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Here’s the Championship Ring Michael Strahan Received At Halftime of the Giants Game

November 4, 2014

Michael Strahan and the rest of the 2014 class received championship style rings to commemorate their Pro Football Hall of Fame induction:

Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring

The legendary defensive end and now a media darling, received his Hall of Fame championship ring during the Giants’ Monday Night Football matchup with the Indianapolis Colts.

The presentation went better than the game as the Giants lost to Andrew Luck and the Colts, 40 – 24.

Strahan, is the Giants all-time leader in sacks, having accumulated 141.5 of them. He was inducted into the Hall this summer.

Here are some details about the Hall of Fame Championship Ring:

• The diamonds total 1.75 carats
• It is built around a blue gemstone
• Each inductee has a special engraving on the inside of their ring
• The ring is provided by Kay Jewelers

The Pro Football Hall of Fame championship ring has recently gone through a big upgrade. Older rings were not as large and did not contain diamonds. In a controversial move, the Hall of Fame has offered previous Hall of Fame inductees the chance to purchase   the new style championship rings.

Perhaps the NFL or Hall of Fame should have just presented the new style championship rings to the legends who helped to build the NFL and football into what its become today.

Among those that presented the ring to Strahan were fellow Hall of Fame legends, Frank Gifford, Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson.

They weren’t the only Giants in attendance, around 100 former Giants were at MetLife Stadium, including approximately 40 of Strahan’s former teammates.

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Super Bowl Ring Humor – This Time at the Eagles Expense

October 9, 2014

“License Plate Guy”, a super-fan icon of the New York Giants caused a stir this week in the New York media with his Eagles Jersey:

no superbowl rings, but two nfc championship rings

Just in time for the big Sunday Match-up of the Eagles and Giants, the New York media picked up on this story about “License Plate Guy” posing with two Giants – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Prince Amukamara during an autograph singing appearance this week.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been to the super bowl twice – each time coming away with a loss and an NFC Championship Ring. Here’s a little information about each ring shown above:

The ring on the left is from 1980 season when the Eagles lost to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV. The ring is 44 grams in weight and made of 10K yellow gold by Jostens. Although the ring is not covered in bling, it is a classic and elegant championship ring and highly desirable for it’s good looks.

The championship ring on the right is from the Eagles second Super Bowl appearance, during the 2004 season. The Eagles lost to Tom Brady and the Patriots in a close game. The ring was also made by Jostens and was upgraded to 14K white gold and weighed in at 69 grams (this ring is over 50% heavier than their first championship ring).

Terrell Owens’ did a very special thing with his 2004 NFC championship ring; he sold it on eBay for $48,200 to raise money toward Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

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The Many Super Bowl Rings of Bill Belichick

October 7, 2014

Having been a head coach, defensive coordinator, and coach in the NFL for five decades, Bill Belichick has amassed a lot of championship rings. Here they are:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Picture of Bill Belichick's super bowl rings and Bill Belichick's championship rings

There is no doubt that someday, Bill Belichick will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He started out in 1975 with the Baltimore Colts as a special assistant and than spent the next two seasons with the Detroit Lions. Next, it was on to the Broncos in 1978 as an assistant special teams coach. In 1979 he went to the Giants as a special teams coach and worked his way up to defensive coordinator from 1985 – 1990.

With his success as the defensive coordinator and two super bowl championships, he became a hot and sought after head coach prospect. He became the Cleveland Browns head coach in 1991 and lasted until the 1995 season and was then fired.

Next he spent one season in New England under Bill Parcells and then followed Parcells to the Jets from 1997-1999.

In 2000 he became the New England Patriots head coach and the rest is history.

Here are some of his amazing accomplishments:

He has won three super bowls with the Pats and two with the New York Giants. He as named NFL coach of the year 3 times. He has a 202-107 regular season record as a head coach and a 19-9 record in the post season.

Pictured are his many super bowl rings and AFC championship rings. For further information on each ring, search our blog site (tools on the right) using words such as “Patriots” and “Giants”. Information about each superbowl ring and championship ring will come up.

You can also view the championship ring presentation boxes on our website, just visit the home-page and click on the Super bowl ring gallery link.

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Tom Brady and Eli Manning’s 5 Super Bowl Championship Rings

September 26, 2014

The only other active quarterback that has at least two winning Super Bowl rings is Ben Roethlisberger.

Tom Brady and Eli Manning and their 5 super bowl championship Rings

Here’s a picture of Tom Brady and Eli Mannings 5 spectacular Super Bowl Championship rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Tom Brady and Eli Manning's Super Bowl championship rings

Brady’s were all made by Jostens and his last two winning rings are huge! Manning’s two were made by Tiffany and Company”

The ring on the left is from the Patriot’s first Super Bowl Victory – Super Bowl XXXVI. This ring sets the reoccurring theme on all the following rings. All three of Brady’s rings are made of solid white gold, covered with gorgeous white diamonds, and their colorful logo prominently displayed. This ring was considered quite large when it was made, possibly the largest super bowl ring ever made at that time.

