July 20, 2019

A hotel worker was arrested trying to sell Redskins-player Mark May’s two Super Bowl rings at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas:

stolen redskin super bowl rings recovered at pawn stars pawn shop

Championship ring enthusiasts all know the TV show “Pawn Stars”. That show is no stranger to championship rings. Rick the owner of the real-life pawn shop has quite a few championship rings that are on display and “for sale”.

I put the words for sale in quotes because the price on these rings are quite high. That way, they rarely sell, and remain on display. Tourists to the store love to take photos of those championship rings.

The show has done numerous segments of people bringing in championship rings to try to sell. Some of those episodes have been covered over the years on this blog.

Mark May lost his two Super Bowl rings while attending a charity event in Scottsdale, Arizona. His two championship rings were later discovered secured in his hotel room safe.

Marcel Behnert, who is (or should I now say, was) a lead engineer at the hotel, took the items and told other hotel staff that he would return the items to May.

Instead, Behnert quickly drove to Las Vegas and tried to sell the two super bowl rings to easily the most recognized pawn shop in the world.

The pawnbroker working that day felt something was off about Behnert and went to speak to shop’s general manager, Andy Zimmerman.

“I asked the pawnbroker how much the guy was looking for, and he told me the amount, and my first reaction was, ‘Each?’ And he goes, ‘No, for both of them,’” Zimmerman said.

He instructed the broker to go back out and make a lower offer for the rings. When Behnert quickly accepted the lower amount, they knew something wasn’t right.

Zimmerman contacted their sports memorabilia expert Diamond Don, who reached out to May about the attempt to sell his Super Bowl rings. Once verified that the super bowl rings did not rightfully belong to Behnert, Zimmerman contacted the police, and they set up a sting operation to arrest Behnert.

They told him to come back to the store the next day to sell the rings and he was taken into custody by undercover officers. He was charged with theft and trafficking of stolen property.

May was thrilled that his items were found and he expects to have all of his items, including those two super bowl rings returned shortly. He praised the staff at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop for doing their due diligence and helping bust Behnert.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. This story is a great reminder, I prefer to deal with original owners of those rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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