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Owner Paul Allen offers fans chances to win replica Seattle Seahawks Rings

July 1, 2014

Seahawks owner Paul Allen will award 12 replica rings to 12 fans who submit photos of their “Virtual Super Bowl Ring” using the Seahawks mobile app.

seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Championship Ring

Seahawks players and coaches received their Super Bowl XLVIII championship rings in a special ceremony back on June 19 at the EMP Museum in downtown Seattle, but now Seahawks owner Paul Allen is offering 12 lucky 12s a chance to win a replica of the ring which signifies the capture of the first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.

While the replica rings are a far cry from the diamond studded versions the players received, the replica rings are made by Tiffany, the same company that produced the player’s rings.

The replica rings are made of sterling silver and don’t contain any diamonds.

For the technologically-challenged (like me), trying to decipher Allen’s latest tweet, here’s some help:

First, you’ll need to download or update the current version of the Seahawks mobile app for your iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone device at

Next, take a photo using the application’s new “Virtual Super Bowl Ring” feature.

Last, share that virtual bling on social media using the hashtag ‘#SuperBowlRing’ for your chance to win.

Good luck!

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The Three Modern Day Red Sox Championship Rings

June 30, 2014

Jostens and the Boston Red Sox Teamed Up To Make A Trio Of Magnificent Championship World Series Rings.

Boston Red Sox World Series Championship Rings

Pictured above are the three recent World Series Championship Rings of the Boston Red Sox. What I admire most about these rings is how they are so similar in style and size. Most other teams that are fortunate to win multiple championships in a short time span, don’t have rings that look this similar to each other. Typically, their 2nd or 3rd rings are much larger than their first, and/or the designs take on a radically new look.

The first World Series Championship from 2004 is shown in the middle. Instead of making a ring in 10K or 14K gold, the Red Sox opted for more expensive 18K gold. While no one can argue that 18K gold is more money and more prestigious, the ring would be softer and much more susceptible to wear if regularly worn.

Hopefully, the players and staff that receive an 18K diamond studded ring will take great care of it. The ring came with magnificent wood presentation box and had “86 years and 10-27-04″ engraved on the inside (the day they won the world series).

The next championship ring, the 2007 version, is pictured on the left. This ring was made of 14K gold and will experience less wear over time than the softer, 18K, 2004 ring. Inside the ring are the engravings “Boston Red Sox” and “10-28-07″ (the day they captured the world series).

The third and final ring, from 2013 is similar in size to the first two rings (all three rings are very large rings, much larger than their arch rival New York Yankee rings). Perhaps these rings were rushed, but one thing missing on this ring is the Red Sox toe and ankle markings found on their logo and properly represented on the 2007 rings. This ring is a 4 carat white gold ring with 126 diamonds. Inscribed next to “10-30-14″ is an etched image of a beard with the words “Bearded Brothers” engraved above it.

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Here Come The Cheap Replica Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Rings

June 29, 2014

It’s a shame that Tiffany, Jostens, the NFL, and eBay permit this to happen. Not only does it cheapen the accomplishment, it hurts the ring manufacturers in the wallet since they sometimes offer much better quality items for sale on their website.

fake Seattle Seattle Seahawks Replica Ring

If you want something cheap in price that’s similar to what the World Champion Seahawks are wearing, eBay might have a large selection of replica championship rings soon.

The companies in China that have brought us so many cheap championship rings that sell on ebay are gearing up to make knockoff Seahawks ring.

Most of the replica rings for sale are made in China and list from $59-$250.

Some look fantastic. Other look like crap.

One website is already offering a Seahawks ring for $212. It comes with a Russell Wilson shank and is made in a silver color that looks good.

My experience has been that often, the materials of the rings don’t match the description, and if you plan on wearing them, they may oxidize, tarnish, wear, pit or rust. The gold-tone rings (gold in color) often wear and fade to silver color. Experience has shown that if you have patience and wait, the prices for these rings drop significantly over time.

Your favorite player’s name, or your name, is sometimes available. Some rings includes a fancy presentation box and custom finger sizes are sometimes available to fit your finger properly.