The super bowl XXXVI ring is loaded with 144 diamonds and 2.63 carats. The 14K white gold ring weighed in at 72 grams. The wood presentation box was a magnificent ring holder with the super bowl XXXVI logo on top. You can see all of the presentation boxes in the Super Bowl Ring Gallery, a link is provided on this website’s home page.

The next ring shown, unquestionably was the largest super bowl ring every produced at the time it was awarded. This super bowl XXXVIII hit the 100 gram mark. It has 104 diamonds and two huge marquise diamonds, symbolizing the team’s second World Championship. The 14 carat white gold ring contained 5.05 carats of white diamonds and baguettes.

The wood presentation box is even larger than the Super Bowl XXXVI box. It contained two Lombardi trophies on the top and a football shaped window to allow the ring to be seen when the box was closed. You can see all of the presentation boxes in the Super Bowl Ring Gallery, a link is provided on this website’s home page.

The ring in the middle is the Patriots crowning achievement and the most stunning super bowl ring I have ever seen. This super bowl XXXIX ring is also made of 14K solid white gold and contains 111 diamonds. There are three Lombardi trophies to symbolize the team’s third world championship in four seasons. The ring is larger than the Super Bowl XXXVIII ring and is the largest ring ever produced (only the Ravens Super Bowl XLVII comes close.

A player once told me that this ring was too large and too heavy to wear everyday and he was a 300 pound, huge defensive lineman! Keep in mind that the Packers super bowl XLV ring is heavier, but not larger. This is because that ring is made of Platinum which is more costly and heavier than 14K gold.

The fourth ring from the left is the Giants Super Bowl XLII ring. The heavily favored, undefeated New England Patriots were upset by the Giants 17-14 in a thrilling game. In the picture above it looks like Brady has gotten over this huge loss.

The Giants chose Tiffany and Company to make this ring. It’s a large ring, weighing in at 72 grams and is made of solid 14K white gold. The ring contains three marquise diamonds inside of three Lombardi trophies to celebrate the teams third Super Bowl Championship. In a tribute to their sensational string of road victories that season, the team placed the phrase “Eleven Straight on The Road” on the side of the ring.

The last ring shown on the right is the Eli’s most current ring – the Giants fourth and final championship ring. The Super Bowl XLVI ring weighs in at a whopping 92 grams and is also produced by Tiffany & Company. The numerous blue rubies and blue stone on top is a visual improvement over Eli’s first Tiffany Super Bowl ring. The ring is made of 14K white solid gold.

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Super Bowl XXV Championship Rings – A Great Ending to a Thrilling Game

September 23, 2014

Pictured below are the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXV rings.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

New York Giants and Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXV rings

In one of the most thrilling super bowl games ever witnessed, the New York Giants held on during the final play of the game to beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19. The Giants ring, shown on the left, was designed and manufactured by Balfour and contains two large marques diamonds, symbolizing the team’s second Super Bowl Championship. The ring is slightly larger than the Giants first ring (Super bowl XXI) and weighs in at 47 grams and 10k solid yellow gold.

The Buffalo Bills ring, shown on the right was designed and made by Jostens. The ring is a 10K solid gold ring and weighs 44 and a half grams.

Recently I spoke with a player from that team, who’s not 100% positive, but believes the 1990 championship ring did not come with a real diamond. The player believes the championship ring was presented to the team with an imitation diamond. Imitation diamonds (known as cubic zirconia’s), look like real diamonds but don’t have any value.

The player informed me that Jim Kelly, the Bills Pro Football hall of fame quarterback, had a local jeweler in Buffalo replace the large cz with a real center diamond and further upgraded the championship ring it by setting an additional 16 small diamonds on the top of the ring.

The way the ring was designed, it paid tribute to the team’s stadium and the 16 “X” shaped patters on the rings are the stands found in the stadium.

The upgrade was a visual improvement and many players followed Jim Kelly’s lead by having the same jeweler upgrade their rings too.

Super Bowl XXV is remembered for Bills place-kicker Scott Norwood’s last-second field goal attempt which sailed wide right of the uprights. The miss lead the Giants to victory, and started a four-game Super Bowl losing streak for the Buffalo Bills.

It was the last Super Bowl victory for Head Coach Bill Parcells who later on coached other teams and went on to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Giants won with back up quarterback, Jeff Hostetler, who replaced injured Phil Simms late in the season.

The Giants set a Super Bowl record of ball possession – 40 minutes and 33 seconds. The Giants overcame a 12–3 second-quarter deficit, and made a 75-yard touchdown drive that consumed a Super Bowl-record 9:29 off the clock.

New York Giants running back Ottis Anderson, carried the ball 21 times for 102 yards and one touchdown, was named Super Bowl MVP. He was the first player to receive the newly named “Pete Rozelle Trophy” (named for the former commissioner).

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