June 6, 2019

In what seems like an annual tradition, the Patriots will be receiving their newest Super Bowl rings today:

Patriots Super Bowl LIII ring

Actually they will hold their private championship ring ceremony this evening; where the highlight will be the distribution of their Super Bowl LIII rings.

Given the organization’s regularity for winning championship rings, the unveiling of a new Patriots Super Bowl ring, has become an event that the Patriots do like no other professional sports team.

It’s still a mystery exactly how the championship rings will look (there’s a link to the teaser video below), but don’t expect much to be revealed in the video.

In past seasons, Patriot Super Bowl rings have had some unique features. For instance, after winning Super Bowl LI, the Patriots super bowl ring had 283 diamonds — in celebration of the team’s unlikely comeback from 28-3 deficit to beat the Falcons. (That detail didn’t sit well with Falcons owner Arthur Blank, or many sports fans.)

Patriot Super Bowl rings are also known for their standard designs that don’t change much year-after-year, and for being bigger and containing more bling than any other professional sports team championship rings.

The internet should be filled with player videos late this evening and tomorrow of the event, and of course pictures and videos of their newest Super Bowl rings.

Here’s that link: https://nesn.com/2019/06/patriots-tease-super-bowl-liii-rings-ahead-of-thursdays-ceremony/

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