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Derek Jeter Deserves A Career Ring Too

September 7, 2014

Ring companies have licensed and created a few memorabilia career rings for New York Yankee legends.   I hope Derek Jeter’s next.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

New York Yankee Championship Career Rings

Here’s some interesting facts about the New York Yankee career rings shown above:

The ring on the left is the Joe DiMaggio career ring. In a nod to Joe’s most historic accomplishment, 56 of these rings were produced. Almost as exciting as the ring, each ring came with a letter from the Joe DiMaggio estate, hand signed by Morris Engelbert who was DiMaggio’s lawyer. Also included was a baseball painted with a picture of DiMaggio and Joe’s autograph. Each ball was signed by DiMaggio and included him hand signing the phrase “Yankee Clipper” in quotes. Additionally, each ball was numbered and the number matched the engraving on the ring and paperwork.

The ring contained 14 diamonds, was made of 10K gold and engraved with “Balfour” and the unique production number. The ring and ball were housed in a beautiful wood and glass presentation box.
You hardly ever see these rings, presentation box and baseball come up for sale, so it’s hard to estimate what they would go for.

The most well know career tribute ring is the Mickey Mantle one. Pictured above in the middle, inside each ring is a unique production number stating that the ring is # X of 536. The 536 represents his career number of home runs. Although the run was intended to go until 536, at most, only 350 were produced (probably due to limited demand). The ring is make of 10K solid gold and contains 6 diamonds. The ring was made by Balfour and came with a nice wooden presentation box.

The ring was fully authorized by the Mantle family. Occasionally, you can find these championship sized rings for sale. They sell for around $5,000.00.

The ring on the right is a Yogi Berra Career ring. This ring contains 12 real diamonds and is made of 14K gold. The ring is engraved with “LGB 14K” which is a common and proper abbreviation for Balfour. I am not sure if this ring is authentic or how many were produced. I don’t recall seeing any other Berra rings so I am not sure what the value would be.

I hope that Balfour, Steiner Sports, or the Yankees make a Derek Jeter career ring in a similar style to the rings shown above.

I have never seen a Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig career ring but those should be designed and manufactured too. I have seen a few Don Mattingly career rings but I am sure, due to the poor quality, that they are not authentic or authorized.

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Who Would Buy This Championship Ring Presentation Box?

September 5, 2014

There’s a lot of outrageous and silly asking prices on ebay.   Here’s one of the worst:

Texas Rangers 2011 Championship Ring Presentation box

Pictured above is an authentic presentation box that used to house an authentic championship ring from the Texas Rangers 2011 American League Pennant-winning season.

The seller isn’t even accepting “best-offers”, the buyer either pays the full price of $549.99 or he can’t have this beauty.

Obviously the big problem with the ring box is the broken and cracked glass. Jostens will probably not fix the box if the repair request does not come from the Team or the original championship ring owner. If the seller could have, I’m sure he would have sent it back to Jostens for repair.

The ring box did not belong to a player, it was awarded to a front office person (which further hurts the value). The original recipient’s name is located in the lower middle of the glass, but has been hidden to protect their identity.

Another factor that hurts the value of this box, as if we needed more issues to lower the value, is that the Texas Rangers lost in the 2011 world series, so this is not a world champions presentation box.

The ring is not included, but if it was a players ring, it would contain 155 diamonds totaling 2 carats and weigh 51 grams. The ring and box, made by Jostens was created in 10K white gold.

Even if the championship ring presentation box was in pristine condition, $549.99 is a silly price, so I guess the buy-it-now offer is down-right hilarious.

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Derek Jeter’s Seven Yankee Championship Rings

September 4, 2014

Jeter’s career is coming to a close and it doesn’t look like he’ll be acquiring any more championship rings.   Here’s what his 7 Yankee Championship rings look like:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Derek Jeter's Yankee Championship World Series Rings

The ring on the left is the 1996 World Series Champions player version. This ring and every ring in the picture were made by Balfour. Balfour has made every single New York Yankee ring since the early 1940′s, a span of almost 75 years!

The 1996 ring is made of solid 14K gold and weighs 45 grams. Player’s rings have the large center diamond where the “N” and “Y” meet. Don Zimmer received his ring without the center diamond as did front office staff and lower level coaches and scouts. Zimmer was so angry, he never forgave George Steinbrenner for this.

The ring second from the left is the 1998 World Series Championship ring. Also made by Balfour, the player’s version was done in 14K solid yellow gold. Many front office people and scouts received a 10K version but with the same number of diamonds. Both versions contain 45 diamonds and the 14K player version weighs 36 grams while the 10K version weighs 32 grams.

The ring third from the left is the Yankees 1999 World Champions ring. This is one of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen. The “NY” is mounted on a blue onyx stone and that causes the diamond encrusted “NY” to visually pop out. The players received 14K versions and the ring was made by Balfour. The championship ring contains 99 diamonds and weighs 49 grams.

