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A Beautiful Girl and Her Five Super Bowl Rings

November 13, 2014

Recently this photo was seen on twitter, a lucky gal showing off the five San Francisco 49er Super Bowl rings.

5 San Francisco 49er Super Bowl rings

How would you like to wrap your hands around those babies? Sorry, I’m a married man, so obviously I am talking about the five super bowl rings.

Looks like your typical corporate trade-show, and with some boxes seen in the background, perhaps it was time to set up the booth (the tag around her neck lead to my assumptions).

These championship rings probably belong to Dwight Clark (another assumption on my part). Dwight makes the rounds at a lot of corporate events and is famous for allowing fans and championship ring admirers the opportunity to try on his five super bowl rings! Besides, he is one of the very few people who have been awarded five San Francisco Forty Niners Super Bowl rings.

For more information on Dwight Clark and some close ups of his five championship rings, use the search button on the right to bring up previous blogs about him and his Super Bowl rings.

You can also visit the Super Bowl ring gallery, a link can be found from the home page of this site.

Please remember, I’m always buying championship rings and I especially love to buy Super Bowl rings (winning and losing rings). Please remember I don’t sell championship rings and I don’t trade championship rings.

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Dwight Clark Shows off His Five Amazing Super Bowl Rings And Something Else…

October 21, 2014

The photo on the right reveals something much rarer than five superbowl rings…..

Dwight Clark and his five super bowl championship rings

Dwight Clark is the proud owner of five San Francisco Forty Niners Super Bowl Championship Rings. You can clearly see all five in the photo on the left.

This blog has reviewed each of the five rings, in fact, more than once. For information on each ring please use the search too on the right to search for 49ers championship rings.

What I found very intriguing about the photo on the right, that appeared on Twitter this week, was the custom built, (dare I say, only one in existence) San Francisco 49er Championship ring box, designed to accommodate five super bowl rings!

Since the five super bowl rings were made by Balfour (Superbowl rings XVI and XXIX) and Jostens (Super bowl rings XIX, XXIII and XXIV) it’s highly improbable that either company would make a special presentation box. Besides, championship ring boxes are a pain in the neck to these companies so they subcontract out the making of championship ring boxes to third party companies.

The super bowl ring presentation box was probably made special for Dwight – it has slots for five championship rings and a glass display top with the 49er logo proudly displayed in the center. Glass presentation boxes have become very popular, replacing the old-style solid wood-top presentation boxes. The beauty of the new style presentation boxes is that they allow championship rings to be seen in all their glory while keeping the rings protected from dirt and dust.

By the way, for those keeping track, Dwight won two super bowl rings as a player, and the three later championship rings working in the 49ers front office!

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