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Molson Replica Stanley Cup Rings Are A Big Hit With Fans

April 10, 2015

While not even close in resemblance to the authentic championship rings, fans are still going wild collecting them:

Molson Stanley Cup Rings

One of the greatest treasures for many hockey collectors and championship ring enthusiasts, is a Stanley Cup ring, which are traditionally presented to players, management and team staff in recognition for winning Hockey’s ultimate prize. The championship rings are coveted by many, but earned by a select few.

Hockey fans who are of legal drinking age, have a chance to own a replica Stanley Cup ring of their very own when they purchase specially-marked cases of Molson Canadian Beer.

There are 20 different rings to collect. The replica rings contain the logos of championship teams from different eras. Each ring also comes in a special presentation box.

While the buzz on hockey collectibles of this kind, tend to be short-lived, this promotion pulls out all the stops in providing fans with something substantial.

The secondary market action is presently strong (i.e. ebay sales) as complete sets have sold online for over $500 (Canadian). Sales on individual rings have ranged from $13 to $93.

If you want to acquire a Stanley Cup ring from ebay, past history of similar promotions (such as the rings given away at games) have shown that prices go down as the “must-have” collectors get their prize.

If you wish to acquire a replica championship ring directly from the Molson promotion, keep in mind that the offerings are available in all Canadian provinces (but not Territories). The championship rings are not currently being offered by Molson in the U.S.

The Stanley Cup rings are distributed in the following manner:

– British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan: 24-packs of Molson Canadian at checkout from March 30 to May 8
– Manitoba: 24-packs of Molson Canadian or Coors Light at checkout from March 30 to May 8
– Ontario: 24-packs of Molson Canadian in cases from March 30 to May 2
– Quebec: 24-packs of Molson Canadian or Molson Export in cases from March 30 to May 2
– New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island: 15-packs of Molson Canadian at checkout from March 30 to May 2
– Newfoundland: 15-packs of Molson Canadian Light in cases from March 30 to May 9

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Scotty Bowman Owns 22 Championship Rings

Kelly Masse is the Director of Corporate and Media Relations at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Recently she twitted a photo of Scoty Bowman’s ring collection.

Scotty Bowman Stanley Cup and Championship Rings

Scotty Bowman has thirty years of NHL experience behind him holding records such as 1,244 regular season victories, 223 playoff wins, and a career win total of 1,467 games. All that winning came with hardware.

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