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The World Championship Rings of The Philadelphia Eagles

December 7, 2014

Recently this tweet appeared – the problem is that the person who posted it got his facts all wrong.

Philadelphia Eagles Championship rings

There’s a lot of teasing on the internet these days about the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles have never won a super bowl and lack any super bowl rings.

Although they appeared in Super Bowls XV and XXXIX, both times they came away without a victory.

Here, Big Pillz thought it would be a good idea to show that the image he found, had the facts all wrong. Big Pillz erroneously believed that the their three championship rings shown are NFC rings. Next, he claims they are “not the one we know today” (whatever does that mean?).

The image does show the three World Championship rings (also known as NFL championship rings the Eagles have won).

An interesting note is that the 1949 ring is identical to the 1948 ring except for an updated reference to the year that appears on the side of the ring.

You can’t blame the Eagles for the fact that the NFL had fewer teams back then; they won the championships in 1948 and 1949 and were truly World Champions of Professional Football.

I guess Big Pillz can make an argument that in 1960, a brand new league called the American Football League debuted. The Houston Oilers won the 1960 AFL championship during their inaugural season. Their championship rings say A.F.L. Champions by the way.

Anyone who knows their football history wouldn’t believe for a moment that the upstart 1960 Oilers would be a superior team to the 1960 “World Champion” Eagles, so there should be no issue with the 1960 “World Champion” Eagles or their 1960 NFL Championship ring.

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Super Bowl Ring Twitter Mishaps

December 6, 2014

While this doesn’t qualify as a photo bomb or super bowl ring humor, consider this a reminder; If you’re lucky enough to post a picture of you and a championship ring, don’t do this:

Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl Rings

In my latest find on Twitter of a fan wearing a championship ring, I see Ryan posing with three winning Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl rings. The rings shown from left to right are the Steelers Super Bowl XLIII, XL, and XIV rings.

Some collectors refer to the rings (again from left to right) as Super Bowl rings from the 2008, 2005, and 1979. What makes the roman numeral system so much more accurate in identifying a super bowl ring is that the big game itself is played early in the following year and not during the same year as the actual season (ie, the Steelers played and won Super Bowl XLIII during the 2008 season, although the game was played in February of 2009).

So Ryan did pretty well with the photos; they are basically in focus, the championship rings are correctly placed and not upside down, and he is smiling. Things go wrong when he tries to post his message and tell the Twitter world about his shinning moment.

I hate to nitpick but the tweet would have been a much better post if his words made sense.

Oh well, better luck next time.

I know this championship ring blog has not had much news lately or shown rare photos of championship rings. I promise, I will be starting a series of new stories and brand new photos of super bowl and championship rings very soon.

Thank you for your emails and messages and for reading this blog!

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Beer and Championship Rings – The Best Combination Ever!

December 4, 2014

I never thought I would write a blog about beer and Super Bowl rings, but look what showed up on twitter this week:

Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl Rings

A Pittsburgh brewing company, called Iron City Beer, has a long history with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the photo above, you can see four super bowl rings and the Steelers famous quest for a fifth ring (also known as “one for the thumb”).

We know these cans were made during or before the 2005 season, since the Steelers won their fifth super bowl that season.

Besides being really cool, it turns out that these cans are somewhat collectable.

I don’t think the beer cans specifically mention the Steelers by name, or the super bowl, and while I wish the ring illustrations were more realistic, these issues are probably the result of avoiding huge licensing costs from the NFL, Steelers, Balfour and Jostens (the two championship ring companies that produced the Steelers first four Steeler super bowl rings). I love the fact that the cans are in the Steelers colors.

For more information about Steeler rings, please use the search tools located on the right side, or visit the super bowl ring gallery from the start page of this website.

I buy championship rings so if you are thinking of selling a super bowl ring, or championship ring, please get in touch with me.

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Rust Never Sleeps With Championship Rings – Part II

December 3, 2014

Recently I wrote a blog about Balfour World Series Rings and oxidation issues. Here’s evidence that this happens on Jostens championship rings too.

AFC Championship Ring

The ring pictured above is a Buffalo Bills player’s 1993 AFC Championship ring (also known as a Super Bowl XXVIII Losing Ring).

The ring was made by Jostens and it’s exhibiting oxidation issues as seen beneath the red-onyx stone in the photo above.

To see the original story on oxidation inside championship rings, please use the tool on the right and search for “Rust”.

The oxidation is caused by the fact that championship ring manufacturers, sometimes insert a thin layer of metal under the onyx stone and when it gets exposed to moisture it can change the look of the sapphire or onyx stone.

Balfour and Jostens offers lifetime warrantees to the original ring recipients and these rings can be fixed.

I’m sorry to report that if you buy a championship ring from the original recipient, the warranty is not honored by Jostens and Balfour.

Please remember, oxidation or not, I buy championship rings. If you have a championship ring you want to sell, please contact me.

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While Buying Two Giants Super Bowl Rings This Week I Learned a Really Cool Secret

December 2, 2014

An amazing 7 days for me, I purchased a New York Giants player Super Bowl XLVI ring and then a few days later purchased his teammate’s XLII and XLVI championship rings.

New York Giants super bowl rings box

While good weeks like this come and go, and are probably a little boring to report to the readers of this championship ring blog, I was able to confirm an interesting tidbit about Super Bowl ring presentation boxes. Because players are close with other players and those relationships span many teams, what I am about to report may be an upcoming trend; and championship ring collectors should take notice:

The player revealed to me this week that because he had won both Giant Super Bowl rings, he and the other teammates that accomplished the same feat received the standard Tiffany Wood Presentation box, but they also received an additional championship ring box designed to hold both rings.

The player gave me a choice whether to purchase the duel championship ring box or the two original super bowl ring boxes. I wound up purchasing all three boxes.

As I mentioned above, this could be the start of a new trend – players in the future may be receiving additional championship ring boxes to house multiple championship rings when they are fortunate enough to earn multiple championship rings with the same team.

Please know, I buy championship rings. If you have any championship rings you are looking to sell, please get in touch with me.

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