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New Super Bowl Ring Column Coming To This Blog

January 21, 2017

I’ve been meaning to do this theme for a while and it will kick off shortly.

Rocky Bleier and the Pittsburgh Steelers 4 Super Bowl rings

Now that there are 50 unique Super Bowl Rings, it would be a great time for me to rank them from worst to first in a blog series that will probably take about a year to finish.

Those who read this championship ring blog know that about once a month, I run a blog series of the winning and losing Super Bowl rings from a particular Super Bowl That column was started around 3 years ago with Super Bowl I and goes on to the next game when the blog series is updated. Because it now only updates with a fresh blog entry about once a month, we are up to Super Bowl XL.

That blog series will continue, but the new one, where I rank each Super Bowl ring will be updated on average of once a week. I will show plenty of pictures on each winning Super Bowl ring including the two shanks and presentation box and I will go into detail as to why I feel the championship ring is ranked where it is in the list of 1 – 50.

Please, if you disagree with my opinions, or have ideas or additions, please contact me and I will give you credit in the blog.

Meanwhile, the great photo shown above is Rocky Bleier’s four Pittsburgh Steeler rings, earned as a player in the 1970s.

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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One Man Has All Four Packer Super Bowl Rings

January 19, 2017

Special thanks goes out to my buddy Dale, a huge Packers fan and championship ring collector. He informed me that Willie Davis, just like Joe Greene from yesterday’s blog, has every single Super Bowl ring from his team.

Willie Davis and his four Packer Super Bowl rings

Willie Davis, a Hall of fame football player, has been awarded all four Packer Super Bowl rings. Reportedly, he is the only person that has been given all four Super Bowl rings by that organization. Think of that amazing fact, he’s the only person in the world who can make that claim (however, there are Super Bowl ring collectors like me, who own all four as well).

He earned his first two Super Bowl rings as a defensive end, the third as a member of the Packer’s board of directors (1994-2005), and the last Super Bowl ring as an emeritus director.

Davis, now 82 years old, is proud of all four Packer Super Bowl rings, but the last one he was awarded as a player, capping the Packers’ three straight titles under Head Coach Vince Lombardi following the 1967 season, is his favorite one. “There’s no question the last two rings have more bling, as they say,” Davis said, and he added, “I can tell you the ring with the three diamonds, the second Super Bowl, and what was encompassed in that with three consecutive championships, that has resonated with me.”

Besides the four Super Bowl rings, Davis also has earned four additional championship rings, bringing his total to eight: Of the four non Super Bowl rings, two are from pre-Super Bowl championships while playing for the Packers, one from his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, and one from his Black College Football Hall of Fame induction.

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Actually, Joe Greene Has Six Super Bowl Rings!

January 18, 2017

The photo below shows Greene with his four Steeler Super Bowl rings, each earned as a player. He was awarded two additional Super Bowl rings while employed in the Steelers executive office:

Joe Greene and his Steeler Super Bowl rings

Joe Greene owns six Steeler Super Bowl Rings. Every football fan knows he won four when he was a player and was one of the most dominant defensive players to ever play professional football.

Outside the Rooney family, Greene is only one of four people to have earned Super Bowl rings from all six Steeler Super Bowl titles. That’s an amazing achievement.

One of the best Super Bowl ring quotes I’ve heard came from Greene, who famously said “You can go to a bank and borrow money. But you can’t go to a bank and borrow a Super Bowl ring. The ring is like a crown.”

Greene, after retiring from professional football, spent one year in 1982, as a television analyst for CBS and then became an assistant coach for the Steelers. He stayed with the team for 16 seasons and then moved on to coaching positions with the Dolphins and later the Cardinals.

In 2004 he retired from coaching and became the Special Assistant For Player Personnel for the Steelers, where he earned those two final Super Bowl rings.

Greene now 70, is retired and living in Texas. Should the Steelers win their record seventh Super Bowl next month, my hunch is that Joe Greene will be awarded a seventh Super Bowl ring too.

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A Possible New Trend – Political Championship Rings?

January 17, 2017

I tried to find out more information but came up empty on the ring below. It appears that a clever entrepreneur came up with a great way to make money selling a political championship ring:

2016 Donald Trump Political Championship Ring

As we all know, politics have become very divisive. Whether you love Trump, or hate him, or fall somewhere in-between, you have to give this ring designer and manufacturer credit.

They came up with a way to sell a championship-sized political ring commemorating Donald Trump’s winning the 2016 Presidential election while avoiding any trademark or copyright infringements.

Please don’t write and tell me how wonderful or terrible Donald Trump is. I’m not here to discuss politics; I only discuss and showcase championship rings at this blog site.

I have no idea if this championship ring is made of white gold but since it lacks diamonds, I’m guessing it’s made of a base metal.

You can see the word “President” going across the top of the championship ring, with the last name “Trump” underneath it.

The designer of this championship style ring, made sure to include “USA” as shown above, and Trump’s most famous pronouncement – “Make American Great Again”.

Last, the designer appears to show bricks as in a “Brick Wall” as a way to pay homage to Trump’s most controversial promise – building a wall and promising to make Mexico pay for it.

Again, please don’t write to me, I’ve carefully stayed neutral in today’s championship ring blog as to not infuriate either political side.

Remember, I buy championship rings, but not political championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Chicago Cubs Looking For 20 Biggest Fans To Help Award Championship Rings

January 16, 2017

What an unusual and special gesture on the Cubs part:

Chicago Cubs World Series Rings

The Chicago Cubs are allowing their 20 biggest fans a once in a lifetime chance to participate in the World Series championship ring ceremony, by holding a contest looking for 20 of their most fanatical fans.

Entrants need to record and submit a video online, where they nominate their candidate. The lucky winners will get tickets to the Cubs game against the Dodgers on April 12 at Wrigley Field, and before the game, have the unique opportunity to present players with their World Series rings on the field before the start of the game.

The Championship Ring Bearer Fan Contest runs until February 14 (Valentine’s day). The videos need to be uploaded to Twitter with hash-tag #CubsRingBearer. Videos shouldn’t be longer than one minute, and must include why the nominee deserves to participate in the championship ring ceremony.

According to a spokes-person for the team, the Cubs are searching for fans who display “authentic passion and enthusiasm for Cubs baseball.”

Here’s the link to the video of this story:

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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