the three official super bowl logos on the box along with three Vince Lombardi trophies.

The Super Bowl ring seen in the photos above did not come with the ring (If they did, I would have bought that super bowl ring in a heart-beat!)

So what am I going to do with these championship ring boxes that do not include the rings?

I will hold onto them in case someday I buy a super bowl ring or buy a championship ring that needs the proper box. Or, perhaps a collector will contact me and want to buy them.

I know at least two New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX rings were sold without the original boxes, so while I don’t sell super bowl rings, I might sell the super bowl ring box.

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