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Is Peyton Manning’s Quest For a Second Super Bowl Ring Over?

January 16, 2015

With a new head coach coming to Denver, a torn thigh muscle, and past multiple neck surgeries, there is a looming chance that Peyton has played his last game.

Super Bowl Ring Humor

Should Peyton Manning retire, his winning Super Bowl ring collection will total one piece.

That lone, gorgeous ring, shown below, is from his playing days with the Colts.

Manning Championship rings

Payton did not win a National championship ring in college but has two additional AFC championship rings (both resulting from loses in two Super Bowl games).

While Payton can be considered the greatest professional football player of all time if you go by his regular season statistics, his post-season record is spotty.

His brother Eli has two Super Bowl rings and with the emergence of rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and the return next season of Victor Cruz from injury, Eli will be looking for this third Super Bowl ring.

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Super Bowl Ring Humor at Thanksgiving

November 28, 2014

This hilarious cartoon showed up on Twitter and although it did not have a reference to super bowl rings, Joe Somoza cleverly got the last laugh.

super bowl ring humor

All kidding aside, Eli and Payton Manning have some seriously beautiful super bowl rings.

We have showcased their three Super Bowl rings at my blog before, plus Payton’s two AFC championship rings.

If you would like to see pictures of all of their championship rings and learn more about these dazzling rings, use the search tool on the right and do a search on “Manning”.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

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Tom Brady and Eli Manning’s 5 Super Bowl Championship Rings

September 26, 2014

The only other active quarterback that has at least two winning Super Bowl rings is Ben Roethlisberger.

Tom Brady and Eli Manning and their 5 super bowl championship Rings

Here’s a picture of Tom Brady and Eli Mannings 5 spectacular Super Bowl Championship rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Tom Brady and Eli Manning's Super Bowl championship rings

Brady’s were all made by Jostens and his last two winning rings are huge! Manning’s two were made by Tiffany and Company”

The ring on the left is from the Patriot’s first Super Bowl Victory – Super Bowl XXXVI. This ring sets the reoccurring theme on all the following rings. All three of Brady’s rings are made of solid white gold, covered with gorgeous white diamonds, and their colorful logo prominently displayed. This ring was considered quite large when it was made, possibly the largest super bowl ring ever made at that time.

The super bowl XXXVI ring is loaded with 144 diamonds and 2.63 carats. The 14K white gold ring weighed in at 72 grams. The wood presentation box was a magnificent ring holder with the super bowl XXXVI logo on top. You can see all of the presentation boxes in the Super Bowl Ring Gallery, a link is provided on this website’s home page.

The next ring shown, unquestionably was the largest super bowl ring every produced at the time it was awarded. This super bowl XXXVIII hit the 100 gram mark. It has 104 diamonds and two huge marquise diamonds, symbolizing the team’s second World Championship. The 14 carat white gold ring contained 5.05 carats of white diamonds and baguettes.

The wood presentation box is even larger than the Super Bowl XXXVI box. It contained two Lombardi trophies on the top and a football shaped window to allow the ring to be seen when the box was closed. You can see all of the presentation boxes in the Super Bowl Ring Gallery, a link is provided on this website’s home page.

The ring in the middle is the Patriots crowning achievement and the most stunning super bowl ring I have ever seen. This super bowl XXXIX ring is also made of 14K solid white gold and contains 111 diamonds. There are three Lombardi trophies to symbolize the team’s third world championship in four seasons. The ring is larger than the Super Bowl XXXVIII ring and is the largest ring ever produced (only the Ravens Super Bowl XLVII comes close.

A player once told me that this ring was too large and too heavy to wear everyday and he was a 300 pound, huge defensive lineman! Keep in mind that the Packers super bowl XLV ring is heavier, but not larger. This is because that ring is made of Platinum which is more costly and heavier than 14K gold.

The fourth ring from the left is the Giants Super Bowl XLII ring. The heavily favored, undefeated New England Patriots were upset by the Giants 17-14 in a thrilling game. In the picture above it looks like Brady has gotten over this huge loss.

The Giants chose Tiffany and Company to make this ring. It’s a large ring, weighing in at 72 grams and is made of solid 14K white gold. The ring contains three marquise diamonds inside of three Lombardi trophies to celebrate the teams third Super Bowl Championship. In a tribute to their sensational string of road victories that season, the team placed the phrase “Eleven Straight on The Road” on the side of the ring.

The last ring shown on the right is the Eli’s most current ring – the Giants fourth and final championship ring. The Super Bowl XLVI ring weighs in at a whopping 92 grams and is also produced by Tiffany & Company. The numerous blue rubies and blue stone on top is a visual improvement over Eli’s first Tiffany Super Bowl ring. The ring is made of 14K white solid gold.

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