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Jostens and N.Y. Mets Team Up For The 2015 National League Championship Ring

March 11, 2016

Here’s a look at the Mets current collection of World Series and Championship rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)New York Mets World Series Rings

Jostens announced this week that they have been awarded the assignment to create the championship rings to celebrate the New York Mets’ 2015 National League Championship.

Mets’ management have been collaborating with the Jostens Championship design team including Josten’s Master Jeweler to design and produce the championship rings for the ball players and key members of the organization.

The championship rings are due to be presented in April (gee, that’s next month!).

“Jostens is honored to once again work with the New York Mets to create a ring that commemorates their National League Championship,” said Chris Poitras, vice president, Jostens. “This gives us an opportunity to design a truly unique ring to help tell the story and celebrate the Mets historic season. We look forward to presenting the rings and seeing the entire organization’s reaction.”

Unlike their cross time rivals, the Yankees, the Mets have a lot less championship rings. While the Yankees have only used Balfour for decades on their World Series rings and American League championship rings, the Mets have been much less steady.

In 1969, The Mets chose Jostens to make their very first World Series ring.

Four years later, when they lost to the A’s in the World Series, the Mets picked Balfour to make the 1973 National League championship ring.

In 1986, when the Mets won their second World Championship, they stuck with Balfour for that year’s World Series Ring.

And finally, back in 2000, the during the team’s last appearance in the fall classic, the Mets picked Jostens to make their 2000 National League championship ring.

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Patriots Player’s 2004 Super Bowl Ring Sells on eBay

March 10, 2016

In a wild closing, the Super Bowl XXXIX Ring sold for $37,877.77:

2004 Patriots Super Bowl ring

Yesterday, one of the most iconic and beautiful Super Bowl rings, ever designed and manufactured, sold on eBay.

Early in the week there was one bidder, and the ring sat all week at the initial starting bid price of $20,000.00.

Then things finally changed within a couple of hours of closing. In the last hour or two, there were a few bids that nudged the Super Bowl Ring price to about $20,500.00. Then in typical ebay fashion, in the last minute of the auction all hell broke loose. The bidding in the final minute took the ring up to $37,877.77.

The championship ring was sold by a pawn shop, who claimed the player had a loan against the Super Bowl ring and defaulted on the loan.

Like so many Super Bowl rings before it, this Super Bowl ring was once considered the largest and most bling-packed championship ring ever.

While newer Super Bowl rings have been heavier than this 103 gram monster, such as the Packers 2010 Super Bowl ring, or larger (but a hair lighter) such as the Patriots 2014 ring, none have been able to capture the magic or wow factor of this ring.

Two 2004 player Super Bowl rings have sold at auction houses, one for $66,000 and the other in the mid 50′s. Both ironically, didn’t include the ultra-rare and huge championship ring box.

The player ring that sold yesterday at auction was a great deal, selling below $40,000.00 which proves that good deals could still be found, although very rarely now on eBay. Yesterday’s championship ring sale, also did not include the box.

I actually own a Pats 2004 championship ring box that’s currently for sale on ebay. Here’s a photo from my current eBay listing:

2004 Patriots Super Bowl ring box

Hopefully, one of the three owners of this Super Bowl ring will contact me and buy my Super Bowl ring box.

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Super Bowl Rings and Broncos Butchery

March 9, 2016

If you can’t wait to own a real 2015 Broncos Super Bowl ring, you can now order your very own, at eBay, for only $27.99:

Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring

As most championship ring enthusiasts know who read this blog, I’m not affiliated with any of these championship ring replica manufacturers or sellers.

In fact, I am disgusted and puzzled that Jostens, Tiffany, Balfour, eBay and the professional sports leagues allow these crappy and poor looking championship ring wanna-bees, for sale on eBay and other internet sources.

While the general public has no idea at this time what the new Broncos Super Bowl 50 rings will look like, and while the quality of the $27.99 championship ring shown above is awful, it’s possible that Jostens will make a ring design that’s similar to what is shown above.

For once, I have to give these fly-by-night championship ring manufacturers credit: a horses-head Broncos logo with precious stones laid over three Lombardi trophies with three large marquis football-shaped diamonds is a nice idea.

If Jostens decides to go with this design format, will they have to give a commission or need to deal with a Chinese firm claiming “stolen design copyrights” ?

If the Super Bowl ring shown above is not to your liking, or you realize who wants a Super Bowl ring that will probably not look like the real one, the same seller is peddling a Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII ring in a separate eBay auction. And there’s even better news – the Super Bowl XXXIII ring, shown below will only set you back, $16.99.

Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII ring

Please remember, I buy real championship rings (although I get offered these crazy fake replicas all the time). If you have a real championship ring and you would like to sell it privately, please reach out to me.

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The Super Bowl Ring That Got Left Behind

March 8, 2016

Boomer Esiason and his New York radio sidekick, Craig Carton, told an interesting story this week about a Giants Super Bowl ring:

Giants Super Bowl XLII ring

Craig Carton attended an event over the weekend where he hung out with some football players, football players with Super Bowl rings.

One of the players, wearing a Tiffany Super Bowl ring that he won with the Giants, had some fun with Craig.

For a reason that makes no sense if you know Craig Carton, this former Giant Super Bowl Champion, who will remain anonymous in this story, loaned his prized Super Bowl XLII ring (the one when the Giants beat Pats the first time) to Craig.

And wouldn’t you know, Craig, as listeners to the popular radio show would probably predict, proceeded to misplace the Super Bowl ring.

Listen to how Craig got into and out of this mess and the role that Boomer Esiason played in the story.

Giants Super Bowl XLII ring

Here’s a link to the site and audio:

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Is Jostens Pulling Ahead In The Super Bowl Ring Race?

March 7, 2016

The photo below was recently tweeted and helped me realize some significant things regarding recent Super Bowl rings:

recent Super Bowl Rings

The gorgeous picture above shows the three most recent Super Bowl rings and it’s quite revealing.

The photo was taken at the NFL Headquarters, located on Park Avenue in New York City.

As I have written about many times, you can’t walk in off the street, get in the elevator and go to lobby of the NFL. Security is incredibly tight and you must be invited to the NFL headquarters to visit.

Once in the lobby of their offices, you can see the most amazing display of Super Bowl rings known to man. Every single winning Super Bowl ring is displayed (actually they’re salesman samples but close enough).

Here’s what the photo reveals:

1) Although Tiffany and Company has made plenty of recent Super Bowl rings, including the Giants last two, the Saints only one, and the Seahawks only one, Tiffany is losing momentum.

I say that because as the photo shows, Jostens has made the last two of the three Super Bowl rings (they made the Pats and Ravens Super Bowl rings shown above, and Tiffany manufactured the Seahawks ring). And, keep in the mind that the Broncos have already selected Jostens to make their new 2015 Bronco Super Bowl ring.

2) In my humble opinion, the two Jostens Super Bowl rings shown are much nicer in design and implementation than the Seahawks ring.

3) The final revelation in the photo is that Patriots ring is so much larger and massive than any other Super Bowl ring ever produced. It’s quite evident as you can compare the last three Super Bowl rings.

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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