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Super Bowl Ring Humor Continues….

January 8, 2015

I recently found this gem on the internet:

Super Bowl Rings

You can find many examples and graphics on the internet of Cowboy, Giants and Redskin fans poking fun at the Eagles lack of championship rings. Some are too brutal or mean spirited to show, but here’s one that isn’t tasteless.

Eagle fans, please don’t take this out on me. I own the Eagles two NFC championship rings and will continue to buy any championship rings with the Eagles name on it.

Although I have my NFL team allegiance, as a championship ring collector, my goal is to get every single ring and not skip one because it belonged to the wrong team.

The picture shows every single winning Super Bowl ring the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins have been awarded.

I do notice that while the Cowboys rings look like they were photographed and represented to scale, both the Giants rings and Redskins ring weren’t.

The Giants last two Super bowl rings are much larger than their first two, and the Redskins super bowl ring in the middle, from Super Bowl XXII is larger than shown in the photograph.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you are selling a Super Bowl or championship ring, please give me a “ring”.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings 


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More Super Bowl Ring Photobombs!

October 27, 2014

When I saw this tweet, I couldn’t resist to blog about it:

New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring

We’ve seen people post pictures with rings upside down, or out of focus, or hilarious poses, and of course the huge championship ring hats, but here’s a new one: This Super Bowl ring fan snapped the photograph and posted a view of half the ring!

The half championship ring shown is the New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring back from the 2004 season. It was the Patriots third championship ring in four seasons and the last one the team has won.

To add insult to injury, the Twitter poster took a second photo, this time wearing the championship ring, however, the ring is so small, it’s difficult to see and appreciate the beauty of the super bowl ring.

To learn more about this ring, possibly the largest super bowl ring ever made, please use the search tool on the right

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings


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Super Bowl Ring Humor – This Time at the Eagles Expense

October 9, 2014

“License Plate Guy”, a super-fan icon of the New York Giants caused a stir this week in the New York media with his Eagles Jersey:

no superbowl rings, but two nfc championship rings

Just in time for the big Sunday Match-up of the Eagles and Giants, the New York media picked up on this story about “License Plate Guy” posing with two Giants – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Prince Amukamara during an autograph singing appearance this week.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been to the super bowl twice – each time coming away with a loss and an NFC Championship Ring. Here’s a little information about each ring shown above:

The ring on the left is from 1980 season when the Eagles lost to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV. The ring is 44 grams in weight and made of 10K yellow gold by Jostens. Although the ring is not covered in bling, it is a classic and elegant championship ring and highly desirable for it’s good looks.

The championship ring on the right is from the Eagles second Super Bowl appearance, during the 2004 season. The Eagles lost to Tom Brady and the Patriots in a close game. The ring was also made by Jostens and was upgraded to 14K white gold and weighed in at 69 grams (this ring is over 50% heavier than their first championship ring).

Terrell Owens’ did a very special thing with his 2004 NFC championship ring; he sold it on eBay for $48,200 to raise money toward Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings


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Championship Ring Photo Bombs!

September 30, 2014

Part of my ongoing look at Super Bowl and Championship Ring Humor is this recent twitter photograph and post.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Ring Photo Bomb

Elisa is asking on twitter how the ring looks?

We see that the photographer didn’t say anything to her about the super bowl ring pose showing the championship ring being worn upside down.

I wonder if her followers will point out the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl ring would look a whole lot better if it wasn’t upside down!

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings


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This Championship Ring Takes the Cake

June 5, 2014

Actually this championship ring – is the cake!

Championship Ring cake of Oklahoma State's 2012 Big football ring

There have been many examples of wedding cakes and other special-event cakes created as tributes to a stadium or a team, but this may be the start of an entirely new trend.

Pictured above is an edible cake reproduction of Oklahoma State’s 2012 Big 12 football college championship ring.

While most guys are crazy about sports and a few like me, are nuts about championship rings, what bride would put up with this wedding cake?

Perhaps the photo depicts a Groom’s cake and not the actual wedding cake?

With championshhip cakes now on the menu, perhaps I should get married again!

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings


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