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Charles Russell reunited with SEC championship ring

June 12, 2014

Charles “Boonie” Russell’s 1974 SEC Championship ring, earned during his time at the University of Alabama, was returned to him by Martha Ann Wyatt after it was pawned off nearly 40 years ago.

sec University of Alabama championship ring

More than 30 years ago, a pal of Russell’s sold the 1974 ring to a pawnshop. The two had planned to return for the ring later, but before that happened, Russell headed to Mexico to play basketball. He ended up making a career out of it, spending 20 seasons playing internationally.

Russell said he didn’t think too much about that championship ring since he still had his 1975 SEC Championship ring.

“It was pretty much forgotten after the first few years since I was in a different country,” Russell said. “As time passed, it was like it had never really existed. It’s hard to live in one country and be in another, so it didn’t really cross my mind.”

While Russell was playing in Central and South America, a new owner found his ring.

Martha Ann Wyatt of Coaling, Ala. had been a lifelong fan of Alabama basketball. When her friend asked her if she was interested in a 1974 Alabama SEC Championship ring from a local pawnshop, she gladly took it, paying a measly $50.

Wyatt cherished the ring, keeping it in a homemade display case among her other Alabama memorabilia, but she had always intended to give the ring back if and when she had the opportunity.

Russell said he was lucky for it to have been bought by such a caring fan.

“It was a great surprise, but I considered it more hers than mine,” Russell said. “She had been taking care of it for almost 40 years. I just had it a few, but she wouldn’t hear of not giving it back.”

That opportunity came in March when Alabama played Auburn and recognized the 1974 team on the 40th anniversary of their SEC championship season. Both Wyatt and Russell were in attendance.

Wyatt approached Russell and told him she had his ring. He was shocked and excited to get to see the championship ring again.

Wyatt scheduled a time for them to get together and return the ring.

Russell and Wyatt were finally able to meet at Wyatt’s home in Coaling on May 13, Russell’s 61st birthday.

Wyatt’s care for the ring and its significance ensured a special birthday for Russell.

“Getting to see the ring would have been special on any day of the week, but it did make a nice birthday present,” Russell said. “It being my birthday didn’t make her giving it back special. There are special people in the world that do special things. She’s a real sweet young lady.”

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Denver Broncos Receive Their 2013 AFC Championship Rings

June 11, 2014

Although Peyton Manning said he doesn’t plan on wearing his 2013 AFC Championship ring, many of his teammates feel differently about their award.

Denver Broncos 2013 AFC Championship Ring

While the Denver Broncos want to put the 2013 season in the rearview mirror, On Monday they paused to take a look back during a team meeting when they received their AFC Championship rings. Coach John Fox, former Broncos great Tom Jackson and Manning, at Fox’s request all spoke to the team about their accomplishment and the importance of completing the journey this season.

“We talked about the things that were positive about it and we talked about how we still want to go a step further,” Manning said.

“We had a good healthy meeting and everybody’s on the same page. We did a lot of good things last year and we need to build on those things. You just don’t go out and go a step further because you went that far last year. It’s why did we get that far last year? It’s because we put a lot of hard work in and we had a great off-season and a great training camp. We’re off to a start that way as well but we have to go out and do it again and then try to find a way to finish it.”

When Manning was asked if he planned to wear his AFC Championship ring. Without a hesitation, he said, “Probably not.”

Many of Payton’s teammates, particularly, those who are new to the league were more excited about their rings and tweeted comments and pictures.

No information was released from the team or ring manufacturer so it may be a while before we learn more about the rings, but here’s what I have been able to piece together so far:

The ring was made by Jostens and it’s the first Super Bowl or AFC/NFC championship ring made with a multi-color onyx stone. The means that the blue stone on top of the ring shows different shades of blue and makes a really nice pattern when light hits it.

Many teams symbolize their super bowl appearances by putting larger diamonds on the rings for each trip to the big game. In a strange twist, there are 6 such diamonds on this ring, yet Super Bowl XLVIII was the team’s seventh super bowl appearance.

Speculation is that the small diamonds in the center represent the 7th appearance, however, the Patriots last AFC Championship ring had both large diamonds for each Super bowl appearance, and additional small diamonds on the ring.

The ring has images of Mile High Stadium and the 2013 AFC championship trophy and is capped with a glass presentation box.

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Ladies with Super Bowl Ring Bling!

June 10, 2014

The day before Super Bowl XLVIII took place, Katie Couric tweeted this amazing photograph. The photo shows five beautiful Superbowl rings, all worn by owners and executives of their respective team.

super bowl rings

Interestingly, although Jostens has made the most super bowl rings by a large margin, every single ring shown above was made by Tiffany and Company.

Here are some interesting facts about the people wearing the rings, and about the super bowl rings themselves.

Rita Benson LeBlanc is wearing the New Orleans Saints super bowl XLIV ring. She is the Vice Chairman of the Board of the Saints and the granddaughter of Tom Benson, principal owner of the team. Rita is a rising star in the world of professional sports as she chairs the NFL Employee Benefits committee and has been identified as Tom Benson’s intended successor as principal owner of the team.

The Saints ring shown, from the 2009 season is the last Super Bowl Championship ring to be made in 14 carat yellow gold. It’s in yellow gold because it matches the teams colors. Every single Super Bowl Championship ring from that time forward has been made with white gold.

