December 29, 2014

Recently I acquired a player’s White Sox World Series ring and was pleasantly surprised:

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Chicago White Sox World Series Ring

I had seen plenty of pictures of the 2005 White Sox world series ring and like many championship ring enthusiasts, I wasn’t very impressed with the design.

When the ring arrived, I was pleasantly surprised, this is one championship ring that looks much better and more impressive in person than in photos.

The first surprise is that the ring is quite large. Made by Jostens in 14K solid yellow gold, the World Series ring weighs in at 44.5 grams. The weight and photos hint that the ring is a smallish sized championship ring by today’s standards. In person, the ring is a lot larger than you would think.

The next surprise is that the ring feels like there’s a lot of bling, even though the photos show very small diamonds. In person the World Series ring diamonds pop out against a black onyx stone. The contrast is great and helps make the diamonds sparkle.

Here are more details about the ring: “The World Series ring was designed by Martyl Reinsdorf, the chairman’s wife and an accomplished jewelry designer, and was produced by Josten’s in Princeton, Ill. Each ring contains 14-karat yellow gold with a 14-karat white gold insert and a White Sox logo crest on a black onyx base stone.”

The ring contains 95 brilliant diamonds of various sizes, equaling over two karats. The player’s name and the team’s impressive 99-63 record is engraved on one side, with “World Champions, 2005, 11-1″ engraved on the other side.

The White Sox did a nice glass championship ring box, that helps to show off the beauty of the ring.

Please remember that I buy World Series rings and all kinds of championship rings. If you have a championship ring to sell, please reach out and contact me.

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