How Not To Buy Championship Rings

March 16, 2017

The phone rang yesterday and on the line was an old friend who had sold me championship rings in the past. He thought he had a deal for me that was too good to pass up; until I did…

don't buy championship rings like this

My pal, who buys and sells all kinds of items across many different hobbies and industries, explained he had a friend who had bought championship rings for years and was ready to unload his collection now! The only requirement was that I buy all 95 of the championship rings. My pal was very excited and told me he would send me pictures to my phone right away of these championship rings.

We all have are quirks, and I know I have plenty of them, but my pal loves to talk, constantly interrupts and never allows anyone to get a word in.

This time I had to speak up and I made sure to tell him, I’d be interested in some championship rings but not all of them! My pal said that his associate was shopping them around and quite a few potential buyers wanted to cherry pick the good ones from the not-so-good championship rings and that this seller wanted one deal – best offer wins.

So, trying as hard as I could, I finally got my point across. I explained that if I received pictures of 95 championship rings, with little or no explanation, and I averaged 5 questions per ring (such as player or non player, gold-type, diamonds or cz’s, paperwork from original owner or no paperwork) that would be around 475 questions!

Having done this as long as I have, flags go up when sellers want to unload quickly and privately, and sell one big lot, not individual championship rings. And finally, and most importantly, when a ring dealer or seller, can’t provide 100% verifiable proof that the ring was sold legally with documentation from the original owner, it’s just better to pass. These transactions, sometimes will come back to bite you, when the police call to take away your championship ring because the original owner has a police report stating the ring was stolen.

Police reports and stolen property, don’t usually have an expiration date, so often you’re out of luck.

I love buying championship rings, and I am known to give very strong and fair payments, however, I don’t want to buy 95 rings in one purchase and be forced to buy championship rings I don’t want.

Please don’t contact me for the name or names of the people from this blog story who are peddling these championship rings; that’s a private matter. My pal, knows he makes it hard to get a word in so he’s not offended, and I intend to buy more championship rings from him, just not under these conditions.

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Here’s The Scoop On The “NFL” Super Bowl Ring

March 13, 2017

Thanks to two readers of this championship ring blog, the mystery of the origin of this ring is solved:

NFL Super Bowl Ring

Brad H., a championship ring enthusiast from Estevan Saskatchewan, and Oliver, the championship ring collector from Canada, provided answers on where this NFL Super Bowl ring came from. I had no idea about this championship ring and asked the readers of this blog for help.

Brad wrote, “I believe that it was originally created for a promo that was ran before super bowl 51, a promo called The Ring‘”.

Brad even provided a youtube link: The video is outstanding, especially if you’re a championship ring enthusiast. After watching the video, sure enough, that NFL Super Bowl ring is featured in the video. Check it out if you haven’t already seen it.

Oliver added, “The NFL shield super bowl ring was used for the opening intro of super bowl 51. The purpose of the ring as to show the TV audience what the players were playing for. The NFL Championship in other words. Hence the shield logo on the ring.”.

The many reader’s of this championship blog are a huge help; and special thanks to Brad and Oliver for shedding light on where this NFL Super Bowl ring came from.

I wonder if a Super Bowl ring hat version could be in the works!

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you want to keep your privacy and not have the whole world know you sold your championship ring, please contact me.

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Here’s A Super Bowl Ring I’ve Never Seen Before

March 11, 2017

I Found this “Super Bowl Ring” on Twitter and I’m uncertain what the heck it is:

NFL Super Bowl ring

Looks like the NFL Network, which of course is property of the NFL, owns this championship ring. The tweet mentions shooting a “cool piece ” with Super Bowl rings and anyone that watches NFL football news and associated segments, knows a feature on Super Bowl rings is not uncommon.

By now, readers of this championship ring blog realize the NFL has at least two sets of Super Bowl rings. One is prominently displayed in the lobby at NFL Headquarters in Manhattan and the other complete set is shown at the NFL experience each year, in the hosting Super Bowl city and other venues throughout the year. Since the NFL lobby is impossible to see unless you have been invited up to the NFL offices, and getting to the Super Bowl host city can be a challenge, another way to see a complete set of Super Bowl rings is to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio.

The Super Bowl ring shown above has a generic “Super Bowl” tag on the side of the ring and the iconic NFL shield surrounded by imitation diamonds on the ring top.

If anyone can shed any additional light on this Super Bowl ring I’ll update this blog.

Meanwhile enjoy this rare photo, and please remember, I buy championship rings. If you have a championship ring that you would like to sell in 100% complete privacy, please contact me.

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Another Decently Priced Championship Ring Fails To Sell on eBay

March 9, 2017

Here’s another championship ring that recently concluded it’s auction run on eBay without a single taker:

Oakland Raiders 2002 Championship Ring

This 100% authentic Oakland Raiders 2002 AFC championship ring, failed to sell on eBay this week. It’s another reminder, and documented example of how championship ring prices have fallen.

I’m not affiliated with this AFC championship ring and I’m not affiliated with the seller either.

While the “Buy It Now” price that would have automatically ended the auction was unreasonably high, the starting bid is right at the price that this rare championship ring could sell for, so it was iffy at best if this auction would end with any bidding activity.

Had I needed this championship ring for my collection, I probably would have bid on it, but I already have a player ring from this year. This is one of the best-looking AFC or NFC championship rings out there.

The Buffalo Bills, when they went to their fourth Super Bowl in a row and lost all four, designed their fourth and final AFC championship ring in a similar style – four football shaped marquis diamonds on top, each representing a Super Bowl appearance.

What makes this Oakland Raiders AFC championship ring so cool is that this ring pays tribute to the Raiders Five Super Bowl appearances. That’s a different achievement than the Bills version where the Bills went 0-4 during their Super Bowl appearance run.

With the Raiders having won Three Super Bowl titles and losing two, they were able to design a championship ring with three large football shaped marquis diamonds, and two smaller football shaped diamonds, representing their wins and losses in the big game. The Bills four-diamond version, contained four diamonds that were identical in size.

The only drawback to this Oakland championship ring offering was that it lacked the wood presentation box. Original championship ring boxes sometimes get thrown away so ironically, they are more rare than the championship rings they are supposed to house. That means buying a championship ring with the hope of later on, finding an original championship ring box is a very difficult chore.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Update on Yankees 1996 World Series Ring on eBay

March 8, 2017

Yesterday this championship ring blog showed a soon-to-be closing auction on eBay that looked like it could be a good deal. Here’s the auction results:

1996 Yankees World Series Ring and championship rings on ebay

I was surprised to see that not a single person bid on the 1996 Yankee World Series Ring shown above. The auction ended last evening.

It’s possible that bids were placed in, a popular and free ebay sniping service and I see that the site suddenly stopped working over the last couple of days. But in all probability, that site had nothing to do with the lack of bids.

That’s because when most championship ring collectors want to bid on something this rare, they will snipe the listing themselves and not use a third party website.

If anyone can shed any light on why this winning World Series ring, with a starting bid under $7,000 did not get any bids, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Meanwhile, unless I’m missing something that’s wrong with this championship ring, this failed auction is a reminder of two things:

  • There’s still some good championship ring deals to be had on eBay
  • Championship ring prices seem to be on a decline

Please remember I buy championship rings so if you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please reach out to me today.

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