Another hand shown in the photo belongs to Carolyn Tisch-Sussman. Her family co-owns the New York Giants. Although she does not work for the Giants, she is doing quite well. She graduated from Yale university, magna cum laude and then received an M.B.A. from Harvard.

A third hand is from Carolyn’s sister, Emily Tisch-Sussman. She is the Director of Campaigns at Center for American Progress Action Fund.

The final hands belong to Laurie Tisch. She is showing two New York Giants Super Bowl rings – Super Bowl XLII and XLVI. Laurie’s father, Preston Robert Tisch, bought a half-interest in the Giants back in 1991.

The New York Giants 2007 Super Bowl ring was made by Tiffany and is 14K white gold. The ring has three large marquee diamonds, each representing the three super bowl championships the team had won. The ring contains the final score of the game (Giants 17, Patriots 14) and the other says “Eleven Straight on the Road,” a nod to the NFL record set by the Giants in 2007.

The 2011 Giants ring, is covered in brilliant white diamonds and has four Vince Lombardi Trophies, commemorating the team’s four titles. Each trophy contains a marquis diamond. The top of the ring includes 37 blue sapphires and is made in 14 carat gold.

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Green Bay Packer Community Steps Up to Help Replace Lost Super Bowl Ring

June 9, 2014

This story proves that Green Bay Packers supporters are a class act and look out for each other.

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV ring

My pal, Green Bay Packer Superfan Steve “The Owner” Tate, has received two offers to replace his commemorative Super Bowl XLV “paperweight ring” that was stolen at a event May 24 charity event.

Tate, a fixture at Packers games since 1998, can be found at many Packers-related charity events around Wisconsin and around the country.

One offer to replace the lost ring came from a local automobile dealer who heard about the theft.

“I just felt bad that a really good guy is having this problem,” said John Bergstrom, a member of the Packers executive committee and board of directors. He offered to give Tate the paperweight ring that adorns the desk of his Neenah office, and to include a limited-edition hat that was given to team members after the Packers Super Bowl win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011.

A second offer came from the company that made and sold the rings, Tate said. He said Josten’s — based in Minnesota — contacted him to offer to replace the ring for free.

Numerous other fans posted on Tate’s Facebook account, saying they wanted to donate money to replace the ring and to help him look for it, or both.

None of this would have been necessary had Tate’s actual ring, which he purchased for around $160, been returned after a woman and her friend borrowed it during a Special Olympics fundraiser at a tavern outside West Bend.

Over the years, Tate has let hundreds of fans at Packers games and charity events borrow the ring to take pictures. Until now, they had always given it back.

Local Sheriff’s deputies are treating the disappearance as a theft. They said they have pursued several leads related to the identity of the woman who took it, but so far have come up empty.

The dueling offers have left Tate in a minor quandary. He termed Bergstrom’s offer “fantastic,” but said he felt a bit uncomfortable accepting a ring that belongs to another person.

“The last car I bought was from Bergstrom’s,” he said. “But in this case, I would feel more comfortable accepting the ring from the company. They said they had a few extras.”

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Ronnie Lott Shows off his Super Bowl Rings

June 8, 2014

Pictured below are the four Super Bowl Rings Ronnie Lott won as a player for the San Francisco 49ers:

Ronnie Lott's Super Bowl Rings

To call Ronnie Lott won of the best players of all time may be an understatement. Ronnie was rated the #11 NFL player of all time by the

He is a four time superbowl champion, having played on the Forty Niner teams that won super bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV.

Lott is a ten time Pro Bowl player and an 8 time AP First Team All-Pro.

Ronnie was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2000 class.

While Ronnie was gracious enough to show the world his beautiful and stunning championship rings, he did not put them in proper chronological order. Pictured above from left to right is his 2nd, fourth, first and third rings. Here’s some information on each ring.

The ring on the left is his Super Bowl XIX ring. The ring was made by Jostens and has two large marquise diamonds, symbolizing the two super bowl trophies the team won at that time. The ring is made of 10K solid gold.

The next ring, moving right, is his fourth and final ring, a superbowl XXIV ring. This was the largest ring Ronnie was awarded, and contained four large marquise diamonds, signifying the four super bowl championships the Forty Niners had won at that time. A nice touch to this ring is that on one side of the ring is recognition that the team won back to back superbowls, and shows the years “1988-1989″.

The third ring is Lott’s first super bowl ring. The Super Bowl XVI ring was made by Balfour in 10K solid gold. The ring pays homage to the city of San Francisco by having one side of the ring show the Golden Gate Bridge in the background with a football in for the foreground.

The fourth and final ring shown, on the right, is the Super Bowl XXIII ring. This ring was made by Jostens and with their third championship of the decade, boasts on one side of the ring that they were the “Team of the 80′s”. This ring contains three large marques diamonds in the Lombardi trophy, celebrating the team’s third Super Bowl title.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lott, his superbowl XXIII ring appears damaged. The large left marques stone is chipped and broken on top. You can clearly see it’s odd shape on the top of the ring. Jostens has a lifetime warranty for athletic rings, so Ronnie should send the ring back and have Jostens repair the ring.

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