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Is Bart Starr’s Super Bowl II Ring Really For Sale on eBay?

July 3, 2015

“lambsoflambeau”, a seller on eBay claims he has Bart Starr’s Super Bowl II ring.   Is this possible?

Bart Starr Super Bowl ring

When I saw the auction listing, my immediate reaction was “no way”, this can’t be Bart Starr’s championship ring from Super Bow II.

Intrigued by this offering, I took a close look at the supplied pictures and saw some surprises:

First off, the engraving inside the ring, looks 100% genuine, and the engraving is exactly the same that was produced back in 1967.

If Bart Starr called Jostens in 2015 and said “Please make me another Super Bowl II ring”, Jostens, the maker of the original championship ring, could produce nearly an exact duplication of the first ring, but not the inside engraving.   The tools used to make those manufacture markings are long gone and the new engraving would look very different.   Back in 1967, Jostens championship rings were engraved with “Josten”, not “Jostens” like they are today.

Not only does this ring have “Josten” engraved inside, but the type, style, and engraving patterns match my original Super Bowl II ring exactly.   So do the two tubes, also seen in the ebay offering.

So we now have established that the Championship ring on eBay is a true authentic ring from Super Bowl II and made back in 1967.   The next hurdle to overcome is what if the ring had a “blank” name engraved on it or a front office employee?   Could someone have engraved “Starr” on the side of the ring to increase the championship ring’s value?

Looking at the engraving in the letters of the name, located on the side of the ring, the lettering is an exact match of the style that was used on the original ring.   The letter “A” as in Starr does not have a point at the top of the “A”, it has a small line.   So does my ring, and the “S” character from rings that year match up exactly with other examples of photographs in my extensive championship ring database.

So, we can establish that this ring was original and made with Bart Starr’s name.

Now, before you get excited and bid on this ring, here are some huge red flags.

I thought this could be a salesman sample ring that was “upgraded” by replacing cheap imitation diamonds with real diamonds.   However, most Salesman sample Super Bowl II rings, if not all of them, have “Lombardi” on the side of the ring.   Keep in mind that there is a distinct possibility this is a salesman sample ring, and here’s why:

A ring that belonged to Bart Starr for close to 40 years, and made of soft 14K gold should have an awful lot of ware on it. It should have scratches and scuffs and show worn-down evidence, especially on the side of the rings where fingers inevitably rub off some of the crisp details of championship rings.

This ring looks brand new, so we know it was hardly, if ever worn, and certainly not the ring Bart Starr wore for close to 40 years.

Last, a ring of this magnitude and value needs to come with iron clad documentation. The seller does not mention one bit of documentation that comes with this ring.

Bart Starr is doing well financially, and does not need to sell his historic championship rings.

Based upon the new condition of the ring, and lack of any documentation, this is certainly not Bart Starr’s original Super Bowl II ring, however, it could be a family duplicate that was never worn.

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Fascinating Tidbits Uncovered about the 1962 Green Bay Packers Championship Ring

January 15, 2015

Slidekellyslide, a moderator and contributor on, posted images of paperwork found inside a Green Bay Packer scouting report. What he uncovered is amazing:

Green Bay Packer Championship Rings

Slidekellyslid, owns a Packers scouting report that was compiled and written by 1960s long time Green Bay scout and recruiter, Lew Anderson.

If Lew Anderson’s name sounds familiar to any championship ring enthusiast, that’s because the Anderson family sold three of Lew’s Packer Championship rings at auction – the 1962 and 1965 World Championship rings, and his Super Bowl II ring.

All three original rings, made by Jostens, were sold by Sotheby’s in their final sports memorabilia auction in 2008. Sotheby’s exited the sports memorabilia auction marketplace after this auction and has yet to return.

Sliekellyslide’s paperwork uncovered the surprising fact that Anderson apparently had to pay for his own 1962 World Championship ring (shown below).

Green Bay Packer 1962 World Championship Ring

The two pages inside the scouting report that he posted to the championship ring section on the forum were:

1) A letter to the Jostens sales-rep from Lew Anderson clearly documenting that he personally paid for his own 1962 Championship ring, and how much he enjoyed having the championship ring.

2) The second page was a receipt for the ring with a personalized note from the Jostens salesman. The note mentioned that the Packers had ordered 55 rings and that the team paid the same price for each one that Lew paid.

The 1962 Championship rings that the Packers and Anderson purchased for $165.00 would be worth many thousands of dollars today.

I’m hopeful that as the Packers accumulated three more championship rings after the 1962 season, they paid for Lew Anderson rings.

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Super Bowl Ring Predictions for 2015

January 12, 2015

Pictured below are the four last Super Bowl rings from the teams left in the playoffs. The rings pictured below offer strong clues as to what the two championship rings will look like for 2015.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Super Bowl and Championship Rings

There are endless predictions of who will win the Super Bowl. The guesses begin before the start of the season and go until moments before kickoff of the big game. Here’s a twist on that, I’m predicting what features the two championship rings will have for the teams that earn a trip to Phoenix next week.

The potential ring that intrigues me the most is the New England Patriots championship ring. If they win next Sunday, they are guaranteed another AFC championship ring and if they can win the Super Bowl, they will receive a Super Bowl winning ring. It’s unbelievable to think that Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick have gone the longest of the four teams left in the playoffs without winning a Super Bowl.

