A Stolen Championship Ring Remains Hidden Close By

February 6, 2019

A grieving mother, who’s son is now deceased, wants his stolen championship ring back:

Victor Ellis stolen Alabama football championship ring

The mother, from Chattanooga Tennessee, says a championship ring that was stolen from her house was seen in her town of Chattanooga.

And she’s on a mission to get the championship ring returned.

Victor Ellis was a star running back at Red Bank High. Where he left a mark both in the class room and on the field.

David Kindiger, with Red Bank High says, “it was not that he was all SEC athletically but he was all SEC academically and he did his part in all phases.”

Ellis earned a full scholarship at the University of Alabama. In 1999, the football team won the SEC Championship, and Victor received two championship rings that season.

“Just for me. It just made me feel that as a mother, as a single mother, I had raised a young man that did not just think of himself, but thought about the woman who raised him and raised him well,” says Debbie Jones Ellis.

After graduating college, Ellis worked for the university, and then became ill.

Jones-Ellis says, “He called me up on the phone and told me that he had a cough that wouldn’t go away.”

It tuned out he had a rare form of lung cancer and tragically it was too late to treat the condition.

“Doctors said that there was nothing else they could do. Just to bring him home and make him comfortable and that’s what we did,” says Victor’s mom.

After his death, his mother’s house was broken into and this championship ring was stolen along with TVs, a camera, other jewelry, as well.

She says she took time off work to do her on own investigation work which led to her getting some of her items back.

The biggest piece of evidence, that could lead Ellis back to the championship ring Victor made for her, came in the form of a telephone call.

According to her “A very prominent business owner, community leader, minister in the community that told me that he knew exactly where the ring was but he did not want to get involved. That made me feel empty.”

Ellis is praying that Victor’s story will compel anyone with information to come forward.

“I have been praying for him to come forward to tell the truth, to clear his conscience and to bring that ring back to its rightful owner. He is walking around wearing that ring on his finger and it doesn’t belong to him. It was a ring that he [Victor] had made for his single mom and not for the person who is out there wearing it, advertising it like it is his, because he didn’t earn it, my son did. Victor earned that ring. I just want to close this chapter because it is out there. That ring is right here in this community. The community of Chattanooga Tennessee.”

If anyone has any information on this stolen championship ring, please contact the Chattanooga police.

Here’s a video of the story:

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Can The Rams Stop The Patriots From Obtaining Their Sixth Super Bowl Ring?

January 30, 2019

If the Rams don’t win on Sunday, the Patriots will tie the Steelers for the team with the most winning Super Bowl rings. Here’s the Patriots current stash:

every Patriots Super Bowl ring

It seems that just about everyone who’s not a Patriots fan is rooting for the Rams. Fans of other NFL teams are tired of the Patriots yearly appearance at the Super Bowl.

While many fans of other teams hate the Patriots, championship ring enthusiasts love the team’s winning and losing Super Bowl rings; even if the Patriots are not their favorite team.

No NFL franchise has been more standard in their winning Super Bowl ring designs (most teams over time change up the designs when they win another Super Bowl ring).

As you can see, each new Patriots Super Bowl ring gets larger and contains more diamonds. With their latest winning Super Bowl ring from two seasons ago, the Patriots had to downgrade from 14K solid white gold to 10K gold. The reason for this is that their championship rings were getting too heavy (14K weighs approximately 10% more than 10K), and too costly.

The Super Bowl rings shown above easily reveal which Super Bowls they are from; just count the football-shaped large diamonds seen in the Lombardi Trophies. Each Patriots Super Bowl ring tally’s the total Super Bowl championships the team had won at the time of it’s design and creation.

Jostens has made every single Patriots Super Bowl ring and is practically an automatic selection for this year’s design and manufacturing, should the Patriots win again.

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Get Up Close to Each Super Bowl Ring at the NFL Experience

January 28, 2019

You can see each ring at the NFL Experience in Atlanta this week, or anytime in New York City:

super bowl rings at the 2019 nfl experience

The Super Bowl ring has evolved to become a huge special piece of jewelry to honor and celebrate the NFL world champions.

Visitors to Atlanta during Super Bowl Week will be able to get a look at every single Super Bowl ring ever awarded; from the first in 1967 to the Eagles championship ring from last season.

Originally the Super Bowl ring was awarded with little fanfare to the team’s players and coaches and executives to symbolize their victory, since the Vince Lombardi Trophy was given to the team’s owners.

