July 12, 2019

With a low buy it now price of $25,000, zero feedback from the seller, and a ‘no-return’ policy stated in the auction, what could possible go wrong?

Russell wilson Super Bowl ring for sale on ebay

Looking carefully at the two supplied photos on the ebay listing, the “Russell Wilson” Seahawks Super Bowl ring shown above is clearly a fake. It’s not even an authentic Salesman sample ring.

The seller with zero feedback, put a short but interesting description in the listing:

“God told me to put this ring up for sell. So enjoy it whomever is going to buy this. ”

Who could blame someone for feeling this transaction is not legit after seeing the photos and the description mentioning God.

There are no additional details about this Super Bowl XLVIII ring such as if the diamonds are real, and if the championship ring is made of solid gold. And don’t even think about paperwork with this championship ring offering.

Apparently the seller isn’t all bad…. he’s offering a measly cost of $11.71 to ship this item to the buyer.

Please remember, I buy authentic championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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