Some listings will probably include the engraving of the postseason scores inside, just like the Seahawks real rings. Others won’t.

And, if you are not a Seahawks fan, the folks in China produce almost every winning (and sometimes losing) team’s championship rings. Just search on eBay.

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Brad Jacobs’ Stolen Olympic Championship Ring Recovered by Police

June 28, 2014 – By The Canadian Press, Postmedia News

Curling champion Brad Jacobs was thrilled when they called him to say his stolen ring from the 2014 Sochi Games had been recovered.

olympic championship ring

The expensive engraved jewelry was stolen from a motel room in Boyle, Alta., where the gold-medal winning skip was taking part in a charity golf tournament last weekend.

RCMP Cpl. John Spaans (SPANZ) says Jacobs wasn’t holding out much hope that the ring would be found.

That made him all the more pleased when an officer called to tell him the ring had been found in the attic of a house.

A 22-year-old woman is facing charges and a man, also 22, is still being sought by police.

The woman is to appear in a Boyle courtroom in August.

Other personal items belonging to Jacobs and another theft victim were also recovered.

“He was pretty thrilled … He was surprised, first off, then pretty happy obviously. With such a small item, you’re really looking for a needle in a haystack,” Spaans said Friday.

“He had said if we ever found it to call him right away.”

Spaans said the two suspects were identified as the result of tips from the public and video surveillance.

“We put out the press release asking for public assistance and people started thinking back about strange activity they’d seen or hadn’t reported to the police yet,” he said.

“And through all those complaints … we were able to connect these two and go back and review video footage from the motel and … that subsequently led us to a house in town.”

The ring was not part of the booty presented to Jacobs at the Olympics. He and his teammates had the option to have the rings made and purchased them on their own.

He had been heart-broken about the theft, saying he had hoped to someday pass the ring down to his children, and had pleaded with the thieves to give it back.

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It took 20 Years for a High School Football player to finally get a championship ring

June 27, 2014

A touching story of how much this ring meant to a former High School Football player.

championship ring

Kevin Boehning was a star student athlete and musician at Maryknoll High School in the 1980s, and as a sophmore, was part of the first Pac-5 high school football team that won the Hawaii State Prep Bowl Championship.

Pac 5, made up of several small to mid-sized Hawaii high schools including Maryknoll, beat Waianae High School in the Aloha Stadium, 14 to 7.

Kevin, an offensive guard and defensive tackle who also played on some special teams, had already ordered a high school class ring, and said his family couldn’t afford to get a Prep bowl ring back then. Twenty years later, he still regretted he didn’t have a ring from that memorable day.

In 2001, when Kevin began dating Amy Hangman, he told her about his cherished football win, and disappointment over not having the keepsake ring. The subject came up because Amy, then a class adviser and teacher at Waialua High School, was helping her students order their own class rings.

Ironically, the Balfour ring makers who were in charge of Waialua High’s rings, were coincidentally the same ones who made Kevin’s team’s rings all those years ago.

The representative from Balfour was able to find the mold for the ring from 1982 – it was still on file. And then as is protocol, he hunted down the team’s coaches to verify Kevin was on the team. Once everything was confirmed, he had the ring made.

When Christmas came around, their first Christmas together, Amy wrapped Kevin’s ring in several boxes, one inside the other.

Kevin laughed because wrapped Amy’s gift the same way.

When he got to the last box, and saw what was inside, Amy said: “Kevin actually cried.”

“That was the best Christmas gift ever,” Kevin said.

Little did Amy know, Kevin bought her an engagement ring, and wrapped it up in a number of boxes as well.

“Kevin always gets the best gifts. He is a true romantic. He even wrote me my own song and sang it in a club. I can never outdo him ever. I thought I would outdo him – and I did – almost, until he gave me a wedding band,” Amy said, laughing.

Kevin, who now works as a drummer for Bone Canyon and is an Environmental Compliance Specialist for the Hawaii Army National Guard at State of Hawaii Department of Defense, called the exchange “cosmic.”

The couple married in 2002. Kevin is still deeply in love with his wife, and posted the story and photos on Facebook this week recounting the story, adding “Love ya hunny!” Amy is now a teacher at Mililani High School.

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