April 29, 2019

Recently an email was sent to me about a championship ring theft that could easily have been avoided:

showing off

I’ve learned some interesting things over the years while collecting championship rings.

I’ve learned that people sell their championship rings for many different reasons. But more surprising, I’ve found that collectors of championship rings not only acquire rings for different reasons, but also handle their collections very differently as well.

For instance, I never wear my championship rings. They sit in a vault at the bank and not in my house. I don’t wear them to games or out in public. I have no desire to impress friends or strangers, and I feel there is no need to show the world – “look what I got!”.

Others see it very differently. I’ve been out in public and run into fans or championship ring collectors wearing an authentic piece or two, (or even three).

One collector I know, who often enjoys wearing his championship rings in public, mentioned it helps him get a table at a good restaurants.

So as the illustration points out above, maybe collectors should rethink the notion of showing off their huge championship rings (especially when you place more than one on your hand). Who are you trying to impress and why do you feel the need to do this?

Last week I received a note from a collector of championship rings, who was wearing two recent Super Bowl rings in public. I mention “recent rings” because as you can imagine, not only were these Super Bowl rings, but they were enormous, attention-getting blinged championship rings.

According to the email, the victim was mugged, and robbed of his two authentic Super Bowl rings. And he wanted to alert people in this hobby to be on the look out for his two rings.

Today’s blog will probably do little to curb collectors to change their philosophy on wearing championship rings in public. Perhaps they will think they are careful or can take care of themselves. The victim in this story was mugged by two people – not just one. So if you think you can take care of yourself or that you are careful; perhaps you should rethink this.

I’m just glad the victim was not killed or hurt worse than he was.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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