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Who’s This Guy Wearing 10 Championship Rings?

August 16, 2018

Clue: His initials, shown on his dress shirt is “BB” and he’s showing off his 7 Super Bowl Rings and 3 AFC Championship Rings:

Bill Belichick and his super bowl rings

Obviously, anyone who has even the smallest interest in football or championship rings knows the photo is of Bill Belichick.

Belichick is showing off his two New York Giants Super Bowl rings, (extreme left and right), his five winning and huge Patriots Super Bowl rings, and on one finger, his three losing Patriot rings, called AFC championship rings.

His one championship ring missing from this photo is the most recent, so perhaps this photo was taken before June of this year, when Belichick was awarded a Patriots 2017 AFC championship ring; after the team lost Super Bowl LII to the Eagles in February of 2018.

Crazy championship ring collectors, at some point, will inevitably stack their fingers with multiple championship rings. If you have ever loaded up your ten fingers, with huge, solid gold championship rings, you know how unbelievable heavy and uncomfortable it it. There’s a reason Belichick’s hands are pointed down – it’s called gravity!

Congratulations to Bill Belichick and his numerous achievements as an assistant coach, defensive coordinator, and head coach. Someday he will be adding at least one other championship ring – a Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring. Too bad that down the road, he might be out of space to put that final championship ring on one of his hands when it’s time to take an updated photo of all his championship rings.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Ring Smashes Pre-Sale Estimates

August 15, 2018

Goldin Auctions recently sold the player championship ring below for a staggering $70,800.00:

Goldin auctions Pittsburgh steelers super bowl XIV ring

The Super Bowl ring shown above was awarded to Steelers player, Jim Smith.

Please note I am not affiliated with Goldin Auctions or any championship rings in this auction. However, I’ve had great experiences buying championship rings from Goldin Auctions in the past.

Smith is not exactly a house-hold name, compared to legendary players on that team such as Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, John Stallworth, Jack Ham, Donnie Shell and so many others. In fact, during this super bowl season, Smith only caught 17 receptions and two touchdown passes.

In this auction, and so many other recent ones by other auction companies, championship ring prices are all over the place (high, low, and mostly in-between.)

The four-diamond Super Bowl ring is made by Jostens in 10K solid gold. I really miss gold-colored championship rings, as I am not as big a fan of the modern white-gold rings that have become so prevalent.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Player’s 1959 Syracuse National Football Championship Ring Sells at Auction

August 13, 2018

Gene Grabosky’s championship ring from Syracuse University’s 1959 championship football season sold recently at Steiner Auctions:

1959 Syracuse National Football Championship ring

While the championship ring doesn’t look much different than old-style high school and college graduation rings, this historic piece is from Syracuse University’s one and only championship football season. It sold for $23,038.

When you think of well-known sports memorabilia auction houses that sell championship rings, Steiner sports might not come to mind. Perhaps it should, as this championship ring and a Mets 1986 World Series ring in the same auction sold for over $23,000.00 each. The event was the recent Steiner Auctions Mid-Summer Classic Auction.

The Mets 1986 World Series ring was player size, but not issued to a player; it belonged to a minority team owner.

The Syracuse championship ring was awarded to defensive lineman Gene Grabosky, who went on to play for the Buffalo Bills in the AFL (before the NFL – AFL merger).

The championship ring face features a large, school-colored orange stone surrounded by “Syracuse National Champions 1959.” The left side is engraved with the Syracuse University crest above is “Cotton Bowl Champions” on a banner and below on another banner is the score of the game “Syracuse 23 Texas 14″ and below that is “Saltine” in a downward V-shape.

The right side displays the player’s name, “Grabosky” above a Syracuse football helmet and the team’s 11-0 record. This 10K solid gold ring is size 111/2 and weighs 23.1 grams.

While NCAA football championship rings have much more bling and are a lot larger these days, unlike the collegiate championship rings from an earlier time, new championship rings are made of non-gold and inexpensive man-made imitation diamonds. This is because of strict NCAA rules.

