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Scott Norwood AFC Championship Rings to Hit Auction

February 10, 2015

Buffalo Bills fans and championship ring collectors can now own Scott Norwood’s actual Bills championship rings.

Buffalo Bills Scott Norwood AFC Championsip ring

SCP Auctions will be auctioning Scott Norwood’s 1990 and 1991 AFC championship rings that were awarded to him when he was the Bills kicker.

Had it not been for Norwood’s 47-yard field goal attempt, (his longest attempt on a grass), that sailed wide right, the Bills would have defeated the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV.

Things only got worse the Buffalo Bills as they proceeded to lose the next three Super Bowls as well in the franchise’s only four super bowl appearances.

The 1990 AFC championship ring is expected to sell for much more money, said Dan Imler, SCP Auctions vice president, because had Norwood not missed the kick in the Super Bowl, the Bills would have owned winning Super Bowl rings. Imler said the company’s conservative estimate for the 1990 ring is $15,000.

Imler said the rings are not coming directly from Norwood, but it is the first time they are publicly for sale or auction.

“I think this would mean more to a Bills fan,” Imler said. “But the Buckner ball originally went to Charlie Sheen [a Mets fan], and the Bartman ball went to Cubs fans who blew it up.”

Norwood, who retired after the 1991 season, finally returned twenty years later, in 2011, to Ralph Wilson Stadium to be honored by the Bills. Norwood received a Distinguished Service Award for his work in the local community.

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Early Thoughts on the New England Patriots Next Super Bowl Championship Ring

February 3, 2015

With deflate-gate fallout still looming, I wonder if the NFL will pressure the Patriots to cool it in terms of bigger and flashier rings.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

New England Super Bowl rings and New England AFC Championship rings

Just my opinion, but because of deflate gate, and it’s impact leading up to this year’s Super Bowl, and the fact that this is the first Super Bowl Championship ring the Patriots are getting post spygate, this is not the year to be so flamboyant and break championship ring size records.

While Patriot fans may disagree, I feel my thoughts are especially right-on, given the fact that the Patriots narrowly defeated the Ravens in the playoffs and there is speculation that those game balls were under-inflated too.

I hope the Patriots don’t use Herff Jones  and Masters of Design  to design their new ring like they did for their 2011 AFC championship ring (the last ring they were awarded). Unless they had a fallout with them, look for the Patriots return to Jostens, who have made all of their winning Super Bowl Championship rings.

All seven rings shown above were made by Jostens  with the exception of two AFC Championship rings. The ring shown on the far left, was made by Balfour  in 1985.

The ring, second the right contains seven marques diamonds – one for each of their previous super bowl appearances. This 2011 AFC championship ring was made by Herff Jones  and their subsidiary, Masters of Design. 

In my opinion, Jostens  makes the finest Super bowl rings and Tiffany  is a close second!

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Will The Patriots Next Championship Ring Be Affected By Deflate-Gate?

January 26, 2015

Obviously the championship ring the Pats are awarded as AFC Champs, or World Champions won’t have needles leaking air from footballs as shown below:

New England Patriots 2014 Championship Ring

Many fans and Championship ring-enthusiasts feel it would be egregious for the NFL to allow (or look the other way) and have the Pats make a huge gorgeous championship ring celebrating this season’s accomplishments, after the team has once again tarnished themselves and the NFL.

The photo above, showed up on Twitter this week. It’s a photo manipulation of the Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX front office ring, (not the player’s version). The imitation marquise diamonds have been replaced with metallic footballs with pins attached to remind us and tease Patriot fans that air has been let out of footballs.

Come to think of it, perhaps someday soon we will actually will see this Super Bowl ring made – The cheap replica ring makers in China could easily reproduce this championship ring and sell it on eBay for under $100.00. Who knows, perhaps one day it could be a collectors item!

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Championship Sunday is Finally Here!

January 18, 2015

Late this evening, football fans will finally know who’s playing in Super Bowl XLIX.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Super Bowl Rings

While tens of thousands of fans will be hoping their name is called in their team’s season ticket lottery, or looking into a last minute trip to Phoenix and searching Stubhub for game tickets, I will be dreaming of two more Super Bowl rings that will need to be added to my championship ring collection.

The photograph above shows the last four teams currently standing in the NFL playoff picture, and each team’s last winning Super Bowl ring. Half of the teams represented above will be receiving a new championship ring next spring or summer, while the other half go home with no championship ring and lots of disappointment.

The winner of Super Bowl XLIX will receive a large, diamond-filled Super Bowl championship ring. The losing team will receive a smaller AFC or NFC championship ring (that some championship ring enthusiasts refer to as a Super Bowl losing ring).

Please follow my blog for the next two weeks and count down with me the 14 long days until the next NFL playoff game. I promise lots of great stories and rare pictures of championship rings.

Next Sunday Phoenix will host the Pro Bowl, but really, is that even considered a football game?

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The Many Super Bowl Rings of Bill Belichick

October 7, 2014

Having been a head coach, defensive coordinator, and coach in the NFL for five decades, Bill Belichick has amassed a lot of championship rings. Here they are:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Picture of Bill Belichick's super bowl rings and Bill Belichick's championship rings

There is no doubt that someday, Bill Belichick will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He started out in 1975 with the Baltimore Colts as a special assistant and than spent the next two seasons with the Detroit Lions. Next, it was on to the Broncos in 1978 as an assistant special teams coach. In 1979 he went to the Giants as a special teams coach and worked his way up to defensive coordinator from 1985 – 1990.

With his success as the defensive coordinator and two super bowl championships, he became a hot and sought after head coach prospect. He became the Cleveland Browns head coach in 1991 and lasted until the 1995 season and was then fired.

Next he spent one season in New England under Bill Parcells and then followed Parcells to the Jets from 1997-1999.

In 2000 he became the New England Patriots head coach and the rest is history.

Here are some of his amazing accomplishments:

He has won three super bowls with the Pats and two with the New York Giants. He as named NFL coach of the year 3 times. He has a 202-107 regular season record as a head coach and a 19-9 record in the post season.

Pictured are his many super bowl rings and AFC championship rings. For further information on each ring, search our blog site (tools on the right) using words such as “Patriots” and “Giants”. Information about each superbowl ring and championship ring will come up.

You can also view the championship ring presentation boxes on our website, just visit the home-page and click on the Super bowl ring gallery link.

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