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Have You Ever Copied A Famous Championship Ring Pose?

March 28, 2017

I hear that many great football players do the iconic Heisman Pose all the time. Championship Ring collectors are not so different:

Famous Championship Ring poses

The photograph above is a recent gem from Twitter. The poser did a nice job of getting his championship ring placements exactly right. He can even brag that his championship rings are larger than Michael Jordan’s. Twenty years of championship ring growth and evolution will do that every time to the size of championship rings.

Hunter didn’t get the proper head-turn, but he nailed the finger, placing it on his temple in the same spot as Michael Jordan did so many years ago.

This photo brings back memories; a few years ago, the controversial and well known championship ring dealer from Tennessee did another famous “pose”, emulating Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell and seven of his NBA championship rings.

I couldn’t resist, I resized the photo of the ring dealer, and pasted it along side Russell’s famous photo in a similar side by side comparison, just like the photo above.

So if anyone wants to send me a photo of them and some championship rings, where they are copying a famous photograph, I’ll publish it and give them credit.

And just for the record, emulating a famous championship ring picture is something I’ve never done or plan too. It’s not that I wouldn’t want too, it’s just I would probably brake the lens camera!

Meanwhile, please remember, I buy championship rings all the time. If you would like to do a private deal, please contact me.

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U.S. Congressman Believes U.S. Can Recover Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring

March 27, 2017

Many citizens on both sides of the political spectrum, believe politicians are clueless. Here is quite possibly, proof:

Robert Kraft's Stolen Super Bowl Ring

U.S. Congressman Peter King (not the well-known NFL writer/reporter Peter King) told TMZ last week that he believes the FBI’s recent recovery of Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl 51 jersey was “more important than what the FBI Director said about wiretapping and more important than Russia.” Really…. is that what King believes?

It gets even kookier….

King praised FBI Director James Comey for continuing the relentless investigation into the stolen jersey, despite not being a Patriots fan. King said Comey is a “good leader” for directing all that effort in tracking down a valuable jersey for “a guy he hated.”

However, there’s still another open situation: The stolen Super Bowl ring that has yet to be recovered; and this one will be a lot more difficult to get back.

During a meeting in St. Petersburg in 2005, Patriots owner Robert Kraft offered Russian President Vladamir Putin the chance to try on his Super Bowl XXXIX ring. Putin did just that and then after briefly wearing it, proceeded to put the 124-diamond championship ring in his pocket. He never returned the Super Bowl ring to Kraft, claiming he believed it was a gift. Months later, Putin claimed he did not even remember meeting Kraft.

In the TMZ interview, Congressman King declined to comment on the chance that he personally requested President Trump assist him in getting the Super Bowl ring back after their recent plane trip together. Wouldn’t King have just said “No” to the TMZ question if King did not request the President’s help? Also, King called Putin a “thief” and Kraft a “victim.”

King went on to explain that getting the Super Bowl jersey returned to Brady was “a solid first step” and believes that proper teamwork and effort could produce similar results for Kraft’s missing Super Bowl ring.

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How To Sport Fake Rings and Other Perils In Championship Ring Collecting

March 25, 2017

I just finished my latest comprehensive article for the fantastic publication Gridiron Greats Magazine. If you don’t subscribe, perhaps you should:

Gridiron Greats magazine and championship rings

It’s not easy authenticating a championship ring that you’re contemplating purchasing. If it was a snap, there wouldn’t be numerous people who’ve been fooled and victimized.

Examine the photo below of two New York Giants Super Bowl XXI rings. Virtually anyone shown the fake ring on the left, without a magnifying glass and an authentic Super Bowl ring readily available for comparison, would conclude that the ring on the left was authentic.

Fake Super Bowl rings

It’s not.

Even looking at the fine details on the side of the ring will fool almost all examiners:

Fake Superbowl rings

While I touch on many themes on my championship ring blog, a repeating column in Gridiron Greats Magazine allows me to go into much further details on the subject matter of championship rings.

So, reach out to the magazine and get a subscription; You’ll learn in the next issue how to identify fake championship rings. In the following issue after that, I’ll continue this story and go into detail about issues and concerns you should have about authentic rings, as there are sometimes hidden issues with authentic championship rings too.

