September 27, 2014

Bill and Jesse Koch both played on all five of Nebraska’s national champion teams from the 1970s and the 1990s.

all five Nebraska rings

all five Nebraska rings

The son, Jesse Kosch, owns and runs a Nebraska merchandise shop, Big Red of the Rockies. Among the t-shirts and ball caps are a few unique pieces, signed photos of Jesse, his dad Bill, and a display of all five of the Nebraska Football national championship rings.

The father, Bill Kosch, was Nebraska’s starting defensive back in 1970 and 1971. Jesse, was the team’s punter in 1994, 1995 and 1997.

“I think somebody, when I was out at the store in Colorado, was like, are you the only father-son to have all the championship rings?” said Jesse Kosch. “And I was like, well, maybe!”

Bill Kosch’s Huskers were part of the Devaney Era, claiming Nebraska’s first national title and playing in the Game of the Century.

Bill Kosch’s favorite moment as a Husker came before the title, playing USC in 1970. “Playing under the lights in Los Angeles,” said Bill Kosch. “[I] picked off Jimmy Jones in the end zone, wasn’t exactly sure where I was, brought it out to the 25-yard line.”

Nebraska tied USC, then ranked third in the nation, and later that season went on to win the national title.

Bill Kosch says his favorite national championship was one of his son’s, the 1994 game against Miami.

“It’s just so dramatic. So rewarding. It’s so relieving, so tense,” said Kosch. “We just shut ‘em up. And it was just terrific.”

Jesse Kosch was recently honored for that game, and traveled back to Lincoln to be part of the Tunnel Walk Tribute to the 1994 Nebraska team.

Kosch’s favorite moment was during his senior season in his final game, the 1997 national championship against Tennessee (Payton Manning was the quarterback for Tennessee).

“I was like, ‘oh boy’, standing with your back to the end zone with 20-thousand orange people yelling at you,” said Jesse Kosch. “I had one of my best punts of my career right there.”

Bill Kosch was inducted into the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame in 1997. Jesse Kosch is still owns several punting records lists at Nebraska.

Surprisingly, some of Bill Kosch’s teammates also had sons on the 90’s championship teams, however, research has shown that no family has all five championship rings except for the Kosch’s.

“You think, wow,” said Jesse Kosch. “We were part of something that so far has never been duplicated.”

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