Why Jostens and the NFL permit this to happen is a mystery. Not only does it cheapen the accomplishment, it hurts Jostens in the wallet since they offer much better quality Ravens rings for sale on their website.

Replica Super Bowl ring for the Baltimore Ravens superbowl

If you want something cheap in price that’s similar to what the World Champion Ravens are wearing, eBay has a large selection of replicas. Most are made in China and list from $89-$250.

Some look fantastic. Other look like crap.

For $250 you can get a Joe Flacco replica in silver that looks really good. According to the seller’s description, the ring is solid copper and is silver plated with cubic zirconia stones (cheap, imitation diamonds). My experience has been that often, the materials of the rings don’t match the description. And if you plan on wearing them, they may oxidize, tarnish, wear, pit or rust. The gold-tone rings (gold in color) often wear and fade to silver color. Experience has shown that if you have patience and wait, the prices for these rings drop significantly over time.

Your favorite player’s name, or your name, is sometimes available. Some rings includes a fancy presentation box and custom finger sizes are sometimes available to fit your finger properly.

Some listings include the engraving of the postseason scores inside, just like the Ravens real rings. Others do not.

If you’re looking for something more official, and a ring that can be worn and hold up, Jostens sells a fan ring for $400. It’s similar to the ones the players and coaches wear, but is smaller and slightly modified.

And, if you are not a Ravens fan, the folks in China produce almost every winning (and sometimes losing) team’s championship rings. Just search on eBay.

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