To order a subscription to this great magazine, please visit their website:

Always remember, I buy authentic championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring and have complete privacy in the transaction, please contact me.

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An Inexpensive Championship Ring Display Made From A Plastic Cube

March 24, 2017

This is a great solution for those looking to display championship rings without spending a lot of money:

Championship ring display cases

Championship ring displays usually don’t come cheaply. Wood and glass hinged display cases, with custom etching, can cost hundreds of dollars. Elaborate display systems that can house dozens of championship rings, and sometimes provide security locks too, are expensive as well.

The plastic baseball cube shown above costs around $5.00 and as we can see, do a very nice job. You can place these cubes side-by-side, and then when you run out of room, stack your championship rings and cubes on top of one another.

I’m not selling these items, and you’re probably better off customizing your plastic cube yourself.

Notice that the championship ring cube shown above has some neat features: The builder used an inexpensive team-patch and probably glued it to the rear-wall. Next, they purchased a custom engraved plate to describe the championship ring in detail and placed it in front of the ring. Last, and hard to understand exactly how it was done, they secured a mounting device to hold the championship ring.

What’s cool about the device used to hold the championship ring is that is appears to allow viewing of the inside of the ring. So somehow, the ring holder grabs and secures the ring from the back side of the championship ring.

While this plastic baseball cube is terrific for replica championship rings that cost $10.00 to $100.00, I’m not sure it’s a good solution for an authentic championship ring.

Please remember, I buy championship rings! If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl XLII

March 23, 2017

Continuing my slow but steady blog series about championship rings from each Super Bowl, here’s a review of the championship rings from Super Bowl XLII:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)New York Giants and New England Patriots 2007 Super Bowl rings

I’m sorry that’s been so long since I last wrote a new installment on each Super Bowl ring, there’s been a lot of other championship ring items to blog about.

I’m also apologizing, that the pictures of the incredible championship rings displayed above, show my web address.   It’s not done for self promotion….

If I didn’t include the web-address, other web sites would steal my images, especially the sellers on ebay, who appear over-night and offer cheap championship rings from China.   Championship ring collectors and enthusiasts wonder why Jostens, Balfour, and now Tiffany, allow this to happen!   I wonder too, and It appears that no one has an answer as to why these offerings continue. It’s a shame (or perhaps an opportunity for championship ring fans depending upon their perspective).

The replicas from China don’t look as special as authentic championship rings, and the quality varies tremendously from vendor to vendor.   These sellers display photos of real championship rings and then have the “inflated balls” to claim the pictures are of their very own replica championship rings!

Almost every photograph in my Super Bowl ring blogs are taken by me, from my own championship ring collection.   As readers and collectors know by my many blogs, these championship rings are very rare and only a few championship rings are available for sale in the hobby.   That means that the two specific Super Bowl rings are seldom (if ever) photographed together from a particular Super Bowl game.

When I do post pictures that are found on the internet, I won’t place my web-site in the image.

The ring on the left is the New York Giants winning Super Bowl Ring from their 2007 season and their most improbable stunning upset over the undefeated New England Patriots. This beautiful championship ring was designed and manufactured by Tiffany & Company and is substantially larger and heavier than the team’s first two Super Bowl rings.

The Super Bowl ring is made of solid 14K white gold and the player version weighs around 71 grams.

A few players rings have sold publicly, and prices have been all over the place. When the first couple of player rings became available for auction back in 2013 and 2014, they were selling above $50,000. Now as a few have hit the market, demand has softened because those that would pay any amount of money for this Giants Super Bowl ring now own them.

Last April, a player ring sold in an SCP auction for $28,255. This sale demonstrates that championship ring prices have fallen and also illustrates that ring prices drop as more from a specific season hit the market place.

The Patriots 2007 AFC championship ring shown above is a very nice diamond-loaded championship ring. It weighs in at 46 grams and was made in solid 10K white gold by Jostens.

I don’t have any records of a player’s AFC championship ring selling at auction, but I did purchase one privately. One player-sized championship ring, given to someone involved in the Spygate scandal, was sold by Goldin auctions in 2015; and that championship ring fetched $16,940.00.

Please remember as I always say, I buy super bowl rings (winning and losing ones). I also purchase championship rings too.   Please let me know if you have a championship ring you want to sell and we can do a private deal.

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