Many Championship Rings on Ebay Are Moving Slowly

May 8, 2019

Poking around eBay, I see many of the championship rings have been on that website for a very long time and are not selling:

championship rings for sale on ebay

If auction-house sales are an indication, then high-end championship rings, (and the finest and rarest examples of sports memorabilia) selling prices are heading upwards.

However, run of the mill, or more common collectibles in this market place (such as B-level or C-level) items are not climbing the same way.

There are many overpriced championship rings on ebay for sale, each and every day. And some of them have been on that site for years.

A few months back, I wrote about this stunning championship ring for sale on eBay (photo below). The seller was asking a lot of money, but with offers being accepted, I thought this Patriots Super Bowl ring would sell.

championship rings for sale on ebay

Well almost three months later, it’s still on the site for sale. The championship ring is smaller than the player’s version, and the offering is not made of solid gold and real diamonds. This particular championship ring fits in the category of a B level or C level ring, and my theory that the run of the mill or more common collectibles are not rising in prices the way the best-of-the-best is.

That Patriots ring was featured in this blog in February. Here is a link to that story:

I still believe the Patriots ring shown above, and some of the other championship rings on eBay are desirable collectibles. Perhaps the sellers at some point will modify their selling prices to reflect the slower market.

Meanwhile as always, please remember I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship rings in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Dumb Championship Ring Moves

April 29, 2019

Recently an email was sent to me about a championship ring theft that could easily have been avoided:

showing off

I’ve learned some interesting things over the years while collecting championship rings.

I’ve learned that people sell their championship rings for many different reasons. But more surprising, I’ve found that collectors of championship rings not only acquire rings for different reasons, but also handle their collections very differently as well.

For instance, I never wear my championship rings. They sit in a vault at the bank and not in my house. I don’t wear them to games or out in public. I have no desire to impress friends or strangers, and I feel there is no need to show the world – “look what I got!”.

Others see it very differently. I’ve been out in public and run into fans or championship ring collectors wearing an authentic piece or two, (or even three).

One collector I know, who often enjoys wearing his championship rings in public, mentioned it helps him get a table at a good restaurants.

So as the illustration points out above, maybe collectors should rethink the notion of showing off their huge championship rings (especially when you place more than one on your hand). Who are you trying to impress and why do you feel the need to do this?

Last week I received a note from a collector of championship rings, who was wearing two recent Super Bowl rings in public. I mention “recent rings” because as you can imagine, not only were these Super Bowl rings, but they were enormous, attention-getting blinged championship rings.

According to the email, the victim was mugged, and robbed of his two authentic Super Bowl rings. And he wanted to alert people in this hobby to be on the look out for his two rings.

Today’s blog will probably do little to curb collectors to change their philosophy on wearing championship rings in public. Perhaps they will think they are careful or can take care of themselves. The victim in this story was mugged by two people – not just one. So if you think you can take care of yourself or that you are careful; perhaps you should rethink this.

I’m just glad the victim was not killed or hurt worse than he was.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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This Could Be The Best Super Bowl Ring Offering Ever

April 22, 2019

While this probably won’t sell for as much money as other Super Bowl rings, I don’t think there’s ever been a more impressive ring offering:

Patriots super bowl li 2016 ring for sale and auction

A loyal reader of this Championship Ring Blog, recently alerted me to this player Super Bowl 2016 ring offering. It’s currently being auctioned by Heritage Associates, and the sale will end some time in May. Thank you!

I am not affiliated with the seller of this Super Bowl ring, or the auction house, I’m just here to blog about the wonderful world of championship rings.

This huge, stunning player championship ring from Super Bowl LI, is the first player-sized offering from this championship, and the largest and most blinged-out super bowl ring ever.

One thing that will need to be confirmed, as the auction house was not specific: Is this the actual player version championship ring that was awarded to a player, or the “Family version ring” that players could purchase on their own?

Those player version rings are smaller than the player version and only cost players and staff around $10,000.00 each. The player versions contain 283 real diamonds, while the family version is around 25% smaller in size and contains 260 diamonds.

I believe, since Heritage stated that this Super Bowl ring contains 283 diamonds, that this is the player version; but you may want to confirm this if you are bidding. The offering contains the proper wood presentation box, but there’s no mention in the description about paperwork, and proof of title.

In an usual move for an auction house, the original recipient of the Super Bowl ring is not mentioned.

A Tom Brady “family ring” which as mentioned above, is smaller in size and bling-content, sold at auction last year for $344,927.50. So while this larger championship ring should sell for considerably less, one thing the championship ring hobby has taught me is to expect the unexpected.

It will be fascinating to learn what this championship ring sells for. Keep in mind, the first offering from a championship team almost always goes for a lot of money. When the “big players” in the hobby get their championship ring, future offerings from the same team and year usually decline in subsequent auctions.

I’ll wait it out until the prices for a Patriots 2016 Super Bowl ring becomes more reasonable.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me,

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Stunning Kansas City Royals Ring on eBay

April 15, 2019

While not a World Series Championship ring, this stunning American League ring can be yours if the price is right:

Kansas city royals championship rings

I am not affiliated with this ring or the seller, I’m just hear to blog about the world of championships rings.

While this is a stunning championship ring, the asking price of $20,000.00 for a front office, non-player ring is completely unrealistic.

Fortunately the seller is accepting lower offers, but who knows what’s the actual price he will sell this championship ring for?

To make matters more confusing, I’m not sure if this championship ring is the same size the players received. Those interested in possibly purchasing this ring will need to research this matter on their own. The seller states the ring is 51 grams, and it’s a 10K solid gold ring made by Jostens. This is a pretty large championship ring, so it could be player’s size. But if it’s smaller, then the value of a non player sized ring is substantially less than a player version ring.

Although not specially mentioned in the auction text, the appraisal states the championship ring contains real diamonds. Sometimes front office rings contain imitation diamonds that also radically lower the value of the championship ring.

Besides authentic diamonds, I like that this offering comes with paperwork and the original championship ring boxes (wooden one and outside Jostens cardboard box).

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Red Sox Awarded 2018 World Series Rings

April 10, 2019

As reigning World Series champions, the Red Sox had the enviable task of unveiling banners and handing out championship rings at their recent home opener:

Boston Red Sox 2018 World Series rings

The pre-game ceremony (see video below) has become an all-too familiar scene in Boston. The Red Sox have done this three other times since 2004, and next up for championship rings will be the New England Patriots, sometime in June.

Just as the last three Red Sox World Series rings were designed and crafted in solid white gold by Jostens, so was the team’s latest championship rings.

The Red Sox 2018 championship ring is very nice, but in an usual trend for repeat winners, they’re not over-the-top or blinged out out. The 15-carat championship rings feature 185 total precious stones: 162 represent the games played in the regular season, 14 celebrate the number of postseason games the team played, and the final nine represent the Sox’s number of World Series championships.

The 2019 team mantra, “Do Damage”, is referenced on the inside of the championship ring with the new phrase “Damage Done.”

But the day wasn’t just about the Red Sox and their latest championship. The Patriots were invited to the celebration and several Patriots players, including Julian Edelman, Stephon Gilmore, Patrick Chung and now retired tight end Rob Gronkowski, joined the Red Sox on the field to celebrate. The football players even got first pitch honors. I’m wondering though, where was Tom Brady?

Here’s video from the Red Sox championship ring ceremony:

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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