Unusual USC Football Championship Ring on eBay

July 19, 2017

This football National Championship Ring is from 1978 and is one of my favorite championship ring designs of all time:

USC 1978 National Football Championship ring

I am not affiliated with this championship ring or the seller, I’m just hear to blog about the world of championship rings.

This gorgeous 1978 USC Football championship ring is currently on sale on ebay with an asking price of $4,599.00. The seller explains that he’s taking offers but hints he will not go much lower than that.

What makes this championship ring so unusual is two things. First, it’s made of 14K solid gold. Back in the “old-days” before the greedy NCAA decided college students were not entitled to solid gold rings, it was not usual for college programs to issue solid gold 10K championship rings.

However this USC championship ring is made with the more expensive, 14K solid gold.

Second, this championship ring contains real diamonds. Even back in the “old-days”, college championship rings did not contain real diamonds.

While this championship ring may have been made later on, as a “one-off”, the manufacturer’s engraved name shown in the eBay listing clearly shows that this championship ring is authentic and was made by Jostens.

What I love about this championship ring design is that in the late 1970′s, championship ring bling was in it’s infancy and this ring design was a bold vision. You were just starting to see professional teams design championship rings with more and more diamonds. Look at the New York Yankees 1977 World Series ring and then their simple 1978 World Series ring and you’ll see that the USC ring had a lot more bling then the ’78 Yankees championship ring. You can view those World Series rings from my home page; just click on the gallery links.

Hey, I buy championship rings! If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please let me know!

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Patriots Front Office Staff Receive Super Bowl Rings

July 18, 2017

Some, perhaps all, of the Patriots front office have begun to receive their Super Bowl rings:

New England Patriots Staff Super Bowl 51 Ring

Professional teams who award championship rings to staff, aren’t required and never release information as to the number of versions they produce and which employees earn player size championship rings, and which staff members get lesser rings.

The Patriots employee who tweeted this photograph of their championship ring (shown above) must be pleasantly surprised – their Super Bowl ring looks to be the same size as the player version.

I do notice that some of the diamonds appear smaller, and I see a difference in the amount of diamonds, directly above the Patriot logo (compare with the photograph below of a player’s Super Bowl ring).

Often, depending upon one’s rank or value to the organization, front office championship rings could be made with non-gold metals, and worthless man-made diamond replicas.

So it’s impossible to know if the Super Bowl ring shown above contains real gold and real diamonds, however, the championship ring looks to compare quite closely to the player version shown here:

New England Patriots Staff Super Bowl 51 Ring

When purchasing front office championship rings, keep two things in mind:

1) Front office rings (including coach and scout rings) often sell for significantly less money than player rings, even though they could be the same size and weight as player championship rings.

2) Championship rings without real diamonds, or made of the same gold content and weight and differ from the design of player’s rings, go for substantially less money in the market place as well.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Bad Night For Championship Rings at Paragon Auctions

July 16, 2017

Arguably, the three best championship rings offered in their auction, all fail to reach the reserve and don’t sell:

Paragon auctions championship rings

Few things are more frustrating to championship ring collectors and sports memorabilia collectors, than auction offerings that have hidden minimum reserves and then fail to sell. Especially, if you’re up all night trying to make sure you’re the winning bidder.

Imagine the frustration of being the highest bidder, only to find that you’ve won nothing for your efforts.

Please note, I didn’t bid in the Paragon auction and I’m not affiliated with any of the championship rings that were offered in this auction. I’m here, just to blog about the world of championship rings.

The three championship rings offered in the auction that are shown above, did well bidding-wise. I have no idea what the original consigners were thinking.

The Dolphins ring at $22,413.00 was a decent price and the rare 1955 American League championship ring was actually a strong price at $13,915. Incidentally, that exact player Yankee championship ring, was sold in one other auction (Mastro Auctions) back in 2006 for $5,956.00; so what was the consigner thinking?

Finally, the Chief’s Super Bowl IV ring, which belonged to a scout, not a player like the other two championship rings, did decent too, at $12,974.00.

Perhaps the auction would have seen more activity and could have reached higher bidding amounts had the event received better advertising and press, and also, if there were no reserves.

Please remember, I will always give a fair price for your championship rings. I’ll buy your championship ring if you’re looking to sell and don’t forget, you’ll maintain your privacy.

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Super Bowl Ring Humor Returns!

July 14, 2017

I’m not going to lie, championship ring stories are slow this week, so it’s time to show a little Super Bowl ring humor:

Super Bowl ring humor - Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl rings

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won more Super Bowl rings (6 of them) than any other NFL organization; and their loyal fans love to remind followers of other NFL teams of this.

Much of the Super Bowl ring humor I across is mean-spirited, and I try not to offend anyone so I avoid showing it. However, the one above was done in good taste and it won’t offend anyone. Even a little good-natured poking fun is acceptable now and then (as you will see below in a moment).

While the Cowboys and 49ers continue to be stuck on five Super Bowl rings, the new-to-this-club, Patriots seem to be in high-gear and are actually favored this year to win their franchise record-tying sixth Super Bowl ring.

Until Brandy and Belichick retire, there’s no telling where the Patriots could wind up in a few short years when counting winning Super Bowl rings.

So Steeler fans can enjoy their unequaled success for a little while longer, and continue to wear the shirt below for now:

Super Bowl ring humor - Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl rings

Please remember I buy championship rings all the time. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Clemente’s Auction Including two World Series Rings Sets Records

July 12, 2017

Roberto Clemente’s ’67 N.L Silver Bat award sold for a record $493,500 at Tuesday’s All-Star Fan Fest Auction. His World Series rings did exceptionally well too:

Roberto Clemente World Series Rings

The auction included more than 300 items from the personal collection of the Pirates’ Hall of Famer.

The price for the silver bat beat the previous sold record of $313,500 held by Mickey Mantle’s 1956 American League silver bat award.

The live auction, run by Hunt Auctions, preceded the All-Star Game. The event included items from several players and raised more than $7.5 million, according to Hunt Auctions.

“Today’s auction results from the personal collection of Roberto Clemente were astounding, and appropriate, for the man known as ‘The Great One,’ ” said David Hunt, president of Hunt Auctions, in a news release.

The impressive records and numbers show that Roberto Clemente’s legacy is as vibrant as ever most notably as a generational humanitarian figure.

Clemente played his entire 1 season career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He amassed over 3,000 career hits, a .317 batting average, won 12 Gold Glove awards, 15 National League All-Star team selections, two World Series championship rings and was the 1971 World Series MVP. He perished on Dec. 31, 1972, when the plane he was in crashed. He was on his way assist victims of an earthquake in Nicaragua.

“This is something that shows the love and respect from fans after all these years, so thank you,” Roberto Clemente Jr. said in a Hunt Auctions news release.

Other highlights from the sale include:

  • Clemente 1971 Pirates World Series ring, sold for $381,875

  • Clemente 1960 Pirates World Series ring, $352,500

  • 1960 Clemente Pirates World Series home uniform, $411,250

  • Clemente Gold Glove Awards: Seasons 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, sold for a total of $640,375

  • 1971 Clemente World Series Most Valuable Player award, $85,187.50

  • 1966 Clemente Pirates professional model road jersey (MVP season), $199,750

  • Clemente Hall of Fame Induction Plaque, $82,250

  • 1972 Special Edition 440 Magnum Charger limited edition car presented to Clemente in recognition of his selection as the 1971 World Series MVP, $105,750

  • 1970-1971 Clemente Pirates professional model home uniform, $70,500

Please remember, I buy championship rings all the time. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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