The Patriots rings are bigger and flashier than any other NFL team rings. You can thank owner Robert Kraft for that. My prediction for the Patriots is that their new ring will be made by Jostens (who has made every one of their winning rings and most of their losing Super Bowl rings. Additionally, based on the massiveness of their prior winning rings and the bling of their losing super bowl rings, look for their championship ring to sparkle and contain a tremendous amount of bling.

If the Colts beat the Patriots and advance to the big game, look for their championship ring to be made by Indianapolis-based championship ring maker, Herff Jones. The Herff Jones company has made the Colts winning and losing Super Bowl rings during the last 8 years. Additionally, every Colts championship ring, going back to the Super Bowl V ring has predominately showcased the Colts horse-shoe logo. Look for their logo again, predominately displayed on top of the ring.

If the Seahawks advance to the Super Bowl, look for Tiffany and Company to repeat as the designer and manufacturer of their championship ring. Should they win their second super bowl ring, look for a back-to-back theme. Last year’s ring was a tribute to the “12th man” and there’s no doubt in my mind that a similar tribute won’t be part of this year’s ring.

If the Seahawks win, look for two large marquise diamonds (football shaped diamonds) and the ring will probably be a little larger and heavier than last year’s winning ring. If they lose the big game, the Tiffany ring will be smaller or the same size as last year’s ring, but contain less total diamond carats.

If the Packers advance, I predict Jostens will make their championship ring (Jostens has made all of their championship rings since the days of Vince Lombardi). If they win the Super Bowl they will probably make their ring out of white Platinum, which is more costly than gold. Their last winning Super Bowl ring (shown above) was the first and only Super Bowl ring ever made out of Platinum. If they win, the ring will probably be a little bigger than their last winning ring.

If the Packers lose the Super Bowl, look for a white-gold championship ring, which will be smaller than the ring shown above.

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Don Beebe And His Six Championship Rings

January 11, 2015

Pictured below is Don Beebe’s Packer wining Super Bowl ring along with four AFC championship rings and an NFC championship ring.

Super Bowl and Championship rings

Don Beebe was One Of NFL’s Great Underdog Stories. His book, appropriately titled Six Rings, was published by Big Talk Publishing.

Beebe may be best known for his famed play of chasing down Leon Lett and preventing him from scoring in Super Bowl XXVII. However, there’s a lot more to know about Beebe.

Beebe was a 24 year old construction worker who had a miraculous journey into the NFL and wound up playing in six Super Bowls while playing for the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, and Green Bay Packers.

As a complete unknown, Beebe was a last minute invite to the NFL Combine, where he broke speed records that had stood for 17 years. That incredible showing helped make him a 3rd round draft pick by the Buffalo Bills.

In his nine NFL seasons, Beebe caught 219 passes for 3,416 yards, rushed for 28 yards, returned 81 kickoffs for 1,735 yards, and scored 25 touchdowns (23 receiving, one kickoff return, and one fumble recovery). Beebe appeared in six Super Bowls as a player — (XXV, XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII with the Buffalo Bills; XXXI and XXXII with the Green Bay Packers) — an NFL record that he shares with former Bills teammate Mike Lodish.

While Buffalo lost its four consecutive Super Bowl games, (that’s why the Bills rings are referred to as AFC championship rings), Beebe finally won an NFL championship in his first year with the Packers (Super Bowl XXXI). Beebe’s final Super Bowl appearance was a loss to the Denver Broncos and that’s why his final ring is a Packer NFC championship ring.

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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl I

December 16, 2014

I’m starting a new blog series on the pair of rings issued from every Super Bowl. Let’s kick off with Super Bowl I:

super bowl I championship rings

Championship Rings awarded by teams of the National Football League and American Football League started way before Super Bowl I, but let’s start here and take each Super Bowl and their respective championship rings in sequential order.

I’m not sure when I will finish this series; since news stories about championship rings emerge frequently, or great pictures show up on Twitter. And who knows what else will temporarily interrupt this theme, probably several times a week, but I promise, we will get to all 48 Super Bowl Championship rings in due time.

I want to apologize that I need to display on the photographs the name of my website, but if I don’t, other web sites will steal my photos or worse, ebay sellers making cheap replicas that don’t look as realistic as the real rings will use the photos and claim these are their championship rings.

Almost all of the photographs will be from my private championship ring collection and many of these rings are extremely rare and seldom (or perhaps never) photographed in pairs from a particular Super Bowl game. So please excuse my effort to keep the photos from being misused.

The ring on the left is the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl I ring. Made by Jostens, it contained one large center diamond (although Vince Lombardi and the team felt this was not their first championship). The Packers went along with the new title game when designing the ring and put a single diamond representing the first World Championship title between the two merging leagues (the name Super Bowl would be born a few years later).

The Super Bowl I ring is rare and highly coveted by championship ring collectors. Very few of these rings have been sold to the public.

The ring shown on the right is the Kansas City Chiefs 1966 AFL Championship ring. In a tradition that continues today, the team that loses the Super Bowl is still recognized as a champion of their respective conference.

Back before the official merger in the late 1960s, the losing ring would say either “AFL” or “NFL” champions, while the winning super bowl team’s ring would say “World Champions”. Starting with Super Bowl V and continuing to this day, the team that loses the Super Bowl earns an “AFC” or “NFC” champions ring.

The Kansas City Chiefs ring was also made by Jostens. This championship ring is extremely rare too, and very few have ever been sold. Because they are not as sought-after as the Packers ring, they would sell for a fraction of the price of a Packers Super Bowl I ring.

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