June 27, 2019

Here are two offerings that won’t be selling anytime soon on eBay:

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Like many championship ring enthusiasts, I often visit the eBay website to view championship rings being offered.

I’m sure that those that do visit eBay like I do, perform a sort-function, such as highest to lowest priced championship rings. This way you can see the better championship rings on top, and those $20.00 hideous and deformed championship ring replicas from China remain out of site on your search results.

These two championship ring offerings (pictured above) wound up back-to-back on my sort, since both are at the $23,000.00 mark.

The first championship ring, looks to be an authentic Jostens Eagles Super Bowl fan ring. Nothing is wrong with this championship ring if you are an Eagles fan or wish to pursue championship ring collecting on a modest budget. However priced at $23,000 for a championship ring that probably cost way under $10,000 when it came out is not realistic.

Not only is the seller asking a lot of money for this Super Bowl ring, there’s no buy-it-now option and the seller is doing an old-time auction where the $23,000.00 is the starting bid. I’m pretty sure this auction will end without any bids.

The next championship ring has been on eBay for years and years. Shortly after this Super Bowl ring was released to players and staff, this eBay seller acquired the ring and put it on ebay at a realistic price.

I did a buy it now on that championship ring (years ago) and the seller reneged on the deal and returned my money. He stated his wife would not let him sell the ring.

Perhaps the wife changed her mind a couple of years later, and the seller put this NFC player’s ring back on eBay at around triple the original price I had agree to pay. Every year or so the seller lowers his price, as these player championship rings tend to sell in the $6,000 to $12,000 range.

The seller is still around double the high-end price range for a player’s ring who is not a star or well known. Unlike the other seller who is starting his Super Bowl ring at $23,000, the Panther ring seller is accepting best offers, but don’t hold your breath that this championship ring will be selling anytime soon.

There are some good deals on eBay when it comes to championship rings, but these two aren’t one of them.

On a personal note, I am sorry my championship ring blog site has been much slower in new content lately. All is good, but I’ve been quite busy with other things in life, and hope to get back to writing more soon.

Please remember as always I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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