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Brooks Robinson Places His World Series Rings In Auction

October 7, 2015

Now you can own one or two of Brooks Robinson’s World Series rings, coming soon to a Heritage auction:

Brooks Robinson World Series Rings

Brooks Robinson spent many years surrounded by his trophies, souvenirs, and the championship rings he earned during his Hall of Fame baseball career with the Baltimore Orioles.

The shelves in his home are now empty, the result of Brooks Robinson’s decision to auction more than 200 of his cherished items. All of the money raised will go to his charity.

The collection includes his World Series rings from 1966 and 1970 (as shown above), and each of Robinson’s 16 Gold Gloves trophies and his 1964 MVP Trophy.

I often discuss collecting championship rings, however, I’d like to point out that Gold Glove awards make an impressive and beautiful display item for a memorabilia collection and often sell for a fraction of the price of a championship ring. Keep that in mind for this auction and future auctions.

Chris Ivy, the director for Heritage Auctions, estimates the MVP Award will sell for at least $100,000. He anticipates that each of the World Series rings will sell for $80,000. Keep in mind that the 1966 World Series ring, shown above on the right has cracks and chips in the black onyx stone.

Heritage has projected the entire Brooks Robinson collection will bring in approximately $850,000, according to Ivy, who also noted that this is a conservative estimate.

Other Robinson pieces in the auction include game worn home and away jerseys, the Hickok Belt that Robinson received as the top athlete of 1970, baseball bats he used in several All-Star games and the Hall of Fame induction pin he received back in 1983.

“The Hall of Fame ring is all I have left,” Robinson said, and that’s the one championship ring he is keeping.

Robinson, 78, says “every cent” will go to the Constance and Brooks Robinson Foundation and is marked to be distributed to worthy causes.

The online Heritage auction for the Brooks Robinson Collection starts Tuesday and ends on November 6th. The website to visit and participate in the auction is

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Boston Championship Ring Mystery Solved!

October 6, 2015

Thanks to “Dralec”, a forum member at, who solved the mystery of how these amazing rings all came together:

Boston Championship rings

First the background of this mystery:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the photo below showing three recent Boston Championship rings. I requested assistance in determining how these rings all came together.

Boston Championship rings

Were they a promotional display of salesman sample rings? Or did someone actually own all three gorgeous championship rings?

Dralec let the championship ring collecting community know that Dr. Leibman owns all three of these rings. He’s with HandSurgeryPC and specializes in the surgery of the hand and upper extremity. Located in Newtown MA, it appears that Dr. Leibman is associated with the three teams.

Congratulations to Dr. Leibman on his fine collection of championship rings!

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The Chicago Blackhawks Unveil Their Newest Championship Ring

October 5, 2015

Last evening, the Blackhawks, on Twitter, showed off their newest Stanley Cup rings:

2015 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Ring

In my humble opinion, this Stanley Cup Championship ring should have been designed with a little color.

The Chicago Blackhawks open up their 2015-16 NHL season Wednesday evening with a special pregame ceremony. They will raise their sixth Stanley Cup banner and the organization will also show off their Stanley Cup champions rings from the 2015 NHL Season.

The Blackhawks celebrated last year’s Stanley Cup championship title on Sunday evening, during a private ceremony in downtown Chicago where they handed out the stunning championship rings.

The championship rings were designed and manufactured by Jostens. The rings contain an unbelievable 355 diamonds set in a 14-karat white gold ring. The diamonds on the top of the ring, form the Blackhawks’ iconic logo.

Jostens claims the championship ring is over 10.8 carats. As you can see in the photo above, the words “Stanley Cup Champions” surround the top and bottom of the top of the championship ring.

The left side of the ring features six Stanley Cups (representing the teams six titles). The bases of the cups are made out of diamonds while the right side features the Blackhawks’ secondary logo and the name and jersey number of each player.

