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Two Time Champion Charlie Batch Has Some Fun With His Super Bowl Rings

December 1, 2014

Charlie lets a young football player try on his Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL and XLIII rings.

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Rings

What’s better than taking a picture wearing two super bowl rings?

How about being a Steelers fan and getting to wear those super bowl rings. (Charlie was originally from Pittsburgh before signing with the Steelers after his career with the Lions was over).

And what can be better than that?

How about getting the player to pose in the picture too?

And what can be better than that?

How about getting the player to have some fun with the pose, while you are centered in the photo with a big smirk!

Now, if only the picture was in focus!

Charlie is a class act. He won the Jerome Bettis award for Humanity and Community service for his work with supporting children though his organization Best of the Batch Foundation.

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Whitey Ford World Series Ring on eBay Not Authentic

November 30, 2014

A Yankee 1978 World Series Ring with “Whitey Ford” engraved inside the ring is being offered on eBay for $17,999. Here’s what you should know about it:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Whitey Ford 1978 Yankee World Series Ring

Pictured above: The top photos is the bogus Whitey Ford ring on ebay, below is an authentic 1978 Yankees World Series ring.

Don’t buy this championship ring – it’s not an authentic 1978 Yankee World Series ring.

In fact, if you are ever offered a Whitey Ford championship ring, or a Cliff Johnson World Series ring be very careful.

Both of these former Yankee players are notorious for selling their rings over and over again and many of their rings were remade and not by Balfour. Balfour has been making authentic Yankee world series rings since the early 1950s.

Here’s why the Whitey Ford World Series ring shown above is not authentic:

The top of the ring is very different from the authentic championship ring shown directly below it. Notice the small diamonds going around the authentic ring are spaced further apart in the real ring. This is how the 1978 World Series ring was designed. Further, the square piece designed to house the diamond is completely wrong and the diamond in the Ford world series ring is much smaller than the diamond that is supposed to be found on the ring.

The side of the world series rings look identical and I can not spot any huge differences, but perhaps the Yankees “freeze” for “facade” looks cleaner on the authentic ring on the bottom (especially near the top).

The engraving inside the ring is another major clue that the eBay Yankee World Series ring is not authentic. Although the authentic World Series ring pictured below has “Greatest come back in history” engraved in it and it looks amateurish, that is how every authentic Yankee ring was engraved – the exact same style and font. If you think I am wrong, research all the 1978 Yankee rings that have sold at major auction houses and you will see they all look this way.

Besides the Whitey Ford ring having the wrong engraving style on that phrase, the “LGB 14K” engraving looks completely wrong and the name “Whitey Ford” looks like it was engraved at a later time since it is a different style, different depth, and is on a different angle than the rest of the engraving.

If you buy this World Series ring you will someday be sorry, so my recommendation is to stay away.

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Super Bowl Ring Humor at Thanksgiving

November 28, 2014

This hilarious cartoon showed up on Twitter and although it did not have a reference to super bowl rings, Joe Somoza cleverly got the last laugh.

super bowl ring humor

All kidding aside, Eli and Payton Manning have some seriously beautiful super bowl rings.

We have showcased their three Super Bowl rings at my blog before, plus Payton’s two AFC championship rings.

If you would like to see pictures of all of their championship rings and learn more about these dazzling rings, use the search tool on the right and do a search on “Manning”.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

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Vikings Head coach Mike Zimmer uses his Super Bowl bling as teaching tool

November 23, 2014

The Vikings linebackers coach, Adam Zimmer and his father, head coach Mike Zimmer, show off their Super Bowl rings.

Saints and Dalls Cowboy Super Bowl Rings

The Vikings’ first-year head coach was the Cowboys defensive backs coach during the 1995 season. When the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 to win Super Bowl XXX. Zimmer, then in his first NFL season, got not only a championship ring but a miniature replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Not every team hands out these large replica Lombardi trophies but Jerry Jones did.

Including Zimmer, five Minnesota coaches have picked up a total of nine Super Bowl rings in their previous jobs as assistant coaches.

Then there’s Zimmer’s son, linebackers coach Adam Zimmer, pictured above who was awarded a super bowl ring with New Orleans in 2009. His father calls it “pretty cool” that both he and his son have rings.

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Here’s the link to the full, comprehensive story:

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The Giants Super Bowl XXI Ring – More Examples of Championship Ring Modifications

November 20, 2014

Here’s a photo of a before-and-after Championship ring modification. The ring on the right is what the Super Bowl ring looked like when presented back in 1987.

New York Giants Super Bowl XXI Ring

The changes are striking – the blue onyx stone has been replaced with more than two dozen diamonds to create a lot more bling.

Astute posters on a sports forum correctly pointed out that the large center ring mount looks like it was replaced too and there is a new diamond pattern found inside the Lombardi trophy.

The ring on the left, (the picture found on the internet) belongs to Giants center, Bart Oates. Having met running back and New York Giant Super Bowl XXV MVP, Ottis Anderson, I can tell you that he did the same modification to his Super Bowl XXI ring too. I have been lucky enough to meet quite a few Giants from this super bowl and can report that most did not make this modification to their Super Bowl rings.

I’m not sure how the readers of this championship ring blog feel, but I like the simple beauty of the original ring better.

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