April 22, 2019

While this probably won’t sell for as much money as other Super Bowl rings, I don’t think there’s ever been a more impressive ring offering:

Patriots super bowl li 2016 ring for sale and auction

A loyal reader of this Championship Ring Blog, recently alerted me to this player Super Bowl 2016 ring offering. It’s currently being auctioned by Heritage Associates, and the sale will end some time in May. Thank you!

I am not affiliated with the seller of this Super Bowl ring, or the auction house, I’m just here to blog about the wonderful world of championship rings.

This huge, stunning player championship ring from Super Bowl LI, is the first player-sized offering from this championship, and the largest and most blinged-out super bowl ring ever.

One thing that will need to be confirmed, as the auction house was not specific: Is this the actual player version championship ring that was awarded to a player, or the “Family version ring” that players could purchase on their own?

Those player version rings are smaller than the player version and only cost players and staff around $10,000.00 each. The player versions contain 283 real diamonds, while the family version is around 25% smaller in size and contains 260 diamonds.

I believe, since Heritage stated that this Super Bowl ring contains 283 diamonds, that this is the player version; but you may want to confirm this if you are bidding. The offering contains the proper wood presentation box, but there’s no mention in the description about paperwork, and proof of title.

In an usual move for an auction house, the original recipient of the Super Bowl ring is not mentioned.

A Tom Brady “family ring” which as mentioned above, is smaller in size and bling-content, sold at auction last year for $344,927.50. So while this larger championship ring should sell for considerably less, one thing the championship ring hobby has taught me is to expect the unexpected.

It will be fascinating to learn what this championship ring sells for. Keep in mind, the first offering from a championship team almost always goes for a lot of money. When the “big players” in the hobby get their championship ring, future offerings from the same team and year usually decline in subsequent auctions.

I’ll wait it out until the prices for a Patriots 2016 Super Bowl ring becomes more reasonable.

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