June 13, 2019

Jostens, the manufacturer of the latest stunning Super Bowl ring, released a press release a week ago about these stunning rings, but details were vague:

Patriots Super Bowl LIII ring

Here’s what we learned after the press release.

The new Super Bowl rings are largest the and most blinged out Super Bowl ring ever. They have a total of 422 diamonds and 20 sapphires.

Here are some other fascinating details:

As expected the Super Bowl LIII rings contain the final score from the game and pays tribute to the team’s six championships by listing the years they won those titles.

The Pats tradition of placing Lombardi trophies representing each title on the top of the ring continues. You will find six trophies with each containing a large diamond (as seen above).

On the inside of the ring, it says “We are all Patriots.” Beneath the final score, the Patriots have provided a reminder to the rest of the league that they’re “still here” — not that any of the other 31 teams needed a reminder.

The 422 diamonds throughout the ring total 9.85 carats, and those 20 sapphires were incorporated to represent their 20 AFC East titles.

Tom Brady becomes the first and only NFL player to need two hands to wear all his Super Bowl rings (that’s what happens when you win your sixth one as a player).

If you think that’s a lot, Head Coach Bill Belichick is close to filling up all 10 of his fingers. The Super Bowl ring he received on Thursday night is his eighth Super Bowl ring. He’s earned six as the Head Coach of the Patriots and two as the defensive coordinator of the Giants.

The photo of Belichick below shows all those Patriots rings, plus two Giants Super Bowl ring (barely visible on the far left and far right).

Bill Belichick Patriots Super Bowl LIII ring

What does all this mean for championship ring collectors? One thing that’s become very hard to find out with recent Super Bowl rings is the gram weight of the player version rings. Collectors will pay a lot of money for championship rings that are player sized. However, the price drops sharply if a championship ring for sale or auction is a smaller version than what a player received.

A “family and friends” version of the last Patriots Super Bowl winning ring was available to players and staff to purchase. This Super Bowl ring cost around $10,000 for members within the organization. Those rings are around 80% the size of the player’s version. Some of these family and friends rings have leaked out to the collecting community and sell for a ton of money.

Buyers of these rings may not realize they are not the same size as the player’s version. Furthermore, as time goes on, these may not be a great investment for collectors, as real player size rings enter the marketplace.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and their teammates as they react to their latest Super Bowl ring:

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