The next ring, is the Yankees 2000 World Series Ring. This ring, and the two rings immediately to the right of it, are quite rare. Only key executives, coaches and players received 2000 rings. The reason production numbers were scaled back on this ring and the two to the right, was that George Steinbrenner was very annoyed that a few of the championship rings from 1996, 1998 and 1999 were sold on eBay. George took it as a personal insult and cut back on the production and distribution of championship rings. The 2000 World Champions ring was made by Balfour and weighs 51 grams.

The next ring shown is an American League 2001 championship ring (given when a team loses the World Series). It’s a large and heavy ring, weighing in at 56 grams. Continuing a Yankee tradition from the 1950′s and 1960′s, when the Yankees lost in the world series, their American League championship rings featured the famous Yankee top-hat logo.

The ring second from the right is from 2003. This American League championship ring is almost identical to the 2001 version, except Balfour improved the design found inside the top-hat. They accomplished this by replacing the tiny colored stones found in the 2001 ring with solid large stones in the 2003 version.

The last item, all the way on the right, is Jeter’s and the New York Yankees last championship ring. The 2009 Yankee World Series ring is 48 grams in weight and is loaded with 109 diamonds. Although this ring was made by Balfour, this championship ring broke a few Yankee traditions:

1) With George Steinbrenner in deteriorating health, and his family were running the day-to-day operations, they decided to award almost all of the Yankee employees with championship rings.

2) Not only did virtually the entire staff receive rings, they were the exact same size, weight and the exact 109 diamond version that the player’s received. The Yankees even matched the 14K gold content the players received. To date, approximately two dozen have been sold by the original owners of the rings (I wonder how the Steinbrenner family feels about this).

3) The Yankees broke tradition and awarded rings in white gold, not yellow gold. The rings like all their player-ring predecessors, were made in 14K solid gold.

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Kevin Boothe shows off his super bowl rings for a good cause

September 3, 2014

Want to create a great advertisement?   It helps to own two huge super bowl rings to grab people’s attention:

New York Giants Super Bowl Rings

Kevin Boothe played college football at Cornell and was the first player drafted from that college since 1997. Booth was a three-time all-Ivy league selection.

With his ties to Cornell, Booth helps run a football camp there.

Boothe was drafted by the Oakland Raiders and became their starting right guard.

He was waved by the raiders in 2007 and was claimed by the New York Giants. He won Superbowl XLII and XLVI and was awarded the two magnificent championship rings shown above. Boothe was the starting left guard in Super Bowl XLVI.

After Boothe became a free agent after the 2013 Season, he signed a two-year contract with the Oakland Raiders.

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Fake and misleading championship rings continue to plague eBay

September 2, 2014

The ring on the left is currently on sale at ebay, claiming to be an “authentic Green Bay Packers” Super Bowl ring.   It’s clearly a fake when compared to the real ring on the right.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI ring

Ebay is loaded with fake championship rings and they contain very misleading descriptions or stories.

Other championship rings on ebay are not fake but have misleading descriptions or omissions in their description.

The ring shown on the upper left is currently for sale on ebay and is described as an “authentic” salesman sample. The maker of the ring even had the balls to put fake “Jostens” marks inside the ring.

It’s a shame these rings are sold and later on it’s a sad day when the buyer finds out they were ripped off.

Because of the many fake salesman samples in the market place, the price of real salesman sample rings has nose-dived. Some of the better auction houses have given up accepting salesman samples as they can lead to trouble when proved they are not real.

I have alerted many auction houses in the past when I see fake rings. Some appreciate the help and remove the rings from auctions. Other auction houses bury their heads in the sand, refusing to loose a potential sale.

You can thank Irv Lerner for this mess. The self-names, “Ring Man” has made many fake salesman samples over the years, even putting fake “Jostens” and/or Balfour markings inside the ring.

Irv used to put his fake rings for sale on ebay. Ebay would do nothing about this, so I used to put real rings on ebay and price them the same as Irv’s. This way when bidders would sort by price, the two rings would show up next to each other. I’d point out why Irv’s rings were fake. His sales stalled because of this tactic!

Irv has single handedly been more responsible than anyone else in the ring market for the declining prices and problems with salesman samples.

Thanks Irv!

Irv and others will tell you such fables as “Salesman sample rings are sometimes prototypes, made and later modified and improved upon”. Or their favorite, “when the ring manufacturer moved they lost the molds and the molds were redone, that’s why the rings look slightly off”.

Don’t believe that hogwash – while it’s true that Balfour and Jostens have lost a few molds over the years, they would never produce the shoddy rings that are for sale as “Authentic” salesman samples.

Be careful out there when buying rings, it’s a jungle!

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