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Lucky Fan Gets To Try On Some Seriously Amazing Super Bowl Rings

October 2, 2014

This lucky fan is showing 4 of the 5 Super Bowl Championship Rings from the San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco Super Bowl Championship Rings

Even though the first San Francisco 49er ring is missing from the picture, perhaps that’s a good thing: The first ring, from Super Bowl XVI, was smaller than the other four rings that came later on. It was made by Balfour and was a little under 40 grams.

Pictured in the above photo from left to right (and out of chronological order) are the following:

The ring on the left is upside down and is the most breath-taking San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl ring every made. It’s the 1994 Super Bowl XXIX ring, their last world championship ring. Made of 10K solid gold by Balfour, the championship ring weighs in at 52 grams. It is covered in diamonds, with 5 large marques diamonds to symbolize their five world championships.

The next ring is one of only three super bowl rings I need to finish my collection, it’s the 1988 Super Bowl XXIII ring. The ring is made of 10K solid gold and was made by Jostens. Like the ring to the left, it too has large marques diamonds to symbolize their world championships. In this case there are three, since this championship ring was presented after the team won their third Super Bowl.

The next ring (second from the right) is from 1984 when the Forty Niners beat Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX. The ring is made in solid 10K gold by Jostens and weighs 44 grams. It too has large marques diamonds inside the Lombardi trophies to celebrate in this instance, their second super bowl victory.

The final ring, shown on the far right, is a little hard to see. It’s the Forty Niner’s 1989, Super Bowl XXIV ring. It’s a large and beautiful championship ring, made of 10K solid yellow gold by Jostens. It’s the 49ers only “Back-to-Back” ring from their glory years and that exact wording adorns the side of the ring. Four large marquee diamonds are showcased on the ring, symbolizing their fourth world championship. In a departure from other 49er championship rings, the marquee diamonds are not part of Lombardi trophies. This large ring weighs in at 47 grams.

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Wow, It’s Been 20 Years Since the Forty Niners Have Won a Super Bowl

September 9, 2014

Once the NFL Leader in Super Bowl victories and championship rings, the last 49ers Super Bowl championship was from the 1994 season.

**photo description here**

After the San Francisco Forty Niners won Super Bowl XXIX they were undisputedly the best team in football, and the most successful NFL franchise since the start of the super bowl era.

Their 49-26 trouncing of the San Diego Chargers was the 49ers fifth Super Bowl championship in 14 seasons. They became the first NFL team to win five super bowls and their Super Bowl XXIX ring was an amazing piece, showing five Lombardi trophies on top of the ring (see our super bowl gallery for pictures of this ring).

If that wasn’t enough, they were one of the few teams to remain undefeated in Super Bowl games too, with a perfect 5 – 0 record.

The following season the Dallas Cowboys caught up, by winning their fifth Super Bowl championship (and their third in four seasons).

During the 20 year dry spell for the Forty Niners, the Pittsburgh Steelers tied them with their fifth Super Bowl victory in 2005 and surpassed the 49ers and Cowboys in 2008 with their league-leading sixth Super Bowl championship.

The Green Bay Packers and New York Giants are not far behind, having both earned their fourth Super Bowl championships during the 49ers drought.

The Forty Niners came close to ending their dry-spell in 2012, losing to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

Good luck to the Forty Niners, perhaps they can get back on top soon!

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Charles Haley And His Record Five Super Bowl Rings

August 24, 2014

Charles Haley played for the San Francisco 49ers (1986–1991, 1998–1999) and the Dallas Cowboys (1992–1996). He’s the only player in NFL history to have been on five winning Super Bow teams.

Charles Haley Super Bowl Rings
Charles Haley Super Bowl Rings

Haley was a fourth round draft pick in 1986. He played college football at James Madison University.

A versatile defensive player, Haley began his career as an outside linebacker, eventually progressing to pass-rusher and finally full-fledged defensive end. Haley had a reputation of being a volatile and unpredictable while at the same time he was known as an exceptionally talented and hardworking player. After his career was over, he was diagnosed as being bipolar which explained his volatility.

As a member of the San Francisco 49ers from 1986–1991, he was awarded championship rings from Super Bowl XXIII and Super Bowl XXIV following the 1988 and 1989 seasons, respectively. After having a conflict with the 49ers head coach George Seifert and a nasty physical confrontation with quarterback Steve Young, Haley was traded to the Dallas Cowboys in 1992. With the Dallas Cowboys, he won three more Super Bowl rings over the next four seasons in 1992 (XXVII), 1993 (XXVIII), and 1995 (XXX).