On the inside of the championship ring, there’s an image of the Stanley Cup along with the team’s “One goal” motto and the scores of each Blackhawks’ playoff series games.

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What Championship Ring is That?

October 3, 2015

This photo from Twitter, posted this week, shows three championship rings that’s easy to identify, and a fourth that’s a mystery:

Dave Butz Championship Rings

The picture shows Dave Butz’s three championship rings associated with his three super bowls.

From left to right, starting with the thumb is a championship ring or hall of fame ring which I’m not able to identify (more on that later).

The next ring is Dave’s first Super Bowl ring – the Redskin’s Super Bowl XVII ring from 1982. The championship ring was made by Jostens in solid 10K yellow gold.

The next ring, is a huge (and upside) Super Bowl XXII ring from 1987. Championship ring enthusiasts who read my blog, know I’m not a big fan of this ring. The Super Bowl ring was made by Tiffany and I believe it was the first time Tiffany made a Super Bowl ring for an NFL team. The championship ring is cast in solid 10K yellow gold.

The ring on the right, is the Redskins 1983 NFC Championship ring – earned when the Redskins lost to the Raiders in Superbowl XVIII. That ring was also made of 10K solid yellow gold, by Jostens.

Now to the ring on the left:

I’m not sure if the ring is a College Hall of Fame ring, or a Pro-Football player ring. When I say pro-football player ring, any player who’s played in the NFL can have a championship ring made at their cost. The player has various options on style and engraving choices. I’d equate this to when you graduate High School or College, you can order a ring with plenty of options such as color, style, and engraving choices.

Dave Butz was elected to the College Hall of Fame in 2014, but I’m not sure if this is that ring, because the word “National Football” can clearly be seen on the top of the ring.

Equally puzzling is that I’ve never seen a NFL style championship ring as described above with the words “Hall” as in “Hall of Fame” also clearly spotted on the ring.

Perdue, Dave’s alma mater, is also seen on the side of the championship style ring.

Perhaps rings are coming with more options these days, the championship ring probably is either the NFL ring players are entitled to, or a College Football Hall of Fame Ring.

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Hurry Up and Buy This Championship Ring – No Questions Asked!

October 2, 2015

What a strange encounter I had this week – an old friend emailed me with a chance to buy a pretty cool championship ring. However there were few details!

buying championship rings

My pal said he came to me first, and I had about 24 hours to buy the championship before he would move on to the next person.

I appreciated that and told him so. I had purchased two championship rings from him in the past and both deals went well.

He asked me what I thought was a very fair question – How much would I pay for his championship ring?

The first sign that this would not be an easy transaction was that the team had won multiple championships and he hadn’t even told me in his email which year this championship ring was from.

Besides that vital piece of information, here’s what else I needed to make an informed offer:

  • Was it a player’s size ring, or a smaller, front office ring?
  • Did the championship ring contain real diamonds or imitation diamonds?
  • What condition was it in?

    When I asked these three important questions, in an email reply, I realized, my buddy hadn’t even sent me any pictures of the championship ring!

    Other things I subsequently asked by email:

  • How many grams was the ring (an excellent indicator if it’s a player size championship ring, or a front office smaller version)
  • What engravings are inside the championship ring?
  • How about pictures with the inside engraving?
  • Did the championship ring come with it’s proper wood presentation box?

    And perhaps the most important question about this championship ring: What paperwork will be included, proving that the original recipient sold his championship ring?

    Within about 12 hours of my 24 hour deadline, the emails that went back and fourth between us, made me realize that answers to these many questions were few and far between – including the most important one about paperwork.

    When he hinted at the high cost he wanted for this ring, and still providing scant details, I politely told my friend that I was out of the running for this championship ring (still not even knowing what year it was from).

    I reminded him that the next time he contacts me with another championship ring to make sure it has solid paperwork and that he can address these questions next time.

    Please remember, I buy championship rings, (I just may need to have a little information than this instance). If you would like to sell your championship ring, please get in touch with me.

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