For comparison, here’s what some other high-end sports memorabilia items fetched at this auction:

  • 1949 Ty Cobb signed baseball: $27,455
  • 1986 New York Mets World Series championship ring: $24,457
  • 1927 Lou Gehrig signed NY Yankees payroll check: $36,546
  • Aaron Judge 70th career home run baseball: $11,641
  • George Brett 1999 Hall Of Fame induction worn and signed suit: $7,514
  • 2014 Mike Trout game used and signed bat: $9,093

    Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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  • Wait Till You Hear Where Tony La Russa Left His World Series Ring

    August 8, 2018

    The Hall of Fame manager has enough championship rings from his baseball career to nearly fill one hand, but somehow he almost let one get away:

    Tony La Russa lost world series ring

    La Russa has three World Series rings as a manager, winning one with the Oakland Athletics in 1989 and two additional rings with the St. Louis Cardinals. And his Hall of Fame induction in 2014 came with a championship ring as well, bringing his total to four.

    Thanks to Twitter, the world learned on Friday, that La Russa left one of his Cardinal World Series rings in a very unusual place.

    Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Joe Kelly Tweeted on Friday afternoon that La Russa’s World Series ring was found wedged inside his baseball glove.

    If you’re wondering how the heck Tony La Russa’s World Series ring wound up in Joe Kelly’s glove, here’s the scoop: La Russa borrowed his mitt to use for the first pitch ceremony before Thursday’s 15-7 win against the New York Yankees.

    La Russa was on hand not to throw out the first pitch. He actually caught it from former MLB executive Roland Hemond, who was being honored by the Red Sox. Hemond, who worked many years for the Chicago White Sox, is credited with helping to launch La Russa’s career and also the career of Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski.

    La Russa now serves as vice president and special assistant to Dombrowski with the Red Sox, which in a sense has brought their careers full circle.

    So La Russa needed to borrow a baseball glove to catch the first pitch. Who better to bother than a relief pitcher?

    Kelly did pitch one scoreless inning during Thursday’s game, so one might wonder why he didn’t reveal La Russa’s mishap following the game. The answer is he probably didn’t even know. MLB players typically have game gloves and warm up gloves, so the glove with La Russa’s World Series ring was likely in his locker until Friday’s discovery.

    La Russa probably realized his World Series ring was missing, but perhaps he never thought to ask Kelly to check the baseball glove.

    Please remember as always, I buy championship rings (just ones that are not lost or stolen or found by someone else). If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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    Colts Historic Championship Ring Auctioned at National Sports Convention

    August 6, 2018

    Goldin Auctions sold a player’s 1958 Colts NFL championship ring at the National Sports Convention for $22,095.00:

    Colts 1958 championship ring at goldin acutions

    I am not affiliated with this championship ring or Goldin Auctions, although I have purchased many items from the auction company in the past.

    The championship ring was in good condition and came with a family Letter of Authenticity.

    According to Goldin Auctions:

    Offered here is a Balfour 14K gold 1958 Baltimore Colts NFL championship ring, reading “BALTIMORE COLTS WORLD CHAMPIONS” while boasting a sapphire on each side of the ring’s top, which is centered by a diamond. This ring was presented to team member Albert Rechichar. The right shank shows the championship game’s final score, as well as a Colts team logo and the year 1958. Another team logo, the words “WORLD CHAMPIONS” and the year 1958 all appear on the opposite shank. Two small horseshoes are below the year on each side of the ring. Inside the band is marked “14K LGB” and also includes an inscription of both Rechichar’s full name and his number 44. Please note that the band shows wear and the listing of Rechichar’s last name is partially worn off. This ring – which includes a family LOA – is an approximate size 12 ½ and weighs approximately 34.2 grams.

    Not only did Goldin Auctions describe the championship ring accurately (some auction houses that can’t be bothered with detailed descriptions should take note), the writers at the auction company detailed the significance of the championship ring as well:

    The 1958 National Football League Championship Game between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants– played on December 28th in famed Yankee Stadium – is famously remembered as “The Greatest Game Ever Played”. The Colts came away with the title after a 23-17 overtime victory, the first NFL playoff game to ever go into sudden-death overtime. Legendary Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas threw for 349 yards, while his favorite target – receiver Raymond Berry – racked up big numbers: 12 receptions for 178 yards and a TD.

    Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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