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Bo Schembechler’s Championship Ring and Bust Being Auctioned For Charity

May 20, 2019

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has one, and so does athletic director Warde Manuel:

Bo Schembechler championship ring auctioned

And now the highest bidder in the ChadTough Foundation’s “Champions for Change” gala fundraiser this past Saturday night has one too.

A bronze bust of legendary Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler along with his 1972 Big Ten championship ring donated by his wife, Cathy Schembechler, to the ChadTough Foundation. Last year, the event raised $1.2 million for research to discover treatment for pediatric brain cancer with an emphasis on Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Tammi and Jason Carr lost their son, Chad, to DIPG on Nov. 23, 2015 and have worked to fund efforts to find a cure.

Chad Carr was the grandson of longtime Michigan football coach, Lloyd Carr, and UM All-American Tom Curtis.

Proceeds of the event benefit the foundation with half going to Michigan Medicine’s Chad Carr Pediatric Brain Tumor Center. The gala will be co-chaired by John Beilein and his wife, Kathleen, and will honor Dick Vitale, who has raised millions of dollars for pediatric cancers, including DIPG. Dana Jacobson of CBS News and CBS Sports, and a Michigan alum, will be master of ceremonies.

While the bust is a remarkable likeness of Schembechler, the championship ring was his and was chosen because of its uniqueness. The top of the ring is shaped like Michigan Stadium.

Jim Brandstatter, who is Michigan’s play-by-play announcer and played for Schembechler, was asked by Cathy to help her select the ring for the auction.

“She said, ‘You don’t think Bo would mind us giving these away?’ I said, ‘Are you kidding me? The last thing he cared about is jewelry,’” Brandstatter said. “He wore his ‘M’ ring and that was it. If you told him today and he were alive and said you would be going to raise a boatload of money for the ChadTough Foundation and Lloyd Carr’s grandson, he would be the first guy to say, ‘What do you want? Here it is.’ We both agreed he would have no issues.”

Cathy sent Brandstatter pictures of the rings and asked which to donate.

“They all look pretty much the same, but the one that was unique and different to a degree was the ’72 ring,” Brandstatter said. “It has Schembechler on it, the record, and the winged helmet. The other rings are like class rings, but this is unique because the top part is the stadium with a Block M in the middle.”

That was Schembechler’s third season at Michigan.

“I said, ‘If you’re not emotionally attached, I think it would be a great gift for the ChadTough auction,’” Brandstatter said. “And she said, ‘That sounds like the one that would work.’”

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This Championship Ring Will Probably be on eBay For Quite a While

May 14, 2019

At an asking price of $39,000, this Patriots front office 1985 Championship ring is completely priced wrong, despite it’s $100,000 appraised value:

New England Patriots championship rings

A loyal reader of this championship ring blog, alerted me to this eBay listing. The reader wrote “Had to send this to you, the price and “value” made me laugh”.

I agree, the appraised value if a complete joke. A front office Patriots ring from 1985, in solid gold would sell for about $5,000 to $7,000 at auction. Two issues with any ’85 Patriots championship ring:

  • A fan of the team, who would purchase an ’85 AFC championship ring, would be reminded of the team’s disastrous Super Bowl XX performance – where they were destroyed by the Bears

  • This championship ring is before the Brady/Bellichick/Kraft years. It’s so far removed in style and success from the modern Patriots teams, that it’s almost as if it was from a completely different football team.

    I’d love to ask the person who appraised this championship ring for $100,000 how they came up with this value. Perhaps the seller feels there’s a sucker born everyday and the purchaser will do zero research or be lacking a brain.

    Speaking of lacking brains, although the appraised value of $100,000 is mentioned twice in the auction, the seller does write in two other instances on the ebay listing that the appraised value is $39,000. Perhaps the seller got two appraisals (doubtful) and the $100,000 appraiser refused to associate his name with that ludicrous $100,000 value.

    There’s not much “good” about this offering but here’s three things:

  • This championship ring will come (for no extra charge) with “a free certified insurance appraisal valued at $39,000.00″.
  • The seller will ship this “$100,000″ appraised championship ring for the bargain-price cost of only $19.00. That truly is a great price to ship such a valuable item.
  • The seller is accepting “lower offers” on this championship ring.

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  • Many Championship Rings on Ebay Are Moving Slowly

    May 8, 2019

    Poking around eBay, I see many of the championship rings have been on that website for a very long time and are not selling:

    championship rings for sale on ebay

    If auction-house sales are an indication, then high-end championship rings, (and the finest and rarest examples of sports memorabilia) selling prices are heading upwards.

    However, run of the mill, or more common collectibles in this market place (such as B-level or C-level) items are not climbing the same way.

    There are many overpriced championship rings on ebay for sale, each and every day. And some of them have been on that site for years.

    A few months back, I wrote about this stunning championship ring for sale on eBay (photo below). The seller was asking a lot of money, but with offers being accepted, I thought this Patriots Super Bowl ring would sell.

    championship rings for sale on ebay

    Well almost three months later, it’s still on the site for sale. The championship ring is smaller than the player’s version, and the offering is not made of solid gold and real diamonds. This particular championship ring fits in the category of a B level or C level ring, and my theory that the run of the mill or more common collectibles are not rising in prices the way the best-of-the-best is.

    That Patriots ring was featured in this blog in February. Here is a link to that story:

    I still believe the Patriots ring shown above, and some of the other championship rings on eBay are desirable collectibles. Perhaps the sellers at some point will modify their selling prices to reflect the slower market.

    Meanwhile as always, please remember I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship rings in complete privacy, please contact me.

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