The championship rings are usually made of white or yellow solid gold with diamonds. The Packers in their last Super Bowl victory actually received Platinum which is more valuable than gold.

Many of the Super Bowl rings feature diamonds in the shape of the iconic Lombardi Trophy or a football. Other customizations are added by the team, as they are allowed to customize their designs.

The NFL generally contributes up to $5,000 per ring for up to 150 rings for the winning team. Any additional costs are paid by the team. Most years, the championship rings are manufactured by Jostens; however Tiffany and Balfour are sometimes awarded the yearly contract.

The winning team can present rings to whomever they choose, including players, coaches, trainers, executives, personnel and general staff. Almost every team, makes smaller versions for staff. Some teams produce smaller, but impressive looking “fan rings” that are available for sale. Just about every team now raffles off a player-size Super Bowl ring and all proceeds go to a charity chosen by the team.

The first Super Bowl ring that the Green Bay Packers gave to players was a simple affair, with just one diamond on top of a golden world globe. The words “World Champions”, “Green Bay Packers” and the year 1966 were on the outer edge of the globe. This particular championship ring was shaped and looked more like a college ring than a championship ring.

In the years since, Super Bowl rings have become far more elaborate, and much larger, and now there’s a tremendous amount of fanfare associated with them.

The Super Bowl ring awarded to each of the players of the Eagles for winning Super Bowl LII last year included 219 diamonds and 17 rare green sapphires that matched the team’s colors.

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Would You Pay $19,995.00 For This “Prototype” Championship Ring?

January 25, 2019

You can always tell when it’s time for the Super Bowl, as Ebay will have championship rings for sale from the two contending teams:

Rams super bowl and championship rings

Back in 1979, the Rams lost to the Steelers in Super Bowl XIV. While the Steelers received a very impressive four-diamond Super Bowl ring from Jostens (the four diamonds representing their four Super Bowl wins), the Rams received a smaller, one diamond ring from Jostens that year too.

This Rams ring is called an “NFC Championship” ring. On ebay right now, with an asking price of $19,995.00, is the ring shown above from that Super Bowl.

The seller claims it is a prototype ring – meaning it was created and ultimately the team went with a different design and manufacturer.

The seller is stating this championship ring was made by Balfour, and is solid gold and contains real diamonds. You can view the manufacturer’s mark on ebay. I am not certain that this championship ring is 100% authentic, so don’t ask me.

It does seem to be very light in weight. The actual championship ring the team choose, weighed in at 38 grams. The one on ebay is 28 grams. Keep in mind no matter if the finger size is a 9, or a huge 14, the weights are almost always the same; so an approximately 25% lighter ring is very strange and back in the late 1970′s runner-up football rings were heavier than 28 grams.

The seller is accepting lower bids, and also keep in mind a real player Ram’s ring from this Super Bowl would sell in the $8,000 price range. A well known player or star player’s ring would go for more.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy. Please contact me.

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Super Bowl Rings From LIII, What We Know and Don’t Know

January 22, 2019

The photo below shows the last two winning Super Bowl rings from this year’s participants in the big game. They offer an educated guess as to what the design of the next winning Super Bowl ring will look like:

Super Bowl LIII super bowl rings

Here’s what we know about the next wining Super Bowl ring if the Patriots win Super Bowl LIII:

  • The championship ring will be made of solid white gold, and contain six large football shaped diamonds
  • With each Patriots ring getting larger with every Super Bowl win, their championship ring will be made of 10k solid white gold (not 14K), due to it’s huge size
  • Jostens will be awarded the design and manufacturing project since every Patriots winning Super Bowl ring has been made by them
  • You can almost see the Pat’s winning ring above; no other team has been more focused and standardized in their Super Bowl ring design

Here’s what we know about the next winning Super Bowl ring if the Rams win Super Bowl LIII:

  • Look for the same design as their championship ring above, except there will be two Lombardi trophies, each with a football shaped diamond
  • Jostens could be awarded this project, they did the Ram’s last Super Bowl ring, but a lot of time has passed since 1999 so it’s a toss up
  • The Rams who will be wearing their throw back uniform in the big game, could pay homage to their more well-known colors, and go with a gold colored ring, instead of the new trend of white gold

We also know that the losing team, will be awarded an AFC or NFC championship ring. That ring will be smaller than the winning Super Bowl ring.

Enjoy the game, and please remember as always. I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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