Although injuries would eventually force his retirement in 1996, Haley resurfaced for the 1998 playoffs to aid the 49ers, and then played for them in 1999. After his playing career was done, Haley turned to assistant coaching, and was a defensive assistant for the Detroit Lions.

In his 12 NFL seasons, Haley recorded 100.5 quarterback sacks, two interceptions, and eight fumble recoveries, which he returned for nine yards and a touchdown. He was also selected to play in five Pro Bowls (1988, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995) and was named NFL All-Pro in 1990 and 1994.

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Are Championship Rings Getting Worse?

June 24, 2014

The picture below of 4 super bowl rings is pretty revealing; it shows a disturbing trend in championship ring design and production.

Super Bowl Rings

The four rings above are the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII ring, the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring, the New York Giants XLVI ring, and the San Francisco Forty Niners Super Bowl XXIX Championship Ring.

The Forty Niners ring shown above is an old-style ring you never see anymore: It features yellow gold, and something almost as rare – color enamel paint on top of the gold (shown on the side of the ring, all the way on the right). Gold enamel adds color to championship rings (something most of today’s white gold and diamond-studded championship rings lack.

Although the ring is just about 20 years old, not only does it stand up well to today’s gigantic, 150-250 diamond studded trophies (err, I mean rings), in my opinion, it’s actually much more beautiful.

The picture of the 49ers championship ring reveals that the five marquise diamonds are huge – bigger than the diamonds of the other three rings shown. The ring also contains rectangular baguette diamonds located below each marquise diamond. This helps display the trophy-like shape of their five championships and also helps to break out the never-ending and repetitious tiny-diamond patterns found in the other three rings shown above.

The three other rings do try to sprinkle in a little color – The Seahawks and Giants rings, both made by Tiffany, contain a row of blue sapphire stones, and the Ravens have their mostly-purple logo on their ring. If it wasn’t for these feeble attempts of color, the three rings would lack almost any color at all.

Another silly super bowl ring trend is forcing the team logo onto the top of the ring. The forty Niner ring proves this is not necessary to make a brilliant, mesmerizing championship ring.

While the Seahawks and Giants rings were made by Tiffany, The Ravens ring was made by Jostens. Jostens has made the most super bowl rings by far. The Forty Niners ring was made by Balfour, and it’s the last time the ring manufacturer made a super bowl ring.

Perhaps it’s time to give Balfour another chance, or to reevaluate the direction these championship rings are heading.

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Ronnie Lott Shows off his Super Bowl Rings

June 8, 2014

Pictured below are the four Super Bowl Rings Ronnie Lott won as a player for the San Francisco 49ers:

Ronnie Lott's Super Bowl Rings

To call Ronnie Lott one of the best players of all time may be an understatement. Ronnie was rated the #11 NFL player of all time by the

He is a four time superbowl champion, having played on the Forty Niner teams that won super bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV.

Lott is a ten time Pro Bowl player and an 8 time AP First Team All-Pro.

Ronnie was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2000 class.

While Ronnie was gracious enough to show the world his beautiful and stunning championship rings, he did not put them in proper chronological order. Pictured above from left to right is his 2nd, fourth, first and third rings. Here’s some information on each ring.

The ring on the left is his Super Bowl XIX ring. The ring was made by Jostens and has two large marquise diamonds, symbolizing the two super bowl trophies the team won at that time. The ring is made of 10K solid gold.

The next ring, moving right, is his fourth and final ring, a superbowl XXIV ring. This was the largest ring Ronnie was awarded, and contained four large marquise diamonds, signifying the four super bowl championships the Forty Niners had won at that time. A nice touch to this ring is that on one side of the ring is recognition that the team won back to back superbowls, and shows the years “1988-1989″.

The third ring is Lott’s first super bowl ring. The Super Bowl XVI ring was made by Balfour in 10K solid gold. The ring pays homage to the city of San Francisco by having one side of the ring show the Golden Gate Bridge in the background with a football in for the foreground.

The fourth and final ring shown, on the right, is the Super Bowl XXIII ring. This ring was made by Jostens and with their third championship of the decade, boasts on one side of the ring that they were the “Team of the 80′s”. This ring contains three large marques diamonds in the Lombardi trophy, celebrating the team’s third Super Bowl title.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lott, his superbowl XXIII ring appears damaged. The large left marques stone is chipped and broken on top. You can clearly see it’s odd shape on the top of the ring. Jostens has a lifetime warranty for athletic rings, so Ronnie should send the ring back and have Jostens repair the ring.

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