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Couple finds championship ring, needs help finding owner

July 9, 2015

A Mississippi couple purchased a 2014 High School football championship from a local pawn shop, with the intension of returning it to the rightful owner.

Football Championship Ring

The couple went public with the story so that others could help them return the ring to the original recipient of the championship ring.

Winford Moody said the couple was at a local pawn shop when they spotted the championship ring and purchased it, wanting to return it to the football player.   The pawnshop claimed that someone else had previously found the ring and sold it to the pawn shop.

The championship ring is made of non gold and imitation diamonds, but probably has tremendous sentimental value to the original owner.

“We feel like this ring is valuable to (someone else),” Moody said.

The championship ring is from the 2014 football season of the Laurel High School Golden Tornadoes.   Because the ring contains a jersey number, the couple believes the ring belongs to Laurel High School student Malik Tarrell, a running back for the football team.

If you have any information, please contact Winford Moody. His phone number is 601-513-9527.

Please remember, I purchase championship rings, just ones that are not lost or missing.   Please let me know if you have one or more to sell.

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Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Canadians championship rings stolen

July 8, 2015

Two championship rings were stolen from an home near Toronto and police are asking for the public’s help to track them down.

Toronto World Series Ring

“They took everything that meant anything to me,” said the homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified. “Items from my grandparents, from my dad who has died, my mom who has died. I just wish that I could get them back.”

Police say about $500,000 worth of jewelry, including a 1993 Toronto Blue Jays World Series ring, and a Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup ring from 1977, were stolen from the home.

The local paper mentioned that Championship rings routinely sell for upwards of $10,000.   They should have clarified that the figure is accurate for front office rings, while player rings could bring a lot more than that.

The victim told CBC News that her father owned the championship rings, and that his name was inscribed on one of the stolen rings.   Toronto is 335 miles from Montreal, so I’m not sure what kind of championship rings these were, or if the father had a relationship with both teams.   Perhaps he was a team executive or physician for both teams?   Team executives and physicians do get championship rings as well as the players.

The victim said she didn’t want to disclose her identify for fear of her home bring broken into again.

David Boechler, who works with A.H. Wilkens Auctions & Appraisals, said the value of a ring depends on “the history behind it and whose it was.”

He said the rings would have to be sold on the black market or melted down.   While knowledgeable championship ring collectors often insist on paperwork and providence, many collectors don’t; and sadly do purchase stolen championship rings.

“Unless you melt it down, it’s always going to be identified as stolen,” Boechler told CBC News. “I don’t understand what value [the thieves] see in it other than melting it.”

Anyone who hears or comes across these rings, or who has information about the theft, is asked to contact police. They can also anonymously contact Crime Stoppers.

Please remember, as long as they are not stolen, I buy championship rings.   Please let me know if you have any to sell.

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Johnny Bench items including championship rings to be auctioned at MLB FanFest

July 7, 2015

Baseball memorabilia items, awarded to and owned by Johnny Bench, will headline the 11th Annual Live Auction at the All-Star FanFest during the Major League Baseball All-Star Game events in Cincinnati.

Johnny Bench Championship Ring

“The Johnny Bench Collection” is comprised of personal items that is owned by the Hall of Fame catcher.

A portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Johnny Bench Scholarship Fund through the Cincinnati Scholarship Fund. The fund benefits college undergraduate students who demonstrated solid academic and athletic credentials in high school and are in need of financial support to continue their education at college.

“All of my trophies and awards hold special meanings,” Bench said in a press release. “I am including some very special ones in the All Star Auction. The sale of some these items will benefit my Johnny Bench Scholarship Fund that was created in 1984. Since that time, more than 500 kids have graduated because of the fund. I hope you take pride and enjoy my treasures with your bidding.”

The championship rings from Johnny Bench, featured in the auction include his 1978, 1979, 1980, and 1983 all star rings.

Keep in mind, that unlike traditional championship rings and World Series rings, all star rings are not made of gold and they don’t contain real diamonds.


On another note, there’s a story circulating on the internet about a wonderful weekend, Julian Edelman’s Patriots Super Bowl ring had (yes, you read that correctly).   The picture and theme of the story is not rated “G” or “PG” and I don’t think it is appropriate to do a story on my championship ring blog about this, so here’s the link; you can visit this story and see the picture for yourself: Dirty Super Bowl Ring story

I buy championship rings all the time!   Please contact me if you would like to sell your championship ring.

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Here Come The Super Bowl XLIX Ring Knockoffs!

July 6, 2015

Knockoff championship rings from the Patriots recent Super Bowl victory, are showing up for sale on eBay.

Patriots Super Bowl XLIX ring

How in the world does, eBay, the NFL, Jostens, and the New England Patriots allow the sale of knockoff championship rings?

I am not affiliated with anyone making or selling knockoff rings and I am not endorsing them.   Buying from shady sellers, who sidestep the law, can be disastrous, and good luck trying to get your money back if you purchase one of these items and are disappointed with them, or worse, they don’t show up in your mailbox.

However, since they’re for sale, and championship ring collectors and Patriots fans are buying them, I’m going to blog about them.

The seller of this replica Super Bowl XLIX ring, can easily be found on ebay.   The top of the ring looks pretty accurate, and I have to admit, they nailed the inside engraving too (you can see for yourself at eBay).

The maker of this replica championship ring did a poor job on the two sides of the ring, but for the $99.00 selling price, it’s hard to argue or talk someone out of wanting to purchase this ring.

Another issue to consider before purchasing this Super bowl ring: Can we be sure the ring is sized correctly?   The manufacturer had no idea as to what the real size of the authentic super bowl ring is so I’m sure it’s an educated guess.   It’s probably not close to the correct size.

If the buyer wants to wear the ring, it will probably discolor and some of the replica diamonds may fall off, since they are glued in.   However, if the buyer wishes to display this ring on a shelf or in a glass enclosure, the championship ring should hold up well.

If you decide to purchase this replica championship ring, keep in mind they always go down in price as other replica championship ring manufacturers jump in and make this ring too, so you’re better off waiting to purchase the ring.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you have a real championship ring (sorry, no replicas or salesman samples), please let me know.

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The Patriots Four Super Bowl Rings on the 4th of July

July 4, 2015

Because today’s a special and patriotic day, here’s a photo (that ties in with American Independence) that shows the Patriots four Super Bowl rings and offers the best view to date of their relative sizes:

New England Patriots Super Bowl rings

While I’m no fan of the Patriots (in fact I am a huge fan of one of their division rivals), I do love Super Bowl rings and I have to admit, these four championship rings are stunning.

Yes it kills me how the team has been caught cheating during two of their championship years, not to mention the controversial “tuck rule” that helped the team win their first Super Bowl ring.

Anyway, this is a great photograph that shows the rings together and displays how Kraft and his organization has done a great job in keeping the run of championship rings in a similar theme.

I love that each ring is smothered in diamonds, and with all the white color of the gold and diamonds, the black antiquing between the lettering, combined with a red and blue Patriot icon, help make the championship rings stand out.

The newest Patriots Super Bowl ring, shown on the far left is so much bigger than the other rings and is easily the largest super bowl ring ever created.   Probably because of it’s huge production cost, the Patriots had this ring, unlike the first three Super Bowl rings, cast in 10K gold, not 14K gold.

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July, and I guess for one day a year, we can all be Patriots (yuck, did I say that? I love America but not the New England Patriots football team).

Please remember, I buy championship rings so if you have one to sell, please let me know!

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