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Two Gorgeous Football Championship Rings Spotted In One Presentation Box

November 8, 2014

Two team doctors, and long time friends from different football leagues, recently caught up with each other and took this great picture of their championship rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

NFL and CFL Championship Rings

Championship ring collectors who don’t live in Canada, know that the Canadian Football League produces some amazing Grey Cup Championship rings. Those championship rings rival NFL Super Bowl rings in size, style, and bling.

So when this photograph of player-size championship rings appeared recently on Twitter, I couldn’t resist to write about it.

The BC Lion ring from 2011 and the Seahawks ring from Super Bowl XLVIII look great together. Equal in size, diamonds and bling, I’m not sure which one is nicer. Football fans hate ties in football, but perhaps this is one tie we can all live with.

Congratulations to both team doctors, it’s great that they received player-sized championship rings!

If anyone reading this blog has a BC Lions championship ring for sale, I will buy that championship ring (and in fact, I will buy any championship ring).

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Toronto Argos legend Pinball Clemons has Grey Cup ring stolen by a fan

September 21, 2014

A Canadian Football League fan who posed for a photo with Michael “Pinball” Clemons asked to see one of his five Grey Cup championship rings. When he gave it to her, she ran off with it.

CFL Grey Cup Championship ring missing

The Argonauts may have won their game last night, but their former star player and coach lost something important — one of his cherished Grey Cup rings.

During the game last evening at BC Place, Clemons, who is the vice-chair for the Argos team, tossed his ring as he had done before, into the crowd for fans to look at and take pictures with, TSN radio’s Mike Hogan tweeted this morning. According to Hogan, a female fan then left the building with the ring still on her.

An active search for the ring is now underway on Twitter with both Lions, Argos and CFL fans alike coming together in an attempt to locate the whereabouts of the ring.

The Argonauts’ official twitter account is seeking help on social media, requesting fans retweet messages about the missing ring and contact the Vancouver police if they have any information.

During last night’s game, Pinball, was watching the game from the sidelines — and even took a shift on water duty, handing out bottles to resting Argos players. According to several tweets, Pinball often interacts with fans at CFL games, which includes lending his championship ring for photo-ops. The apparent theft has left many CFL fans angry and disappointed.

Clemons joined the Argos as a player in 1989 and was honored as the league’s most outstanding player in 1990. He retired after 12 seasons and twice became coach of the team.

Clemons won Grey Cup rings as a player in 1991, 1996, and 1997. He also earned a Grey Cup ring as a coach in 2004 and as vice-chairman in 2012. It’s not certain which of those rings was the one stolen.

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Cal Murphy And His 9 Championship Rings

July 20, 2014

In the photo below, Cal Murphy shows off his 9 Canadian Football League Championship Rings.

Cal Murphy and 9 CFL Championship Grey

Cal Murphy (March 12, 1932 – February 18, 2012) was a Canadian football coach, general manager and scout. He was best known for this time with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Cal Murphy played one season in the CFL, back in 1956 for the BC Lions.

He won the Annis Stukus Trophy (Coach of the year award) in 1983 and 1984 when he was with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

In his career as a coach and general manager, he led various teams to nine Grey Cup championships. That accomplishment helped earn him a place in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Of note to NFL fans, in his later years he spent time as a coach for the Frankfurt Galaxy and then time as a scout for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League.

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Brandon London shows off his Championship Rings!

June 4, 2014

Brandon is sporting his Montreal Alouettes 2010 Grey Cup and New York Giants Super Bowl XLII rings.

Canadian Football League and New York Giants Super Bowl ring

Brandon is currently playing with the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League.

While super bowl rings are usually thought of as the biggest of the huge championship rings, it’s apparent, thanks to Brandon’s photo, that the Canadian Football League championship ring is bigger!

Here are some facts about each ring:

The 2010 Alouettes ring is a diamond-studded piece of jewelry, featuring two Grey Cups laid end to end to symbolize the team’s back to back championships of the past two seasons. It also has each player’s picture and name on one side, with the score and other details of their 21-18 victory over Saskatchewan last November on the other.

The only other team to ever offer a player’s picture on the side of the ring was the Los Angeles Lakers.

The ring has three large diamonds to represent the three Cups won under Robert Wetenhall’s ownership, and four smaller ones for Cups won by previous Alouettes teams. There are 14 diamonds in a team logo to signify the number of games they won in 2010.

The New York Giants 2007 Super Bowl ring was made by Tiffany and is 14K white gold. The ring has three large marquee diamonds, each representing the three super bowl championships the team had won.

One side of the ring contains the score of the game (Giants 17, Patriots 14) and the other says “Eleven Straight on the Road,” a nod to the NFL record set by the Giants in 2007.

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Saskatchewan Roughriders historic championship ring has plenty of bling

June 3, 2014

The Riders’ Grey Cup title is now complete as championship rings have been awarded.

Saskatchewan Roughriders championship ring

The football players received their diamond studded Grey Cup championship rings during a private ceremony Friday. By Sunday, they were back in Saskatoon, for the opening of training camp with a goal of trying to repeat in the 2014 season.

“You earned that months ago and it’s always unfortunate, actually, that you get it right before you’re starting another camp,” said Roughriders’ receiver Chris Getzlaf. “At the same time, you can use that as motivation. You get that ring and it reminds you of what you accomplished. But you’ve got to flush that right away and say ‘I want to get another one.’ ” So do the rest of them, as defensive lineman Ricky Foley noted.

“The thing I was surprised with the other night was how much guys aren’t resting on their laurels,” he said after the team’s Sunday morning practice. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to become legendary here. It’s a different market, it’s a special market. You win one, you’re remembered forever. You win two in a row, I can’t even imagine.”

Here’s a breakdown of the Roughriders 2013 Grey Cup rings: GM Brendan Taman said a little less than 140 were created for a variety of people including players, staff and directors.

The ring is crafted in 10 carat white gold and crusted in diamonds and emeralds. The ring weighs in at 78 grams.

The top of the ring has 122 diamonds, equaling the Roughriders’ 103 years of existence and 19 Grey Cup appearances. Four emeralds symbolize their four Grey Cup titles.

One side of the ring has an image of Mosaic Stadium, where the Roughriders won last year’s Grey Cup Championship. The score of that game and the team’s slogan “All In” is also on that side.

The other side includes the recipient’s name, and images of the current four Grey Cups the team has won.

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